Bill Redpath running for LP Vice-Chair

Bill Redpath announced at the Libertarian Party of Virginia convention and on his Facebook page that he is running for vice-chair of the Libertarian National Committee.

According to his wikipedia entry Redpath served 2 terms as chair of the LNC (2006-2010), 3 terms as treasurer of the LNC (1991–1993. 2003–2004, 2010-2012), and many terms as an at-large representative to the LNC. Additionally Redpath was chair of the LPVA (1989-1991) and ballot access coordinator of the national LP, achieving 50 state ballot access in 1992 and 1996. He sought public office as a Libertarian Party candidate in Virginia many times: VA House of Delegates (1993), VA Senate (1998, special election), Governor (2001), U.S. Senate (2008), and U.S. Congress (2010).

No other candidate has yet announced for vice-chair of the LNC.

Other announced LNC officer candidates include Mark Hinkle (chair, incumbent), Mark Rutherford (chair), Wes Wagner (chair), Jeff Weston (secretary), and George Phillies (treasurer). Though they have not announced, speculated LNC officer candidates include Ernie Hancock (chair), Alicia Mattson (secretary, incumbent), and Aaron Starr (treasurer).

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This fall I'll be starting a Ph.D. in Economics at George Mason University. My other degrees are a J.D. from Villanova Law School and a M.A. in Economics from San Jose State University. I am licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and California. In my spare time I am involved with the Libertarian Party. I served as Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee during the 2006-2008 term. In 2004 I ran for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania district 13. I also spend a lot of time playing bughouse and chess on the Free Internet Chess Server where my handle is knighttour.

54 thoughts on “Bill Redpath running for LP Vice-Chair

  1. Robert Capozzi

    The prospect of Phillies as treasurer fascinates me. Based on his postings, he’s excellent with numbers but very confused about accounting and financial analysis. Financial insight requires the ability to discern drivers, for ex., and I’ve not seen that ability in his writings. GP is certainly vigilant, perhaps zealously so. He might find that his desire for transparency clashes with his desire for accuracy and prudence.

    It might actually be cathartic all the way around!

    What really might be interesting is if he ever feels the need to file a complaint with the FEC against himself! 😉

  2. Kevin Knedler

    @ # 5 and final sentence.
    Robert, THAT was your best line in months!
    LOL and way funny this early in the morning.
    Thank you.

    I just don’t want to repeat what we had in 2010. Treasurer elected and then has to bow out within 6 months.
    We need a pro (CPA, Accountant, etc) handling the treasury and books– this isn’t some ice cream social.

  3. Ad Hoc

    Given that both Phillies (see his delegate vote percentages for anything ever) and Starr (see the 2010 vote) have significant numbers of non-fans among LP delegates, I have to imagine that someone else will run for treasurer, although I have no idea who that may be yet.

    Redpath is probably more popular than both of them, but given that some people were unhappy with his time as national chair, I would have to guess that someone will run against him as well – again, I don’t know who that will be.

  4. Here's a radical idea

    Yes, there are some rumors of somebody on the LNC that might run for LNC Vice-Chair. All I know is that he is a present state-chair.

  5. Rob Banks

    The only ones I know of are Knedler, Goldstein and Blau.

    Am I missing anyone?

    Goldstein and Blau are alternates, so my guess would be Knedler.


    What next? Alicia Clark will reprise her stint as Chair, with Joe Dehn as Secretary and Dave Walter as Treasurer? Much as I admire everything Bill has done for the LP, isn’t it time for new blood to helm the Party?

  7. Brian Holtz

    @10, Joe Dehn and his wife Mary Gingell (LNC Chair 1991-3) both attended the Santa Clara County annual convention in Feb, and Dehn agreed to serve as our rep at the LPCA PlatCom meeting at the Ventura convention this weekend. I don’t know how long it has been since they’ve been to an LP event, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen Dehn since moving into this county six years ago. It’s good to see our veterans re-engeage.

  8. Chuck Moulton

    Brian Holtz wrote (@12):

    Joe Dehn and his wife Mary Gingell (LNC Chair 1991-3) both attended the Santa Clara County annual convention in Feb, and Dehn agreed to serve as our rep at the LPCA PlatCom meeting at the Ventura convention this weekend.

    That’s great news, Brian! Dehn and Gingell were before my time, but over the years I found his dehnbase website to be a very useful resource for filling the holes in my institutional memory.

  9. Brian Holtz

    Yes, Dehn was the LP’s premier archivist, and was responsible for getting up.

    Apparently, all that was needed to lure him out of retirement was for the county party to let its web site be offline for a while. 🙂

  10. John Jay Myers

    Bill Redpath is a good guy. Aaron Star not so much, and the body of the LNC made their dislike for him pretty clear. But for some reason he still attends every meeting like a tick. You just can’t shake him.

    Hopefully if he runs and is soundly defeated again, he will stay away from the LNC. Or maybe they will just create a subgroup and pretend they have power… oh wait they already did that.

