Local Democratic Party in Illinois Creates Third Party

The local Democratic Party in Illinois is creating a local third party in order to run another candidate against the Democratic candidate in their local State House District. This post at Ballot Access News explains the situation.

On March 13, the federal government charged Illinois Democratic State Representative Derrick Smith with bribery. Nevertheless, on March 20, Smith was renominated in the Democratic primary. His only opponent in the Democratic primary in the 10th district was Tom Swiss, a former executive director of the Cook County Republican Party. Also, the district is majority black, and Swiss is white.

Democratic Party leaders supported Smith in the Democratic primary, because they didn’t want an individual winning the Democratic primary who was, apparently, loyal to the Republican Party. But they hoped to persuade Smith to withdraw after the primary was over. However, he says he is innocent, and has pleaded not guilty, and he won’t withdraw. So Democratic Party leaders now plan to create the Tenth District Unity Party and place it on the November ballot. On May 22 the leaders of this new party will choose a nominee. Six candidates have applied for the new party’s nomination.

The party needs 1,500 signatures in the district to be on the ballot. If the nominee of the party scores 5%, then it will be qualified for the 2014 elections.

6 thoughts on “Local Democratic Party in Illinois Creates Third Party

  1. Nick Kruse

    “If the nominee of the party scores 5%, then it will be qualified for the 2014 elections.”

    It will be interesting to see what happens to that ballot spot in the future.

  2. Oranje Mike

    It won’t matter. I lived in Illinois for 10 years (near Chicago). They love corrupt politicians so long as they are Democrats and can act “shocked” and “surprised” when they get in trouble. Blago actually had a primary challenger when he was up for re-election and soundly defeated him. Everyone knew he was a crook. Anyone who claims otherwise after he was caught selling Obama’s seat is a liar or brain dead.

    I hope they are turning a new leaf with this bid.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    Please. Illinois is peas and carrots compared to Louisiana.

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