Dan Halloran Being Courted As A Congressional Candidate

Dan Halloran is one of the members of the New York City Council and was elected on the ballot lines of the Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Independence Party, and Conservative Party. He reportedly is a member of the Libertarian Party. He is now being courted as a possible Congressional candidate by the local GOP.

Sources say a Halloran announcement could come as soon as this weekend in his Queens district.

Queens GOP leaders have been trying to convince Halloran to make the run.

“People are calling — many folks from the community and the party who want him to run. He is listening to them, but has not made a final decision,” Halloran spokesman Steven Stites said. “This is a very moderate district. Many families have been hurt by the President’s policies. Someone needs to speak up for them.”

Halloran is also a devout Pagan, a fact that will no doubt become a campaign issue.

2 thoughts on “Dan Halloran Being Courted As A Congressional Candidate

  1. Oranje Mike

    A libertarian in NYC? Who would have thought. Pagan or not he sounds like an interesting guy. He’s against Obamacare. That’s worth a million to me.

  2. Steve

    As a devout Christian, I’d much rather have a pagan Congressman who believes in liberty than a “Christian” one who doesn’t.

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