Wayne Root: Guest on “Defeat Obama Telethon”

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  1. Aaron Starr Post author

    In contrast, on June 28 the Libertarian Party published:

    “A first-term President Mitt Romney would be far more dangerous to small business, the private sector, and taxpayers than a lame-duck President Obama – no matter what the Supreme Court decided.”

  2. Deran

    I notice that Joe Arpaio is one of the originators of this group. Seems pretty unlibertarian to be working with such a reactionary and racist as Arpaio?

  3. wolfefan

    I agree in part with Aaron @ #1 – it’s foolish to single out one or the other of the major candidates as “more dangerous.” From a liibertarian perspective, they are equally dangerous. Whether it’s warning against Romney or Obama, or endorsing those of Walker’s policies that have already been rejected by the voters, it’s really dumb for both the party and it’s leadership.

    Deran @ #2 is also spot on. Any movement that Joe Arpaio is a part of is a friend of neither the Constitution nor liberty.

  4. Al Abrams

    Yes, and yes.

    While Johnson is running against Obama and should want to see him defeated, he should only want to see him defeated if Johnson himself could win. Otherwise, it makes no difference and Johnson should not do anything to indicate that it does.

    Neither should LPHQ.

  5. Mark Hilgenberg

    My Johnson campaign state contact told me that if you look where the pic of Gary is, it says “From our 2011 telethon”. He has not seen any mention of Gary going on this year.

    Just in case please write your state contact and tell them to please have Gary not participate in this GOP fundraiser.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    Having Johnson lumped in with these conservatives is a really bad idea. I hope he has advisers who can talk him out of doing this.

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    The only way this would not be a disaster for Johnson would be if he is posted as the alternative candidate to Obama. I somehow doubt that this will be the case, but I suppose it’s possible.

  8. Joe Buchman

    I note with some interest the graphic which states: “Guests from 2011 telethon.”

    I trust if the Governor appears on there this year, he’ll distinguish his support of Obama from the stated position of the LNC, as well as his lack of support for Romney when compared to Mr. Root.

    The lack of a unified message from the LNC and LP staff designed to actually elect Governor Johnson, or maximize the number of votes his campaign will receive, notwithstanding — and for which, while this bit of local Vegas TV drivel might be among the most glaring, there are numerous other examples.

    My recommendation — for the next 127 days, work to elect Gary Johnson. At least if you have a position on the LNC or work for the party as a paid staff member. I mean, really, is that too much to ask. Really? Just 127 days.


  9. Joe Buchman

    Nothing new has been posted on the BLOG linked to the website of this campaign since February 2011.





    Their facebook page


    appears to be mostly blowback/negative comments. For example one (apparent) supporter notes:

    “Anyone else noticing this site is going downhill fast? People are commenting on posts and what they have to say means nothing and has nothing to do with posts. Dems/libs have infiltrated.”

    The news stories linked from their main page under NEWS are from October 2011 (and are largely anti-Romney):


    Initial conclusion — this is more radiothon than telethon, the website is out of date, the three media outlets — KDWN radio and the Internet (there’s no mention of TV-25 on the main website, but if so, it likewise is a very modest station in terms of signal strength (a low-power station) and viewership — see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KTUD-LD).

    Bottom line for me: seems like lots of splash, little if anything of substance, and non-transparent (or not immediately transparent) in terms of where the money raised will go.

  10. Joe Buchman

    Al @ 12 — looks like it’s also this year.

    Twitter feed is:


    Wayne Allyn Root was just announced as “one of our guests” on their twitter feed 5 hours ago. No mention of Gary Johnson as a “guest” there this year as far as I can tell . . .

  11. Mark Hilgenberg

    He posted this on the LNC discuss list today.


    “The Defeat Barack Obama Telethon on July 4th” promotion features both your own Wayne Root and Gary Johnson with top billing along with Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman:

    Wayne Allyn Root
    2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

  12. Alan Noyes

    Is the money actually going to the RNC or Romney? If not where is it going? If yes why is an LNC member participating?

