Alan Keyes Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

Alan Keyes, 2008 Presidential candidate of America’s Independent Party, and himself a contender for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1996, 2000 and 2008, has a column at his blog Loyal to Liberty critiquing the 2012 Republican presidential field. Excerpt:

Back in 2008 we were supposed to believe Mitt Romney’s repeated declarations that he was pro-life and a staunch defender of the God endowed family. We were supposed to accept the notion that he was a “conservative” champion of limited government and fiscal responsibility. But the true facts of his political record utterly contradict these falsehoods. Christie, Perry, Cain and Gingrich have been trotted out, endorsed by this or that supposedly “conservative” element, pundit or apologist. But in one way or another, by their own words and the true facts of their record, all stand exposed as “made men” who have been willing in some decisive way to serve the elite faction’s effort to overthrow constitutional self-government and replace it with elitist dictatorship. One has helped the effort to subvert the republic’s moral foundations; another has openly or silently abetted the attack on its constitutional integrity; another has gone along with the elitist takeover of education; or its subversion of the people’s political and territorial sovereignty; or its suffocation of the economic freedom and consequent material strength of the nation. And finally, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum ironically epitomize the depth of the elite faction’s subversion of the republic’s principles, and its substitution of leaders committed to that subversion in place of those, like America’s founders, determined to articulate, maintain and perpetuate them.

Keyes goes on to criticize Ron Paul for his support of States Rights, which he links to the Confederacy, as well as Paul’s libertarian leanings, which he says “ignores the God revering premises of constitutional self-government.”

He also criticizes Santorum for endorsing pro-choice Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter’s primary bid for re-election.

7 thoughts on “Alan Keyes Criticizes Republican Presidential Field

  1. Cody Quirk

    What a moron.

    He can bitch about the GOP field, but it is what it is, and has to deal with it.

  2. Anonymous

    Alan Keyes is not a “jabroni”. And what’s with the Italian slur?

    Of any previous candidate, Alan Keyes suffered injury from the spurious citizenship claims of Obama.

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