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Libertarian, Green presidential candidates keeping busy

In addition to running for the highest office in the land, the presidential candidates of the Libertarian and Green parties are keeping busy with party-building activities closer to home. Here are some things they’ve been in the news for recently:

RJ Harris is moving ahead with plans to get the Libertarian Party on the Oklahoma ballot for the first time since 2000 through a massive petition drive. He told the Muskogee Phoenix that the Oklahoma LP is hoping to collect more than 51,000 signatures by March 1.

Roger Gary is campaigning for a seat on the San Antonio River Authority. Gary, who previously served on the Authority, told the San Antonio Express-News that his goal is to repeal the tax currently levied for the San Antonio River Improvements Project. The election is Tuesday, November 8.

Kent Mesplay has applied to fill a vacancy on the Encinitas City Council. The writer for The Coast News notes that Mesplay “wants to protect community character,” but seems to think the Green Party presidential candidate will not be tapped for the seat.


  1. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young November 7, 2011

    That Cook County convention makes an interesting suggestion: Stein for President, Mesplay for Vice President. That wouldn’t be a half bad idea. Mesplay is an effective spokesman for the party and has put in his time as a candidate.

  2. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young November 6, 2011

    Stewart Alexander isn’t doing anything but issuing press releases on indymedia sites nobody reads. I haven’t heard anything about Goode, and also, I was only interested in candidates who were declared or formally exploring. I did check all of those candidates for all third parties (except the independents), and this was all I found for the past couple of weeks. (Lee Wrights, of course, has been writing articles on various subjects, but they’ve all been posted here, so I saw no reason to post them again.)

  3. Richard Winger Richard Winger November 6, 2011

    What’s Virgil Goode doing? And Stewart Alexander?

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