Kotlikoff to Seek Reform Party Presidential Nomination

Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff has decided to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party.  Kotlikoff is also running for the Americans Elect nomination, and is currently fourth among declared candidates in supporters, behind former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer (another Reform Party candidate), former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, and activist Michealene Risley.

The Reform Party made the announcement Wednesday in an e-mail that encouraged its members to help the party’s candidates win the Americans Elect nomination:

The Reform Party has a unique opportunity this year to have our candidate on ALL 50 state ballot lines!  We can do this by using our existing Reform Party ballot lines, petitioning our candidate onto a handful more, and by petitioning for our potential nominees at Americans Elect (www.americanselect.org).
Americans Elect is a ‘nonpartisan presidential draft’ organization that has obtained ballot lines and created a way for ANY VOTER to vote for their desired candidate.  The Reform Party is encouraging our members to find and support a Reform Party candidate on Americans Elect.
The e-mail also announced that in addition to Kotlikoff (whose first name they misspell), consultant Blake Ashby, who is currently seventh in supporters among the declared Americans Elect candidates, will also seek the Reform Party nomination. Ashby is known for his unsuccessful challenge to President George W. Bush during the 2004 Republican primaries.

At the moment, Ashby, Kotlikoff, Roemer, and estimator Michael Whitley are the only Reform Party candidates actively seeking the Americans Elect nomination. Former fitness model Andre Barnett is a draft candidate, but has only 14 supporters. Financial adviser Dick McCormick is not listed on the Americans Elect website, and  retired Dow Chemical worker Ed Chlapowski, who is mentioned in the party e-mail as a Reform Party candidate, is not listed on the Reform Party website.

According to the e-mail, the Party will hold its National Convention on August 10-12 in Philadelphia.

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