    And is Johnson actually involved this year – has anyone made an inquiry with the campaign?

  13. Joe Buchman

    Mark — I saw that.

    On the LNC list Wayne is described as having “top billing.”

    But no mention of that on the defeatobama website and he’s described as a “guest” in their twitter feed.

    It’s also a radiothon according to the Ustream website here:


    “We’re bringing together conservative leaders & activists across this nation for a historic broadcast to kick off a swing state campaign targeting 44 Electoral Votes in key states. Go to Facebook now to RSVP and invite your friends, make a contribution today to kickstart this effort, then tune in from 1 to 6pm Pacific as we broadcast live here and at http://www.KDWN.com.”

    No mention of broadcasting live on any television station anywhere, just on Ustream.

  14. Alan Noyes

    I think the most likely explanation is that the promoters are recycling 2011 promotional materials and Wayne Root was misled into believing that Johnson is on board this year as well.

    I would like more solid confirmation or denial though.

  15. Ken Tucker

    @23 Date on that video is Oct 4, 2011. Well before Romney was the presumptive Republican nominee. Any indication that they are not backing Romney now? Do they believe Johnson or someone else other than Romney can defeat Obama?

  16. Aaron Starr Post author


    It appears they are simply promoting themselves as Anti-Obama.

    It’s up to the rest of us to pose Johnson as the alternative.

    Johnson will need to associate himself with others who oppose Obama (and others who oppose Romney), if he wants to win more votes.

  17. Joe Buchman

    Aaron @ 23 — I mentioned their October anti-Romney news release @ 11.

    The video you linked to is likewise from the Republican Primary season.

    Gotta wonder what their position will be on this July 4th?

    How I’d love those 5 hours to be ALL about how voting Libertarian will serve to achieve ALL their goals! They can play that video you linked to a few times then too.

    If Wayne could only be as passionately anti-Romney as he is anti-Obama — WE could WIN this thing!

  18. Ken Tucker

    If Johnson does participate this year I hope he participates in a similar event to “defeat Romney” and make it clear they are both equally bad.

    The LP national press release should not have said Romney is worse, that just tells people to vote for Obama.

    It just does not matter which of those two gets elected. It’s like flipping a coin. That should be our message ALWAYS.

    The only reason to vote at all is to vote Libertarian, otherwise it is just a waste of time at best.

  19. Ken Tucker

    Joe do you know if anyone at the Johnson HQ is around this weekend to confirm or deny Johnson’s participation?

  20. Aaron Starr Post author

    Joe @ 26

    I don’t believe we can WIN this thing, but I do believe we could perform better than we have before, provided the campaign concentrates on those non-swing-states where the election is a foregone conclusion for one of the candidates.

    I wouldn’t have Johnson as part of the telethon in NV because it’s a swing state, unless he’s going to be there anyway for some other reason, such as Freedom Fest or at a fund raiser.

  21. Ken Tucker

    News that a Presidential Campaign HQ is taking weekends off is already of significance.

    I don’t know if they are. Just asking.

  22. Ken Tucker

    Johnson will not be in Vegas, he will be in Orlando on July 4 at that same time of day, if he will be participating at all it will be remotely.

  23. Joe Buchman

    @ 28 and @ 29

    LOL! Well *I* am here working on endorsements. I saw Grant, the scheduler Thursday night at 11pm when he was going BACK into the office. Jason and I talked late yesterday about revising the website. Joe Hunter is doing media work 24/7 as far as I can tell. Just emailed our ballot access guy, Charles, in DC about the Oregon Voter’s guide . . .

    AND yes, The Governor will be in Florida hosting a BBQ. This event is NOT on his schedule. But if any member of the LNC called him up and asked if he’d like to be on the radio with him, I’m sure he’d say yes.

    IF it’s anything more than that, I’ll post it here.

