Cynthia Davis Says Things Are Getting Worse

The Lt. Governor candidate of the Constitution Party of Missouri is former Representative Cynthia Davis, who recently gave an interview to KTVO in Missouri.

After serving four terms in the House representing St. Charles County, the former lifelong Republican and Christian Bookstore owner said she is running for Lt. Governor because she said the state is need of accountability.

“The bottom line is it’s time for someone to be constitutional and that’s what I bring to the table,” said Cynthia Davis.  “When you look at what bills passed out of the House last year alone, after I left, things got worse and 41 percent of the bills that passed from House to the Governor’s desk were constitutional. So, we’re getting worse as we go on. With bigger Republican majority, in both the House and Senate than ever before, they’re making it much worse for us.”

Davis was the head of the Republican party in St. Charles County in 2010; it wasn’t until 2011 that she switched to the Constitution Party.

There is a video at the link that is about ten minutes long, too.

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