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Bill Hillsman: Why be an Independent?

A five part series on why it is important to be an independent and not be a part of the two party system.

Part 1:

So if you’re a woman, one party takes your vote for granted, the other party thinks you can be told what to do rather than persuaded.

Women voters are a more potent political force than ever before in American history. But political campaign strategists regularly pigeonhole them into preconceived roles in elections.

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Part 2:

If you’re a senior citizen and a Democrat, the Democrats keep you in line by telling you how bad life will be when the Republicans cut your Social Security and your Medicare. If you’re a senior citizen Republican, the Republicans keep you in line by talking about lower taxes on your fixed income, divisive social issues, and by promising a return to the America of your youth (an America none of us will ever see again).

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Part 3:

But if you have a job and pay taxes, if you own a house or property, if you have kids, you know there’s no escaping our government and our political system. If you want life to get better for you and your family, you’re going to have to knock some Republican and Democrat heads together. You’re going to have to help take back your government.

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Part 4:

And if you intend to wait for the Republican and Democratic politicians who control our country to change that, you’re going to have a long wait.  You see, they are either in the 1% before they take office or after they’ve held office.  And while they’re in office, they rely on contributions from the 1% to keep them in office. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, why would anyone in the 99% continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans?

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Part 5:

The problem for Tea Party members is, they have very little power within the Republican Party. Republicans treat them like just another voting constituency with no place else to go, the same way they treat Christian conservatives (and the same way Democrats treat key constituencies like women, African Americans, and gay rights advocates).

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Austin Battenberg

Austin Battenberg was born and raised as a Californian. After living for several years in Virginia, Austin now lives in El Dorado, California with his wife and son. A strong believer in individual rights and the non-aggression principle.


  1. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg Post author | June 16, 2012

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what CUIP is.

  2. Richard Winger Richard Winger June 16, 2012

    Committee for a Unified Independent Party. That is the same group of people who organized the International Workers Party in 1974, which became the New Alliance Party in 1979, and the Patriot Party in 1993, and then went into the Reform Party, and then re-organized as CUIP, and then re-organized as Independent Voting. The group has had the same leadership, for the most part, since the early 1970’s, and now holds itself out as the leadership of all the independent voters in the United States. However, all of the leaders of the group are themselves not registered independents; instead they are members and officers of the Independence Party. They control the Independence Party’s ballot lines for the citywide offices within New York city.

  3. was invited by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy to make a presentation on the Top Two Open Primary.

    Afterwards,’s President Jackie Salit was interviewed by their Director of Communications, Joseph Garcia.

    Please take a moment to listen to: Top-Two Proposition: What Nonpartisan Elections would Mean for Arizona.

  4. Deran Deran June 16, 2012

    I don’t think Hillmans new organization is in anyway connceted with CUIP/IV. But his choice of names is unfortunately close to the CUIP front. I’m really not sure what Hillsman is up to?

  5. Austin Battenberg Austin Battenberg Post author | June 16, 2012

    Who cares as long as they are against the duopoly.

  6. paulie paulie June 17, 2012

    CUIP is currently the best friend the duopoly has since they are pushing the “top two” voting scam which keeps virtually all non-duopoly candidates off the general election ballot.

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