Cynthia Davis Compares GOP and Democrats to Abusive Spouses

Cynthia Davis is the candidate for Lt. Governor of the Constitution Party of Missouri and a former Republican state legislator. She recently compared the Democratic and Republican parties to abusive spouses.

Davis said she left the GOP for the Constitution Party, which is “everything people thought the Republican Party was, but better.”

“They actually believe in the constitution and live it,” she said.

Republicans and Democrats, meanwhile, have locked citizens into what Davis described as a vicious cycle of abuse.

“Republicans and Democrats both have treated us with what is known as the battered wife syndrome, when people get beaten up and before the court date they kiss and make up and everybody is happy again. Then they get to court and police officers have documentation that they saw the broken window and the body go through the window, they have pictures of the black eye and the fat lip and the broken arm, but by the time the court date comes, like my grandmother would say, ’tweren’t nothing,” Davis said.

“The good news is you don’t have to live like this anymore. Both Republicans and Democrats have been promised things that they’re not receiving and it’s that by election day, the perpetrator wants us to think it’s OK, just trust them a little longer, they’ll be nice the next time. We trust them again, and again and again, and we’re getting the shaft. It’s time we acknowledge the train is going off the track and both parties are doing it to us.”

The story goes on to cite an episode from 2009 in which then-Representative Davis criticized summer lunch programs for low-income families.

4 thoughts on “Cynthia Davis Compares GOP and Democrats to Abusive Spouses

  1. Pete Healey

    I have a friend who has long held that “progressives” approximate the battered spouse in their relationship with the Democratic Party. Very effective, especially at this political moment.

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