Libertarians Get Involved in Texas’ Republican Primaries

Sheriff Richard Mack is the former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and was a Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona in 2006, recording almost 50,000 votes for 3.16%. Now, however, Mack is a Republican candidate in Texas’ 21st Congressional District, running to unseat incumbent Lamar Smith.

In the 14th District there is an open Republican primary to replace retiring incumbent Ron Paul. Robert Gonzalez has received the endorsement of Rhode Island Representative Dan Gordon, a member of the Libertarian Party and an active twitter user, in this primary. Gonzalez is the leader of the Clear Lake Tea Party.

18 thoughts on “Libertarians Get Involved in Texas’ Republican Primaries

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Im following the US Senate race, presidential primary results, and Robert Gonzalez, Richard Mack, and Steve Stockman with interest tomorrow.

  2. William Saturn

    I’m sure Mack doesn’t realize it, but he’s sending out robo-calls to people that aren’t even in the 21st District.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    William–probably just a simple mix-up.

    I hope Mack forces the bastard into a runoff.

  4. Thane Eichenauer

    Guns and Weed the movie (dated 2011) has a substantial portion with Richard Mack on screen talking about his position on drugs (legalize them). He was able to motivate the local CBS affiliate to include him in a 2006 televised debate with Jon Kyl and his Democratic opponent.
    The movie is available for download without charge with the consent of the maker [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0] and can be purchased in packaged form from for $13.95 (plus shipping).

  5. paulie

    I’m sure Mack doesn’t realize it, but he’s sending out robo-calls to people that aren’t even in the 21st District.

    Are they close, or in the former district?

  6. William Saturn

    It’s the former district, but the districts have significantly changed since the last election. I hope old lists aren’t being used.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    Im sure old lists are being used. That’s the only reason he’d be calling outside his new district.

  8. Andy

    “9 Don Wills // May 29, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    Mack loses big. Lamar Smith wins with 77% of the vote, Mack 15%, Morgan 8%.”

    Damn shame that Mack lost.

  9. Andy

    I should add that I met Richard Mack at a gun show in California several years ago. Seemed like a great guy.

  10. Steve

    I’m for an all-of-the-above approach to taking on statists, so its good to see a Republican (especially such a deserving one as Lamar Smith) have to face a libertarian challenger in the primary, but when the chance of victory is so low as in Mack’s case it would be much better to run as a Libertarian then have the whole general election season to spread the message.

  11. Trent Hill

    Steve–I agree, mostly. Rather, I would’ve preferred to see Mack not take on an incumbent at all. There were several open seats and Mack is a former elected official with a fundraising base and an interesting background to set him apart. It’s shame he wasted political capital on this race, though I should say I too am glad to see Smith have to face a primary that clearly worried him. I’d love to see that bastard unseated due to SOPA.

    Biggest win related to third parties last night was Steve Stockman, who forced a runoff in TX-36 against Takach. Stockman has dabbled in the Constitution Party and will likely be considered a CP candidate for higher office in the future if he wins that congressional seat. Stockman is also a firm advocate of better ballot access laws–I’ll be pressuring him on that soon.

  12. Jill Pyeatt

    I heard Richard Mack speak at an Oathkeepers event last month. He is quite an impressive man. I’m very sorry he lost so badly.

  13. paulie

    dailykos says

    TX-14: This seat, left open by Ron Paul’s retirement/Presidential run, had a crowd of nine candidates in its Republican primary and had always seemed destined to go to runoff. In the end, state Rep. Randy Weber and Pearland city councilor Felicia Harris are going to runoff. They’ll face Democratic ex-Rep. Nick Lampson, who represented a similarly-configured Galveston-to-Beaumont district in the 1990s. It’ll be an uphill fight for Lampson, as the area has moved to the right since then, but he can remain above the fray while Weber and Harris try to out-conservative each other for two more months; it’s one of the Dems best pickup shots in Texas.

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