    AND for the record, I think 1) it’s a good thing, a very good thing, if that’s what Mr. Root asked the Governor to do, and 2) I’d like to see more of that, not less.


    Aaron. Wayne is UNSTOPPABLE. If he wanted Gary Johnson in the White House in January, I’d have to agree with Reason Magazine as reported here:


    It’s just so much of what he has done in the past seems counter to that. So for THIS one, Gary and Wayne together on a program hosted by people who are both anti-Obama and anti-Romney — Hell, it’s a turning point!!

    That said, I’m not unrealastic. I DO think if Gary could get to 15 percent in the polls by August, something I am working my heart out for as are dozens of others here (some of whom sincerely believe they will be working in a Johnson White House in January — or so they fervently say), AND if the other candidates stumble in some serious way in those debates with Gary — who knows. His track record in New Mexico in his first campaign shows this is NOT impossible.

    But . . . in my own heart/mind I’m not living into a future of working in the White House this January. I’m more living into 5 percent of total votes for POTUS, 50 state permanent ballot access, and then, for the next 4 years, working my heart out for a 2016 Johnson Presidency, and moving to DC in January 2017.

    Yep. We’re all just NUTS around here.


  24. zapper

    This is how an innocent question is unfairly turned into an assertion:

    28 “Ken Tucker // Jun 30, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Joe do you know if anyone at the Johnson HQ is around this weekend to confirm or deny Johnson’s participation?”

    29 “George Phillies // Jun 30, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    News that a Presidential Campaign HQ is taking weekends off is already of significance.”

  25. wolfefan

    Hi Joe @33 –

    Don’t forget the next sentence that follow the reason quote you linked: “Sort of.” 🙂

    Thanks for all your work with the GJ campaign. As an outsider I’m very impressed with what I see compared to some previous efforts.

  26. Joe Buchman

    I gotta say, I’ve found this 1) amusing and 2) a waste of about an hour of my time today which would have been best spent on other campaign priorities. (My fault. This place is addictive sometimes, at least for me. )

    I’ve now been in communication with the full time staff member accountable for the Governor’s schedule, and have been authorized to report here that “this event is not on the Governor’s schedule;” which schedule I have also confirmed as having been accurately reproduced on both our website and Facebook Page, and which further lists the Governor as committed to an event in Florida concurrent with this reported telethon.

    I have found the “top billing” comment to be currently unsubstantiatable. As far as I’ve been able to determine there’s been no reporting or promotion regarding the “Conservative Leaders and Activists” scheduled to appear this year other than the single Tweet promoting Wayne Allyn Root as a “guest” which went out from https://twitter.com/defeatbarack at about 8:00AM this morning.

  27. Joe Buchman

    Mark @ 14 and ALL,

    I’ve edited the headline to remove Governor Johnson’s name.

    According to campaign officials, he is not scheduled for this event, and has a conflicting event scheduled for this time in another state.

  28. Austin Battenberg

    I clicked on the link to WAR’s website and it is the first time I have seen it in a long time. I remember his site used to look so ugly with all the pictures of his media appearances down the sides of the page. I’m glad he cleaned it up a bit.

  29. Joe Buchman

    @40 George — only if you count reading and posting on IPR as being “at work.”


    I’m not sure Ron would agree.

    (I do this on my coffee break out here.)

    And with this comment, I’m off to my Mother In Law, Bea’s, 88th birthday party with my wife’s brother and sister who have flown in from Michigan and Tennessee, with cousin Beth from Arizona, and Kellie from I don’t remember where, and our daughter Kelsey and her husband from Portland Oregon — (giving them all Gary Johnson yard signs to carry home on the various planes). Bea is getting a Gary Johnson 2012 baseball cap . . .

  30. Steven R Linnabary

    From: WAYNE ROOT
    Date: June 30, 2012 6:44:35 PM PDT
    To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org
    Subject: Re: [Lnc-discuss] Wayne Root for LNC
    Reply-To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org

    Great political strategy John Jay.