  11. George Phillies

    Several of my positions on finances and money planning may be found on

    There is an accounting principle generally accepted in the United States, namely that your internal accounting should include numbers consistent with the outside agency (for most commercial operations, usually the IRS) with which we file. However, buried in the vast tonnage of material on GAAP, someone once upon a time asked what you should do if you are reporting to someone else who uses different rules. What should your internal books do?


    There is also the matter of having financial reports and spending arrangements which most of the board can readily understand, that actually spends money on doing real politics, and that does not imitate parts of George Washington’s expense account (a really amusing book, by the way) in lumping almost everything into a very small number of amorphous spending categories.

  12. Robert Capozzi

    21 gp, OK, then. What would be the appropriate GAAP and/or FEC filing accounting standard for GJ’s prospective matching funds?

    I don’t know the answer, btw. Clearly, it would not be a consideration if one were employing cash accounting. Cash (shoebox) accounting is prone to lumpy results, hence the need for accrual accounting.

  13. Marc Montoni

    I just don’t want to repeat what we had in 2010. Treasurer elected and then has to bow out within 6 months. … We need a pro (CPA, Accountant, etc) handling the treasury and books– this isn’t some ice cream social.

    You’re right, this isn’t an ice cream social.

    What I just don’t want to repeat what we had between 2008-2010, where an individual was in that position who repeatedly said things that angered his colleagues and constituents, supported half-baked ideas that angered half of his constituency, and in general alienated everyone who was aware of what was going on.

    I don’t know about you, but I want people on the LNC who listen and are responsive to their constituents, and who are professional enough to resist the temptation to constantly grind their heels into members of the faction they dislike. Only a few sitting LNC members fit that description.

  14. Rob Banks


    I know you are not a Phillies fan either. Between Starr and Phillies, do you have a “lesser evil” choice? Or another candidate in mind who is both willing and able to run?

  15. LibertarianGirl

    besides not liking Starr can someone – anyone point out where he did not do his job. The delegates voted against the “starr cabal” and against Aaron but not against his performance….if you were running a business and had to choose between someone you liked or someone who can do the job ..what would you choose?

    it aint like 1 side dishes all the crap , both do aint like aaron is sooo terrible and everyone else tries to be nice …both sides are terrible to eachother……

    i dont like 1 faction in control on the LNC , either faction , but hving learned this exact lesson in NV , Treasurer , in particular is a very difficult job and he can do it well . we just cant afford to break in someone new…..

    Phillies , why dont you run for something else , you too have earned a spot , I just dont know your Treasurer abilities…

  16. Wahid T. Faisal

    It’s a reprint from LP News from 2010.

    Has anyone posted it as an IPR article yet?

  17. George Phillies


    That’s an entirely fair question. I have been Treasurer of my state party for some years now.

    During that time, I:

    Altered financial reporting so that the reporting to the state committee and the FEC and OCPF (state, like FEC, more heavily checked) are on the same basis.

    Published monthly financial reports via the monthly newsletter Mass Liberty.

    Instituted systematic fundraising that has more than tripled our yearly income. Explored new sources of revenue.

    Changed our budgeting scheme so that money when it arrives is automatically assigned to particular accounts such as ‘volunteer support’ and ‘candidate recruitment’, most involved doing real politics.

    Revised membership renewal methods, so that our renewal rates are close to 75%.

    Changed format of reports to cash flow: “this is the first time I have clearly understood the financial report” said one state committee member.

  18. Go Back To Where You Once Belonged

    Since your party is no different from Republican why not just dissolve it and go back to GOP?

    Go Back To Where You Once Belonged

  19. George Phillies


    Libertarians, among many other things: Support a woman’s right to choose
    support equality under the law for the GLBT community
    Support the right to buy contraceptives
    oppose bigotry
    support the 2nd amendment, as opposed to the Brady Bill passed by Republican Senators
    oppose TSA pornotrons
    oppose war on Iraq
    Oppose war on Somalia
    Oppose war on Yemen
    Oppose troops in Yemen
    Oppose troops in Uganda
    Oppose selective service registration
    Oppose war on pot
    oppose Federal overspending
    oppose the NSA reading your email and this web posting

    I’m sorry, but why would we want join the Republicans?

  20. outsider view

    Mr. Starr is more than qualified to be treasurer. It’s what he does for a living.
    Elect him on the agreement that he bring duct tape to all LNC meetings and national conventions. Plus, someone to apply the tape in the appropriate place.

  21. LP Observer

    I agree that Aaron Starr is qualified to manage the LNC’s finances, but because the position of Treasurer also carries with it a vote on matters of LNC policy Mr. Starr’s past use of his vote as a member of the LNC’s Executive Committee has generated a track record with which many party members disagree.

  22. Thomas L. Knapp


    “What would be the appropriate GAAP and/or FEC filing accounting standard for GJ’s prospective matching funds?”

    It should be attached as a separate annex, with “PRAYER REQUEST” written across the top in crayon.

  23. Thomas L. Knapp


    “besides not liking Starr can someone – anyone point out where he did not do his job.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by “did not do his job.” He’s certainly been credibly accused of doing his job improperly in the past.

