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Token count for LP presidential candidates

After more than a day of campaigns trying to round up tokens in order to appear in the debate and be considered for the nomination, the count is in for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidates.

To participate in the debate, a candidate must receive 53 tokens. However, only 30 are required to have their name placed into nomination.


  • Gary Johnson: 263
  • Lee Wrights: 127
  • Carl Person: 28
  • Jim Burns: 27
  • Sam Sloan: 12
  • Rita Neumann: 3
  • James Ogle: 2
  • Jim Gray: 1
  • Lori Sunthonchart: 1

Candidates may still receive tokens to have their name place into nomination tomorrow. I’ll have the VP numbers as soon as they are available.

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Jason Pye


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist May 4, 2012

    Does the token differential between Johnson and Wrights mean that Wrights is basically farting in the wind?

  2. Nicholas Sarwark Nicholas Sarwark May 4, 2012

    @1 not quite, but it won’t go more than 2 ballots.

  3. Nicholas Sarwark Nicholas Sarwark May 4, 2012

    VP token count: Jim Gray 238, Lee Wrights 118. Next closest to nomination is Jim Burns with 22.

  4. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 4, 2012

    NewFed–I think it’s over on the first ballot with 60% to Johnson.

  5. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer May 4, 2012

    Dang. I was looking forward to hearing more about Sam Sloan.

  6. paulie paulie May 4, 2012

    Jim Burns at least should have been here.

  7. David Colborne David Colborne May 5, 2012

    Jim Burns is, at least in LP circles, the very definition of a “grandfather clause”. It’s a shame he didn’t quite squeak in.

  8. paulie paulie May 5, 2012

    Burns was 2 short for VP when I gave him mine at 9:19 with a 9:30 cutoff

  9. paulie paulie May 5, 2012

    Johnson, Wrights, Person, Burns and possibly Sloan are being nominated. It was a lower threshold than the debate. 30 tokens vs 53

  10. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 5, 2012

    Who nominated and seconded everyone?

    Love to see a post on that, Paulie. If not, could you post that info here?

  11. paulie paulie May 5, 2012

    Antman and Ruwart nominated Wrights


    That’s all I remember

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