    Sue the biggest Tea Party organization in USA and make every conservative hate GJ.

    Brilliant. Bravo.

    Thats thinking.

    I love the way you think…

    You welcome CAIR- an unindicted co-conspirator to terrorism… to LP of Texas events…

    Thereby frightening, horrifying, or angering 95% of mainstream voters of Texas.

    But you are quick to recommend lawsuits versus Tea Parties filled with libertarian-leaning patriots whose #1 goal is smaller government.

    A perfect combination guaranteed to keep the LP a pariah forever.

    What a strategy!


    P.S. Instead of suing…perhaps Gary should call the group and ask them to invite him, since they are already using his picture!

    I’d certainly want to be included…if I was looking for votes to get elected President of USA…and here is a crowd of people that wants smaller govt. I’d say every successful political strategist in U.S. would agree this telethon and this group is a pretty darn good platform to impress and look for votes.

  31. Steven R Linnabary

    From: WAYNE ROOT
    Date: June 30, 2012 7:39:22 PM PDT
    To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org
    Subject: Re: [Lnc-discuss] Wayne Root for LNC
    Reply-To: lnc-discuss@hq.lp.org

    I’m merely pointing out how ridiculous and over-reactive you sound John.

    You seem to hate conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers.

    Yet you welcome a group that might (and I stress might) have an image as friendly to terrorism.

    Now how ridiculous is that?

    Why don’t you give conservatives and Christians the same opportunity as others?

    This is the LP’s flaw.

    And it’s big enough to drive a truck through.

    And as far as calling someone racist…


    You make me laugh.

    You know the definition of a racist John?

    Anyone winning an argument with a leftist.

    You sir sound much more like a leftist than a Libertarian with screeds like this.

    Using words like racist is a disgrace.

    But much more importantly, what hypocrisy.

    I’ve heard so many vicious, vile comments from Libertarians like you aimed at Israel, Jews, Christians, conservatives and Tea Parties.

    So that’s not racist?

    Only criticism of a minority or Islamic extremist is racism?

    Just as every attack on Obama is called racism by the left.

    Yet I dislike Nancy Pelosi more than Obama.

    Is that racist? Do I hate Italian women from San Francisco with too much botox in their stiff face?

    “Racist” is so misused and over-used by the left, its now a joke…and no longer taken seriously.

    Which is sad…because real racism should be combated.

    No Libertarian should ever be caught dead using that word…except when in the company of a KKK member wearing a white hood.

    Otherwise…you’ve destroyed the word and made a mockery of it.

    But from now on…if you denigrate Israel, Jews, Christians or conservatives…out of fairness, perhaps I should to call you out as a racist.


  32. Steven R Linnabary

    Nobody has brought it up yet, but just who is making money off this? This is a telethon, albeit on low power TV and internet, so presumably somebody is asking for money.

    Are Wayne or the LNCC getting a cut?

    esalamu alaikum

  33. Mark Hilgenberg

    Here are a few posts regarding the upcoming freak show on the 4th.


    “It will probably be the usual suspects of the lunatic fringe. For your entertainment, the press release:”

    Lots of comments here.




    Swing electoral votes, AKA get them to Romney.

  34. Ken Tucker

    In case anyone has any doubts from Mark’s last link:

    Many of our TV ads in Wisconsin took aim at Barack Obama, and now there is evidence to show that our efforts were successful. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Mitt Romney is now polling AHEAD of Barack Obama for the first time!

    Our strategy is working, and now we need to expand our efforts to include Michigan and Ohio as well as the next steps.

  35. Mark Hilgenberg


    They did that because they are clueless regarding what we are talking about. We complain about Waynes Romney pitch and they think the solution is to pitch Obama.

    How about we pitch Johnson and Liberty for a change?

  36. Ken Tucker

    @50 Too logical; wouldn’t pass go in today’s “new and improved” LP…

  37. AncientAryanAstronaut

    So what do they want Obama to do, get a real job or something? Nigga please!