    Three incidents that come to mind are:

    1) His refusal to divulge LNC financial data to its owners (the LNC itself) under the claim that it constituted confidential working material;

    2) His public release of ACTUAL confidential data (membership donor information); and

    3) Bringing about an FEC investigation of the LNC’s finances by deciding to dress down another LNC member for asking a routine question, instead of answering the question.

    So, if you want the LNC to not have access to its information, for the world at large to have access to your information, and to have to sic the state on the LNC to get public information, but all means send Starr back to the position of Treasurer.

  24. LibertarianGirl

    ok that i did not know , all i knew was Phillies baseless accusations and other things people would have liked to have him do but that werent against the rules….what could he possibly manipulate that he cant w/o being Tresurer…. my only concern is Phillies ability to do the job , its not his forte …i really with Tresurer had an alternate or something like 2 people to check and balance and pick up slack if someone cant do it

  25. LibertarianGirl

    plus I believe his opposition and his team dont talk nice to eachother……this might sound over simple but did anyone ask him nicely…..I cant stand Wayne , I dont like Silvestri , I dont care for alot of folk but for some reason when i started communicating with him we just did so politely.

    wasnt the question something like did you illegally appropriate funds to so and so?

    i dont know the spirit in which it was asked but when someone asks me or accuses me of something like that , i wouldnt honor a response either…

    thats calling someone a theif and i know folk , more than one that u kno were hoping it was true. they thought it was xmas and the ordeal even got snitched to authorities….

    he could have handled it better , everyone could have…

  26. Ad Hoc

    The LPHQ should have an employee accountant. Treasurer is a different job/responsibility.

  27. Ad Hoc

    I asked earlier and no one answered.

    Am I to take it that no one is putting forth a candidate other than Phillies or Starr, or just that no one else is ready to announce for treasurer?

  28. LibertarianGirl

    both of them have cult of personalities and people that dont like them . if a 3rd enters the race theyll probably win…..I do like Phillies tho ecsp his whistleblowing and such I just dont know if that would work well while being on the LNC.

  29. LibertarianGirl

    didnt you jump the gun and file a complaint with the FEC… or did I imagine that…im sure you thought you had a legitimate cause its just that you were wrong and if one would just think about it it makes no sense.

    aside from alot of people watching every move Aaron makes , the LNC would not allow that plus , and this is the clincher


    now dont get me wrong I know the drama , Aaron is very good at maneuvering and I dont agree with everything he’s done , and you can call him alot of shit , but stupid aint one of them , why would he risk his career..

    I love your whistleblowing , you risk popularity and even ridicule to bring members the behind the scenes stuff on your site and always …. but that kinda bummed me out and makes me wonder exactly how unlibertarian this battle of the factions can get….

    should we turn eachother in for tax evasion , or smoking weed??

    if im mis -remembering please let me know….

    and have you done Treasurer work before??

  30. George Phillies

    Ummh, see above someplace. I am Treasurer of my state party. Unlike some other treasurers I could name, I actually do the “let’s try to move money to where it will matter” as opposed to “let’s recycle last year’s budget”. See the New Path 2010 proposals.

  31. LibertarianGirl

    i missed that post somehow , so Phillies does have some credentials ….my bad ….

    a question then , how would that work with leaking private meeting business…?

  32. LibertarianGirl

    I dont believe that at all…. and frankly Aarons opposition had to be giddy with the thought that it was true. they wanted it to be true so bad they got tunnel vision and jumped the gun….

    again , did anyone take it to the LNC for a overveiw? or was that outa the question since the “starr cabal” makes everyone condone his shady dealings? lol

    how much time was given?


    besides for arguments sake lets assume it was somehow true , going to the FEC risks all of our reps….it would be cutting the nose to spite the face..i would handle a matter internally , pressure a resignation , make the $ ammends and move forward…

  33. matt cholko

    I’ve never met Mr. Starr, though I learned at the 2010 convention that he loves the sound of his own voice. I’ve heard lots of bad stuff about him, and a few neutral comments, but very little good.

    I have met Mr. Phillies, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. I have learned on IPR that he likes to point out problems anywhere that he can find them. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not. I have heard lots of bad stuff about him, and a few neutral comments, but very little good.

    Somebody needs to win my vote, otherwise it will go to NOTA.

  34. Humongous Fungus

    again , did anyone take it to the LNC for a overveiw?

    Actually yes. An LNC member at the time (Hawkridge?) tried to get answers about it and got chewed out. At that point Phillies made an inquiry with the FEC. There may have been intermediate steps. There are a few people here who know the story in more detail than I do.

  35. Paulie

    MC @52

    Having met both I can say that they are both very hard working activists, both very detail oriented yet possessing a grand vision, and they both put their money where their mouth is. Add that to what little good you have heard about them.

    I have disagreements about LP tactics/strategy and some ideological issues with both, but I think they have both been demonized far too much by some.

    I’m open to considering supporting another candidate if one steps forward, but we can’t have no treasurer. That would be a serious problem.

    I look forward to hearing both of them make their cases to the delegates.

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