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Wayne Root Endorses Romney on Fox News

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Wayne Root leaves Libertarian Party leadership, will seek US Senate seat

To My LNC and Libertarian Party Friends,

I have spent the last 60 days thinking about my political future. I have consulted with many friends and political experts I trust. I have listened to my wife and my family’s wishes. And I have come to an important decision — perhaps among the most important of my life.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Guest on “Defeat Obama Telethon”

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LP Oregon: Nominating Convention Selects Candidates for November Ballot

The below press release from the Reeves faction of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) was sent after their recent nominating convention conducted according to bylaws adopted by delegates at convention.

The Wagner faction is conducting its own nominating procedure by mail ballot in accordance with bylaws they submitted to the Oregon Secretary of State, however those bylaws were never approved by the membership. … Read more ...

Wayne Root: What happens to the economy in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas

The Obama apologists and mainstream media (sorry for repeating myself) claim  the economy is improving and unemployment declining.


You mean like in Las Vegas?

April’s numbers show joblessness fell in Nevada below 12% for the first time  in 3 years. Hip Hip Hooray! Break out the champagne. Obama has pulled off a  miracle.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: “The Golden Rule: He With the Gold in This Obama Depression Rules”

The economic news is all bad, and I mean 100 percent bad to the bone. As in a nightmare. As in an Obama Great Depression. Just as I’ve warned and predicted for 3 years now- Obama’s policies would lead to economic disaster. It’s happening.

The Chicago PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) collapsed to 52.7 from 56.5.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: What Facebook and Obama have in Common

Facebook is the Titanic. Perhaps the most embarrassing initial public offering (IPO) in history. Certainly it was the biggest bust in modern history – based on the highest expectations ever. The more I think about it, the more Facebook reminds me of Barack Obama. They have so much in common.

Click Here for Wayne Root’s Commentary in Washington Times

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Wayne Root: The Day Labor Union Dominance Died

The tidal wave started last night. It’s a new day in America. The dominance of public employee unions was broken for the first time. Not just in any states. But in the two most liberal pro-union states possible.

The common-sense crowd will be emboldened. This grass-roots fire has just started. It will now spread from coast to coast.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will win big on Tuesday

The article below was published prior to the election.


Unions will lose big and Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker will win big this Tuesday in Wisconsin. Here’s why.

Government employee unions are a real threat to national security, far worse than the unproven fraud called global warming. Government employee pensions threaten our children’s future.

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LP Oregon: Reeves Group Wins Latest Court Battle

The below press release from the Reeves faction of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) was issued in the aftermath of their June 14 victory in court against the Wagner faction.  Both view themselves as the legitimate leadership of the LPO.

The Reeves faction is now seeking an expedited hearing so they can formally direct the Oregon Secretary of State to place Gary Johnson’s name on the ballot as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President, a step which could have been legally performed as early as June 1, but which the Wagner faction has thus far not done and has not provided public assurance that they shall do.… Read more ...

Geoff Neale on the “Situation” with Michael Cloud

The email below is being shared with others at the request of Geoff Neale, Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC).

Here is the relevant background:

As a condition for being a scheduled speaker at a national convention, all speakers are required to agree to not seek or accept any position being selected by delegates at convention.… Read more ...

Reeves: Wes Wagner Threatens Gary Johnson Ballot Access Unless Campaign Intervenes in Lawsuit



Legitimate officers of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) led by Tim Reeves have learned from a representative of the Gary Johnson campaign that Wes Wagner threatened to refuse placing the Johnson/Gray ticket on the Oregon general election ballot if the campaign does not intercede in the pending lawsuit over control over the LPO.… Read more ...