Boston Tea Party Announces 2012 Presidential Ticket

From a media release from the Boston Tea Party:


23 December 2011 –

The Boston Tea Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention concluded after 2 days with the Vice Presidential nomination going to a 2nd round of balloting.

Tiffany Briscoe (Maryland) was chosen as the Presidential nominee on the first round of voting. Kimberly Johnson (Arizona) was chosen as the Vice Presidential nominee on the 2nd round of voting.

BTP Chair, Darryl W. Perry says, “I would like to thank those of you who voted in the Presidential Nominating Convention. I would like to congratulate Tiffany Briscoe winning the BTP Presidential and Kimberly Johnson on winning the Vice Presidential nomination. You two ladies will represent the party well in the 2012 election.”

Additionally, it is estimated that the BTP will attempt to obtain ballot access in as many as 15 States and will attempt to have the Presidential ticket as a certified write-in candidate in the remaining States(excepting Oklahoma which does not allow write-in votes).

Ms. Briscoe’s website is

The Boston Tea Party was founded in 2006 with a one sentence platform, “The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.”

In October 2008, the party’s National Convention adopted the four point program of the Campaign for Liberty. Their program calls for an end to overseas occupation, a restoration of privacy and other liberties, no increase in the national debt, and a thorough review of the Federal Reserve. During the 2010 convention the Party adopted a new program to End the Wars of Aggression, End the Fed, End the War on Drugs, End the Abuses of Liberty, End the Immigration Fiasco.


Briscoe was nominated by BTP member Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux. In his nomination statement, he said:

I would like to nominate Tiffany Briscoe (Maryland) to represent our party in 2012. Also running as a Democrat, she is a true libertarian that decided to run following Ron Paul’s conservative shift on abortion and immigration and Gary Johnson’s poor reform program based on the FairTax.

Mrs. Briscoe believes in a small government that allows businessmen, corporations, entrepreneurs, workers, individuals to prosper through the establishment of free markets in a society made up of thousands of beliefs, opinions, and dreams.

Were we to choose Tiffany Briscoe as candidate, she would represent the only libertarian with a concrete platform to change the country for the better.

Her 50-point plan plans not only to empower civil liberties, but also to reform education, health care, monetary policy, public works, etc.

She is also the only candidate to present a concrete plan to privatize Social Security without dropping the millions of elderly people and workers soon entering the system.

Tiffany Briscoe is also the best candidate when it comes to comprehensive budget reform.

Her program can be read on her website.

47 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party Announces 2012 Presidential Ticket

  1. Andy

    “Tiffany Briscoe (Maryland) was chosen as the Presidential nominee on the first round of voting. Kimberly Johnson (Arizona) was chosen as the Vice Presidential nominee on the 2nd round of voting.?

    I’ve never heard of either of these women.

  2. Darryl W. Perry

    Kimberly Johnson used to host a radio show in LA called “Over Ground Railroad”. After leaving LA she continued the show as an internet based tv show until last year and in 2010 was elected to the BTP National Committee. There are countless pictures of Kim on her facebook pages.
    Tiffany Briscoe is new to the BTP – she does have a photo on her facebook page.

  3. Miro

    I have a blog on my site that has a picture of the two of them. I did a little overview of their Convention because I find these sorts of things interesting.
    I don’t know what format to use to put pictures up on IPR and there’s no preview button to see if which ones I try and use are right so you can find them there.

  4. Jeremy C. Young

    I think the BTP made good choices, though Steve Linnabary might have been a slightly better VP choice. I’m REALLY glad they didn’t nominate batshit crazy Phil Davison, and instead nominated a real libertarian who won’t embarrass the party.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first all-woman third party ticket with ballot access (assuming they get ballot access) in history?

    I also have a question about the process. Looking at the results for the first round of VP voting, it appears that NOTA and James Ogle came in first and second, respectively, in the balloting. But NOTA was removed from the runoff, which was subsequently won by Kimberly Johnson. Shouldn’t NOTA and Ogle have been the runoff candidates? (Not that I think either would have been a better option than Johnson, mind you.)

  5. bruuno

    #6- If you look at the comment thread of the VP voting page you will see that Ogle withdrew after the first round.

  6. paulie

    If you look at the comment thread of the VP voting page you will see that Ogle withdrew after the first round.

