Gary Johnson Wins LP Presidential Nomination On First Ballot, Says the Goal is to Win

The former two-term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, has won the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party on the first ballot. Facing three opponents in Lee Wrights, Carl Person, and Jim Burns, Johnson needed a majority vote on the first ballot in order to win.

Toni Nathan announced that Gary Johnson had won the Presidential nomination on the first ballot. Although not all of the votes are quite clear yet, Johnson won the nomination with over 70% of the vote on the first ballot. Governor Johnson thanked his son for taking two years off of work to help him campaign and then told a story about his daughter, who called and said that he’d gotten his ass handed to him in the C-SPAN-broadcast debate last night. He invited Lee Wrights up on stage to thank him for being a gentleman. They briefly embraced and Lee Wrights told the audience to help Johnson get elected.

Johnson told the convention that, “This is about winning”. He then did a brief stump for his Vice Presidential running-mate hopeful, Judge Jim Gray of California, “Please consider Jim Gray as my running mate. I believe that Jim Gray affords the best opportunity to winning. I want you to know that we interviewed a lot of candidates as potential vice presidential candidates.”

The convention has now suspended the rules and adjourned for a thirty minute lunch break.

44 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Wins LP Presidential Nomination On First Ballot, Says the Goal is to Win

  1. NewFederalist

    I guess one has to give Johnson some credit for sticking to his beliefs. First, he hasn’t backed off the “Fair Tax” (which I don’t like) even though the party concensus is in opposition. Second, he is staying with Judge Gray when it would have been easy to go for Lee Wrights and have the entire convention go crazy. Now the part about winning in November… well it is good theatre.

  2. Mike B.

    Congrats to Gary Johnson!

    If I could’ve voted, my first choice would have been for Lee Wrights.

    I hope all Ron Paul supporters come home to the LP.

  3. zapper

    Congratulations to Gary Johnson.

    Please keep your Libertarian Party banner held high, stand for Peace, Prosperity and Liberty for all, and make us proud.

    Please keep promoting non-inervention as your guiding principle in foreign policy as you did in the debate, and a consumption tax replacing all other taxes that can be reduced toward zero over time.

    (And only refer to the Fair Tax as one idea that is on the board and would move us away from the terrible tax system we have today.)

    Good luck in November.

  4. James Gholston

    Ron Paul just might win if Romney doesn’t get enough locked in delegates for round 1. If there’s a round 2 it’s going to be VERY interesting when a bunch of previously locked in delegates vote for Paul.

    Failing a Ron Paul victory later on this year, my understanding is we’re going to have a better time getting Ron Paul’s votes this time around.

    AFAIK we don’t have a Verney this time sticking multiple knives into the back of a nominee who’s too jaded to even notice he’s being sabotaged.

    I look forward to having someone I can actively support all the way to November again, unlike in 2008 after that very unhappy Thursday afternoon.

    And yes, Wrights was my first choice as well.

  5. paulie

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  6. Austin Battenberg

    Congratulations Gary Johnson. I hope you do as well as you intend.

    He will probably only achieve half of Ron Paul supporters. The ones who are pro-life will not support Gary, and will either vote for Goode or write Ron Paul’s name in.

  7. Darryl W. Perry

    Ballot Access News shows that Root got 1 vote – any idea who cast that vote?

    Who is seeking the VP nomination? Anyone other than Gray?

  8. Thomas L. Knapp


    I did find it interesting, in a positive way, that the “humanitarian wars, maybe” Johnson had disappeared in favor of the “non-interventionist” Johnson as of last night’s debate.

    He also handled his victory quite graciously.

    It was nice to see Lee carry some states and hold his own in others, including some I wouldn’t have expected (and not including the one I would have expected … shame, North Carolina!).

    My kid took over the TV for cartoons, so I haven’t followed the VP process. Unless Wrights is in it, cartoons are the better use of cable bandwidth.

  9. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Ballot Access News shows that Root got 1 vote – any idea who cast that vote?”

    It was a write-in from Florida. The person reporting the vote totals on C-SPAN made clear that it wasn’t his own vote.

  10. Sean Scallon

    Actually, this time around you can’t go wrong with the non-major party choices. Virgil Goode and Gary Johnson are both candidates for their respective parties. We’ll see how the Greens do.

  11. James Gholston

    Something to try to package on the when-is-life-protected argument to Paul supporters who care very heavily about this issue: whichever side a president has been on since the early 1970s has proven to be more or less irrelevant. The situation remains basically unchanged.

    Now if we could persuade Johnson to say that it’s not an issue the Federal government has any jurisdiction over…

    We should also point out that this is not an issue that Libertarians agree on. In fact, Johnson is the only recent nominee of ours who’s not pro-life.

  12. Trent Hill Post author

    Myers is…wrong as hell. Not to mention being really negative.

  13. paulie

    As I understand it the rules have been suspended so the numbers will be reported as a final tally not state by state

  14. Marc Montoni

    Laura Delhomme moved to dispense with the state-by-state reporting, and instead just have the Sec’y read the results as soon as available.

  15. Jill Pyeatt

    TK @ 10: Root did get one vote, and there was asurprising round of boos. Surprising though It might be to IPR readers, it wasn’t me. The boos came from the side of the room where the Nevada folks were siting.

    Ouch! I’m sure that hurt. Root has actually kept a low profile this weekend.

  16. paulie

    Wayne has been here but has not been seen much. He did not get a room and is driving 45 minutes each way to go home.

  17. Catholic Trotskyist

    CSpan turned it off right after Gray’s sppech. Anyplace else to watch?

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