    But hey with a son of a Kosher butcher leading the telethon they will at least be sure to shake loose more than a few shekels….

  38. give-me-liberty

    This today from Wayne Allyn Root to John Jay Myers: “You welcome CAIR- an unindicted co-conspirator to terrorism… to LP of Texas events…Thereby frightening, horrifying, or angering 95% of mainstream voters of Texas.”

    This coming from a guy who is a staunch supporter of Israel, the largest “unindicted co-conspirator to terrorism” in the world.

  39. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Starr: In contrast, on June 28 the Libertarian Party published:

    Yes, but Root was promoting Romney long before the LP tried to balance Root with a slam on Romney.

    Nice attempt at some (out of context) pro-Root spin, though.

  40. Joe Buchman

    Earlier today Defeat Barack Obama ?@DefeatBarack Tweeted —

    “One of our guests for the Telethon will be Wayne Allyn Root, columnist for Forbes magazine and 2008 Vice…”

    Anyone know if Wayne is still a “columnist for Forbes?”

    I am able to document six articles that he wrote for them from January 11 to February 14th of this year, but nothing since.


    BTW: I’m not trying to be unfairly critical here. I actually found myself in unequivocal, wholehearted agreement with this portion of his last Forbes contribution:

    “Today’s GOP is neither radical nor revolutionary. It is boring and pedestrian. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes. What is the Mitt Romney’s answer? “Let’s keep taxes where they are.” Can’t you just feel the excitement? Today’s GOP is filled with funeral directors re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The GOP’s answer to Obama’s $5 trillion in new debt and chronic 8% unemployment is to recommend either status quo, or tax and spending cuts so small it takes a microscope to find them.

    We need a revolutionary new vision. ”

    Good stuff there, IMO.

  41. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Noyes: I think the most likely explanation is that the promoters are recycling 2011 promotional materials and Wayne Root was misled into believing…

    How can a media-savvy star like Wayne Allyn Root be “misled” about any media event?

  42. Thomas L. Knapp


    “Israel, the largest ‘unindicted co-conspirator to terrorism’ in the world.”

    Highly unlikely. The US is nearly 500 times the size of Israel.

  43. Jill Pyeatt

    Wayne hates Obama so much (he’s clearly jealous)
    that he will do anything to get him out of the White House. I know we all want Obama out, but we don’t want his twin Romney in instead. Wayne will embarrass Libertarians all he wants, as long as he can pick on his classmate who did better than he did.

  44. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    @61, Root has justified his Muslim-bashing (e.g., his opposition to the “Ground Zero mosque”) by saying that vast numbers of Americans agree with him.

    According to Root, if one wants to “grow the LP,” one must support aid to Israel, and oppose civil rights for American Muslims.

    Root has claimed that most Americans, Tea Partiers, Christians, and Jews, agree with him on these issues.

    So the LP must allow Root to redefine libertarianism if it wishes to win votes.

  45. LibertarianGirl

    Again , who is getting the money????? WHO IS GETTING THE MONEY?? WHO- IS GETTING-THE-MONEY?

    If its the GOP and only the GOP isnt this like the biggest slap in the face ever? Is this not grounds for removal? Angela Keaton was put up for removal for wearing another parties tshirt and telling people not to give money to the Barr campaign….this is like 100 times worse if its a fundraiser for republicans…

    if its not , then its a great idea….so…..


  46. Mark Hilgenberg


    According to this article the money is designed to benefit Romney and by deafault, the GOP.


    As Lloyd Marcus
    Chairman, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama said, “Many of our TV ads in Wisconsin took aim at Barack Obama, and now there is evidence to show that our efforts were successful. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Mitt Romney is now polling AHEAD of Barack Obama for the first time!

    Our strategy is working, and now we need to expand our efforts to include Michigan and Ohio as well as the next steps.”

  47. Indy

    Yeah, that sounds like something the LP should stay away from, as well as press releases that say one of the other party’s candidates is much worse than the other one.