    He was included in the second round of voting, as was NOTA. Only Linnabary was not. Ogle conceded after the first round because he did not realize there would be a second round, since there was some initial confusion about that.

  7. paulie

    In 2008 the Green Party nominated Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente.

    At least one of the Socialist parties regularly runs all-female tickets as well.

  8. paulie

    I don’t know what format to use to put pictures up on IPR and there’s no preview button to see if which ones I try and use are right so you can find them there.

    You actually can’t unless you sign up to write at IPR.
    I don’t know how to fix that, except by signing you up if you are interested. Here it is from your name link:

    Boston Tea Party National Convention, 2012

    Presidential Nominee

    Vice Presidential Nominee

    Tiffany Brisoe, MD

    Kimberly Brighton Barrick, AZ
  9. Jeremy C. Young

    Wait, so in a race with NOTA, the top two candidates PLUS NOTA make the runoff? I thought NOTA was treated like a candidate, so it and one other candidate would be the only ones to make it to a runoff if NOTA finished first.

  10. paulie

    NOTA is a candidate up until the last round, at least in LP elections.

    Another way the BTP might be holding elections is to have multiple rounds with one candidate at a time dropping out, even if NOTA is one of the candidates that can be dropped.

  11. paulie

    Including electors, 15 easiest states could be done for about 50k.

    Louisiana pay $500
    Colorado pay $500
    Tennessee 275
    New Jersey 800
    Hawaii 691 (full party)
    Vermont 1,000
    Utah 1,000
    Idaho 1,000
    Arkansas 1,000
    Mississippi be organized (or) 1,000
    Rhode Island 1,000
    Washington 1,000
    Delaware (register) 650 (full party)
    Iowa 1,500
    Minnesota 2,000
    Wisconsin 2,000

    Per valid signature figure about 3.50; more for some states such as Hawaii where travel expenses are higher. Add about $50 each for presidential electors, perhaps $10 for voter registrations if they don’t have to also sign to become presidential electors.

    However, that’s if I could go to all those states myself, and at best I could go to only a few of them. Petitioner referrals cost more, especially now that there’s a lot of work all over the country, so I’d budget closer to 100k to be safe in 15 states at this stage.

  12. richard winger

    The Workers World Party in 1996 nominated Monica Moorehead for president and Gloria La Riva for vice-president. They were on in 12 states.

    In 1992, the New Alliance Party nominated Lenora Fulani for president and Liz Munoz for vice president. That ticket was on the ballot in 40 states.

  13. Thomas L. Knapp


    Per the BTP’s bylaws:

    As soon as practicable after the published opening date and time for the convention, member polls for the Party’s nominations to the presidency and vice-presidency of the United States shall open and remain open for 24 hours. These polls shall include each of the prospective nominees, as well as “None of the Above,” in alphabetical order. The method of voting shall be “approval voting.” Each voting member may cast one vote for every candidate which he or she deems an acceptable nominee to the office. At the close of the poll, the candidate receiving the most votes, provided that he or she has also received a vote from a majority of voting members, shall be the nominee of the Party to the office. If no candidate has received a vote from a majority of voting members, then successive 24-hour polls shall be conducted in the same manner, with the candidate receiving the fewest votes in the previous poll eliminated, until such time as a candidate emerges with both the largest number of votes and votes from a majority of voting members. If, at the conclusion of any poll in this process, “None of the Above” receives both the largest number of votes and receives votes from a majority of voting members, the process shall end and the Party shall not nominate a candidate to the office in question for that election.

    Speaking as the author of those bylaws, I can say that my intent was not to treat NOTA as a candidate, but as a “no candidate” option in each and every iteration of the nomination polling.

    I think the language spells that out sufficiently, and that has been the actual practice, but if anyone thinks it could be more clear (or wants to change it), there’s a bylaws amendment process at each convention.

  14. Robert Capozzi

    I like that Tiffany Brisoe (or Briscoe) is from MD. “Tiffany Brisoe, MD,” looks like she’s a doctor…

  15. Humongous Fungus


    And yes, I think people expect to know what presidential candidates look like, whether they are male or female.

  16. bruuno

    4 parties with an African American on the top of the ticket-Obama, Stewart Alexander, Tiffany Briscoe, and Peta Lindsay (PSL). Could that be a first?

