In fundraising pitch, Jill Stein campaign updates supporters on progress toward receiving public funding

Today Jill Stein’s campaign, aimed at securing the Green Party’s nomination for president, sent out a fundraising email with the pitch of “Double Your Green.”  That is, if Stein raises $5,000 in donations of $250 or less from 20 or more states, the federal government will then match donations of that amount dollar-for-dollar.  Interestingly, the email contained a map of their progress toward that goal:

See below for a map showing how far along your state is toward qualifying for matching funds:


The sooner we qualify, the better. That’s when we start doubling our green for the Green Party, which means that Dr. Stein can invest twice as much on getting the Greens on the ballot, building our state and local parties, and putting our Green New Deal agenda in the public eye.

As of Monday, February 20th, two states have qualified (CA, MA), one state is close (NY) and four states are halfway there (IL, MD, VA, WI).

Our goal is to qualify in our first 10 states by March 15th.

States that have qualified: California, Massachusetts

3/4 of the way there: New York

Halfway there: Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin

1/4 of the way there: D.C., Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington

Raised something: Every state.

The full email can be read here.

5 thoughts on “In fundraising pitch, Jill Stein campaign updates supporters on progress toward receiving public funding

  1. Upstartgreen

    Stein is making a tremendous effort. Readers of IPR can help break the Two Party Dictatorship by helping her get Federal Matching Funds. Hit the full email link at the end of Ross’s story and it will get you to the donate page.

  2. Curt Boyd

    I’m more and more impressed by Dr. Stein’s campaign as time goes by. Good luck to her…I hope she can get the funds!

  3. Green Party on ballot in 20 states

    Hawai’i Greens to qualify for ballot line
    Posted by Jill Stein for President · February 21, 2012 2:20 PM · 2 reactions
    The Jill Stein for President campaign congratulates the Hawai’i Greens for their work toward qualifying their state party for the 2012 ballot. The filing deadline for the State of Hawai’i is Wednesday, February 22nd. Reports from Stein volunteers indicate that Hawai’i will qualify tomorrow, submitting more than the 691 required Green Party registrants to form an official state party. Hawai’i is the fourth state in a row, following Arkansas, Tennesee, and last week, Utah, to qualify for a Green Party ballot line, bringing the total number of Green Party ballot line states to 20. The Jill Stein for President campaign continues to devote significant resources to getting the Greens on the ballot in as many as 47 states this year. Up next: New Mexico.

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