Oregon GOP Endorsing Former Libertarian Party Candidate for Treasurer

Tom Cox was, in 2002, the nominee of the Libertarian Party of Oregon in the Governor’s race. He scored 5% of the vote in that race and is now running for the office of State Treasurer as a Republican. He has been endorsed by the state’s GOP organization as a write-in candidate, due to a quirk in the law.

But Cox says if the Democrat, in this case incumbent Ted Wheeler, were able to convince just enough friendly Republicans to write his name in on the ballot, the race would be over before it even began.

“That’s why the Republican Party of Oregon decided to do write-ins around specific candidates from the Republican Party”, Cox says.

He says a Democrat winning the Republican nomination wouldn’t be unprecedented.  John Kroger pulled it off four years in his race for Attorney General.

Cox will need a majority of the votes in the write-in primary in order to appear on the ballot in the general election.

2 thoughts on “Oregon GOP Endorsing Former Libertarian Party Candidate for Treasurer

  1. Carol Moore

    So is he the evil party arch candidate and so Republian the GOP didn’t have a choice? Or is a Ron Paulite type libertarian who the Paulites insisted by endorsed? Or has the GOP in Oregon just gone real libertarian? What’s the back story here, besides the official story???

  2. Gene Berkman

    Tom Cox ran for state legislature in 2004 as a Libertarian, but at one point that year indicated he was planning to vote for George W Bush for President.

    I sent a letter to him in this regard, since he had sent out a nation-wide fund-raising letter to Libertarians. His response was that he had decided to vote for Michael Badnarik, but he described himself as a “Neal Boortz Libertarian” and indicated that he supported Bush’s war in Iraq.

    So no, he is not a Ron Paul libertarian Republican.

    He probably got the Republican endorsement this year because of lack of alternatives. The Republican stance on social issues – abortion, gay rights etc – has made the Republican Party a marginal force in Oregon, as it has in California.

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