  17. Thomas L. Knapp


    ‘So, is she a BTP member or a Democrat?”

    Apparently both.

    Unlike the LP, the BTP does not style itself “a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements,” i.e. a political party in the traditional sense.

    BTP’s national committee and affiliates often endorse candidates of other parties who certify that they support the BTP’s platform.

  18. Jeremy C. Young

    Tom @21, that makes sense. Interesting, then, that NOTA came one vote away from winning the contest outright in the first round, before getting stomped by Johnson in the second round. I wonder what was up with that.

  19. Thomas L. Knapp


    NOTA serves a protective function in the VP contest, just like in the presidential nomination.

    Keep in mind that the BTP’s state affiliates are encouraged to run their own “favorite sons and daughters” in the VP slot — unless the BTP’s presidential candidate actually racks up 271 electoral votes, it’s entirely possible to make do without a national veep nominee.

  20. Jeremy C. Young

    Had there been an actual runoff between Ogle and NOTA, NOTA would have been a great option. Ogle doesn’t belong in the BTP, as his positions are not consonant with those of the party and he was just trying to capture an “easy” ballot line.

  21. Rob Banks

    Interesting, then, that NOTA came one vote away from winning the contest outright in the first round, before getting stomped by Johnson in the second round. I wonder what was up with that.

    I voted Linnabary, Johnson/Barrick/Brighton and NOTA in round one as I rank all those above Ogle.

    In the second round I voted Johnson/Barrick/Brighton (pick a name, LOL) only so that she would not be beat by NOTA.

    Also, there were more votes in round one than round two.

  22. Catholic Trotskyist

    Jeremy, what exactly is your problem with Phil Davison? While his speaking style is a bit unconventional, many find it to be inspiring and powerful. I believe the BTP wasted a revolutionary opportunity by not nominating one of the most dynamic personalities of our era, Phil Davison.

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  24. Jeremy C. Young

    CT @35, as you know speaking style and stump performance is kind of my thing. I think Davison’s style makes him sound unhinged and unstable. I don’t find that inspiring, and I don’t think many voters would either.

    Add to that the fact that he wasn’t really a libertarian, or even really very libertarian-aligned. He was presumably perfectly happy in the GOP before he decided to run for the BTP nomination (unlike someone like, say, RJ Harris who was trying to change the GOP from the inside). Briscoe was a much better candidate; she has a real website, real issues, and is consonant with the BTP platform. In some respects she’s a better candidate than Charles Jay was. In fact, if she’d take some good photos and get more comfortable with public speaking, she’d be better than Jay in all respects. (And keep in mind I thought Jay was a fine candidate for the BTP the first time out of the gate.)

    Peter @38, I think your point is valid for the bigger third parties, but not for the smaller third parties. It doesn’t matter whether Briscoe is a plausible POTUS because ballot access dictates she’ll have a zero percent chance of being elected. The question is, is she an effective spokesperson? Does she understand the party’s philosophy? Can the occasional voter who’s upset with the major and big minor parties on libertarian philosophical grounds see her as a kindred spirit? I think the answer to all those is yes.

  25. Raider Duck

    They seriously need to get some professionally-taken pictures. Briscoe’s, in particular, wouldn’t even make the cut as a MySpace photo.

    Also, the BTP should probably change its name. The name “Tea Party” has become almost 100% identified in the public consciousness with the social conservative crowd.

    I realize Knapp’s group had the name first, but for years to come, most people seeing a “Tea Party” ballot line will assume the candidate in question is a warmongering bible-thumper.

  26. NewFederalist

    I see over at the Milnes for President site that Ms. Briscoe may be a lying sack of … well, you know. What’s up with that?

  27. Thomas L. Knapp


    I’m almost tempted to go over there and look, but on second thought I think I’ll just assume that he’s accusing her of watching him through his TV as he masturbates.

  28. NewFederalist

    Actually, nothing like that. Bob seems more like Hercule Poirot than a nutjob on this one.

  29. Wurtzel Thelonius Finch

    I found this from the Milnes website to be poetic:

    “God help us because we are fucked.

    Then I can file with the FEC. ”

    As for Briscoe, it appears that he did some detective work and found that she is not a graduate or board of trustees member at Howard County Community College but maybe a current student.

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