    We have our own party and our own candidates, they are starting from way behind and the other two have plenty of money, time, people and resources to put each other down…they don’t need our help with that.

    Defeat Obama? Who cares, if we are not the ones defeating him?

  48. Jill Pyeatt

    Maybe the Johnson campaign should sue Wayne. That might be the only way to get him to SHUT UP
    (*ducks to avoid the inevitable insults to be slung my way*).

  49. Indy

    No insults, but I would think they would have other priorities.

    As far as I know there is still a Johnson fundraiser scheduled at Root’s house this month, is that still on as planned?

  50. Joe Buchman

    Indy @ 68 — Both Governor Johnson and Judge Gray will be in Las Vegas for Freedom Fest and both have accepted the invitation and are scheduled to attend the fundraiser at Wayne’s home on Friday July 13th.

    The invitation is available here:


    Freedom Fest information can be found here:


    In 2008 Wayne, his wife and their oldest daughter graciously hosted a fundraiser for the Barr/Root campaign. I and several others who comment here on IPR were present for that event. He has a beautiful home, even more lovely wife, and very well-mannered, articulate, interesting children, especially, at that time – four years ago – Dakota. I remain grateful for the invitation, the excellent food and conversation. Congressman Barr was present and publicly expressed his gratitude as well.

    Although I do not plan to attend this year, and am scheduled for an unrelated event at that time in Las Vegas, I encourage everyone to attend. I’m sure it will be a lovely event and fully supportive of the Governor, Judge and Campaign.

    For those who are unable to attend, a tour of his home, introduction to his wife and children, an interview with Dakota, Wayne’s recommendations for diet, exercise, self-discipline and more are available at:


    IPR reported on the 2008 fundraiser here:


    Feedback for the Governor, Judge, and campaign staff, regarding any issues associated with the campaign, including opportunities for additional fundraisers, personal appearances, media interviews and the like may be left here:


    Ideas for endorsements of Governor Johnson and Judge Gray, or for endorsements by them of other candidates or propositions/issues may be emailed to:


    Hope that helps.


  51. Thomas L. Knapp

    GP @ 61,

    If the Texas LP invited a representative of Operation Rescue to speak at its convention, would you call opposition to that choice “Christianophobic bigotry?”

  52. From Der Sidelines

    @70: No, it would simply be STUPID. How about Scott Roeder or Shelley Shannon, just to make the point? Or maybe Ante or Kathy Pavkovic, or their daughter Christan Sugar? One murderer and four attempted murderers.

    Or how about Cheryl Sullenger? I’m sure she’d be da bomb at LPTX–after all, she was convicted of trying to blow up a CA clinic in 1988.

  53. Don Wills

    This is like watching six year olds fight over a toy.

    The LP will remain absolutely frozen in irrelevancy until the anarchists kick out the constitutionalists, or vice versa.

  54. Mark Hilgenberg

    It is neither. The problem is those who think liberty is only an economic issue. They also think our only battle is with “liberals” and Obama, they think the GOPs only problem is they aren’t being “conservative” enough.
    This stems from a complete lack of understanding regarding individual liberty and rights.

  55. paulie


    Might want to fix your name link – .org not .og

    More substantively, I agree with Mark. This event is raising money so as to defeat Obama; the organizers are bragging that their strategy is working because Romney pulled ahead of Obama in Wisconsin, and with the money they raise here they hop to get Romney ahead of Obama in Michigan and Ohio.

    Why would constitutionalists think that is a good thing?

  56. Thomas L. Knapp


    Exactly my point.

    CAIR is to Hamas as Operation Rescue is to the Army of God — that is there’s credible evidence of membership overlap and amiable correspondence between the matched pairs.

    While I could make a case that Root supports general Islamophobia, opposing the inclusion of CAIR in an LP event is not itself prima facie evidence of “Islamophobic bigotry” on his part.

