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  1. It won’t be the end of the world if he is the LP nominee. Let’s hope everyone can move forward positively after Vegas. If so ’12 should be a much better year for the LP than ’08. If so the world should be a better place for all….hopefully!

  2. George Whitfield George Whitfield April 26, 2012

    It appears that Gary Johnson is improving his delivery and presentation. This is a positive sign. He has gotten better with practice and is a persistent guy.

  3. Steven Berson Steven Berson April 26, 2012

    More earned media appearances for Gary Johnson here – really nice interview on RT’s Alyona Show focusing on protecting civil liberties, sane and humane immigration policy reform, and balancing budgets –

  4. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2012

    2 th, “amiable” is an excellent description of GJ. He’s a modern-day Jimmy Stewart.

    Clarifying, I give the discussion of the R primary issue a B-, competent, but the room for improvement is that that discussion doesn’t answer the question: Why vote GJ and L? His answer was fine, but it didn’t advance his case.

    Given limited time, a great candidate can reframe questions to build a case for him/herself.

  5. ctomp ctomp April 26, 2012

    Well done. One of his best performances.

  6. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | April 26, 2012

    It’s actually really good. I just watched it and he comes across as amiable, knowledgeable, and most importantly–not crazy. He also doesn’t sound like a Republican re-tread, but like a Libertarian. I think his answers about the Republican primary were just fine and he didn’t waste all that much time on it.

    It will be interesting to see if he can keep getting invited on talk and news shows post-nomination.

  7. Robert Capozzi Robert Capozzi April 26, 2012

    A fine performance. Mercifully, no mention of the FAIR tax.

    I think he gets in the weeds too much about his R primary experience. I’d consider changing the narrative a bit…yes, my experience with the R prez primaries confirms that the system is rigged. There’s a reason why the American people are cynical about their politics. There’s a reason why 80% would consider voting for a third party. Most people know – in their gut – that the Rs and Ds are SO corrupt, SO bought-and-sold by the special interests, that we need a real choice.

    Or something.

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