  57. Mark Hilgenberg

    @ Thomas 73

    Your example would only make sense if an LNC member was speaking at an event where the money was being raised to fund terrorism and they bragged beforehand how their prior funds have been used to kill in the past.

  58. From Der Sidelines

    @75: Exactly.

    CAIR is also to Hamas what Sinn Fein is to the IRA or PETA is to the ALF, the Sierra Club to the ELF, or if you believe the irrational rants and rambles of the SPLC, the LP to militia groups and Birchers.

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  60. LibertarianGirl

    Joe , I was at that fundraiser at Waynes house in 08. His home is absolutely stunning. His wife , I can never say enuf nice things about her. She is gorgeous , gracious a d worked really hard for that dinner. She is probably working just as hard for the upcoming one. That alone would make me postpone any move for removal as I genuinely like Debra Root quite a bit. His kids were so well behaved , I remember the little boy must have thought I was a child based on my stature and kept asking me upstairs to go play toys…lol , the other son bar backed like a pro and Dakota well , what else can be said about her. Actually I was a WAR hater before that dinner , It was seeing and meeting his awesome family that was the 1st step in changing my mind about him. I figured you couldnt have such a great fam w/o being at least partially a good guy. I then went on to like and defend him and he paid me back by stabbing me in the back.needless to say , my character judgement is not all it should bebut I can admit my mistakes:).

  61. Paulie

    I think Wayne’s not all good guy or all bad guy. Like the rest of us he is a mixed bag. And that most certainly includes me.

  62. Joe Buchman

    CNN has covered this event here:


    Mentions Cain, Florida Rep. Sandy Adams; sheriff Joe Arpaio; and Joe the Plumber. Did not mention Wayne Allyn Root.

    The Monterey Herald covers the telethon here:


    “featuring the illustrious Herman Cain, Joe “America’s Sheriff” Arpaio of Arizona tent city fame, 1940s poster person Phyllis Schlafly and a long list of Obama haters you likely have never heard of. The most recognizable among the lesser names are Danny Tarkanian, whose claim to fame is that he is the son of the most rule-breaking basketball coach in U.S. history, former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Victoria Jackson, and actress Janine Turner, late of “Northern Exposure.””

    No mention of Wayne Allyn Root.

    Wayne is mentioned here:


    The self-proclaimed co-host, Lloyd Marcus admits the telethon is designed raise money to get Romney 50 more electoral votes here:


    “We are raising funds to wage campaigns in four states which Obama won last election. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Nevada are in play this time around. Fifty electoral votes are up for grabs, and of course, fifty electoral votes to Romney means fifty votes not going to Obama. I am co-hosting the telethon.”

  63. Steven R Linnabary

    The self-proclaimed co-host, Lloyd Marcus admits the telethon is designed raise money to get Romney 50 more electoral votes…


    FWIW, Wayne did do a fairly good job of explaining libertarianism and the LP to the so-called TEA Party audience. And Wayne did put in a good plug for Governor Johnson.

    I personally doubt it will have an effect, however. Just watching the comments in the chat window leads me to believe that it isn’t the policies of Obama that have these people riled, but rather Obama’s race. I really doubt these people can be reached.

    I will note that there were two candidates on before Root, both running against Libertarians (Ted Cruz running against JJ Myers and Joe “The Plumber” Wurtzelbacher running against Sean Stipe in the 9th district here in Ohio) . And neither of them can be counted on to oppose big government spending.


  64. Joe Buchman



    Looks like Wayne has chosen the job of Libertarian Missionary to Hell — or something awfully close to that.


  65. paulie

    FWIW, Wayne did do a fairly good job of explaining libertarianism and the LP to the so-called TEA Party audience. And Wayne did put in a good plug for Governor Johnson.

    Very glad to hear that!

  66. Steven R Linnabary

    I certainly didn’t download it. But Wayne was on about halfway through the third hour.

    The thing that really struck me was this looks like something that would be extremely easy to put together for the LP…even larger states such as TX or OH could pull off an event like this.


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