Jim Antle: Goode Enough for Paul Supporters?

Antle has a post up at American Spectator asking if Paul supporters will be willing to support Virgil Goode. It is referencing Antle’s Goode article at The American Conservative that is linked to in a post below.

So who would the Ron Paul supporters angry at Rand Paul for his Mitt Romney endorsement rather vote for? For the more conservative among them, a candidate is Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode…

But his foreign policy record is closer to Romney’s than Paul’s…

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22 thoughts on “Jim Antle: Goode Enough for Paul Supporters?

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    Goode’s problem is that he developed his conservatism in a mainstream “conservative” milieu. Now he finds himself in a “far right” milieu, and he doesn’t know the ropes. But I think he is figuring out that his milieu has changed and that the old answers don’t suffice any more. The far-right is not just the mainstream right on steroids. The far-right has fully embraced non-interventionism. Hawkish interventionist “conservatives” are still very happy in the GOP (Why shouldn’t they be?) and are not going to vote third party. The kinds of conservatives who are willing to entertain voting third party are disproportionately non-interventionists.

  2. JT

    Has Goode repudiated his ardent support for the Iraq War & the Patriot Act? If no, that’s a pretty huge black mark on him as a candidate.

    Saying he *still* thinks Iraq had WMD just makes him sound dumb.

  3. Austin Battenberg

    JT: He has fully repudiated his support for the PATRIOT Act, but usually dodges questions regarding his support for the Iraq war.

    Goode isn’t terrible, but I would never vote for him over a true non-interventionist.

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  5. Rob Banks

    Hawkish interventionist “conservatives” are still very happy in the GOP (Why shouldn’t they be?)

    Theoretically, because the Republican record on spending, taxes and regulation is far removed from their rhetoric..in practice, not so much.

  6. Rob Banks

    My state CP officers have told me they are not happy with Goode, did not go to the national convention because there was a steep floor fee, and some of them may even vote for Johnson.

  7. Rob Banks

    Not sure I am really at liberty to share that, but I thought if I did not name the state it would be OK to say that.

    You may figure it out from my IP address, although I would rather you not pass on the information or confront anyone with it.

  8. JamesT

    I’m not surprised that many in the CP aren’t willing to back Goode. The problem is if RP voters are going anywhere it will be Johnson unless Goode does something to really put himself ahead of Johnson ie closer to RP. Which I don’t see him doing.

  9. Rob Banks

    Jesse Ventura endorsed Johnson on the Alex Jones show today.

    Ron and Rand Paul can’t endorse Johnson because Johnson is pro-choice on abortion. It goes against their pledge to the anti-abortion groups.

  10. Jeff Becker

    James T.,
    Your statement that “many in the CP aren’t willing to back Goode” is completely baseless.

    Rob Banks,
    The CP convention was well attended. Sorry to hear that your state chose not to participate. The “floor fee” was very modest at $100 for the entire delegation, not each. The convention cost was less than $300 each and included two dinners and two lunches.

  11. Rob Banks

    So 300 x 9 delegates = $2700 plus travel costs (room and gas) = how much money that can be used for other purposes by a state party with not a lot of money or activists?

    Your statement that “many in the CP aren’t willing to back Goode” is completely baseless.

    Castle did pretty well for a reluctant candidate that did not announce until being persuaded at the convention. Had he actually run and lined up support before people committed their vote he very well may have won.

  12. R. D. Holland

    Goode on the ballot give voters a real choice in November, as he stands in stark contrast to the candidates from the two major parties. 200,000+ votes? Definitely in the crosshairs, and I like his “in it to win it” attitude. He should pick up not only the Independent votes from the Constitution Party, but also fringes of both the GOP who can’t vote for Romney as well as Democrats who won’t vote for Obama’s re-election. I think his nomination very timely and predict the fall election to be quite interesting.

  13. JT

    Holland: “He should pick up not only the Independent votes from the Constitution Party, but also fringes of both the GOP who can’t vote for Romney as well as Democrats who won’t vote for Obama’s re-election.”

    Democrats will vote for Goode? That must be a joke.

  14. R. D. Holland

    No joke. Not at all. As Goode himself notes in some of his election comments, the Democratic Party in Virginia was once filled with members who were much more conservative than those at the national level. A few have remained loyal to the party through the years, but after Mr. Obama’s “evolved” public comment in regard to marraige, I see more than one Democrat voting “Goode for President” this fall, or I should say, “former Democrats.” In my mind, the party left me, I did not leave the party. The President’s statement may have raised thousands of dollars for him in the California fundraiser he attended only days after his “confession,” but it cost him at least one vote here in the east and I suspect many more. Goode will benefit from those votes in November, and I predict he will do much better than the 5% a poll projected in our state, because that poll was conducted before Mr. Obama’s position….

  15. RJ

    Johnson will be on more ballots then Goode and will have a better shot at getting the 15% and into the debates, we hope.

  16. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Neither Goode or Johnson are 100% non-interventionist. That’s unfortunate.

    Ron Paul’s supporters will likely go in every direction, just like in 2008. Paul endorsed Baldwin, but was unable to deliver most of his supporters to Baldwin.

    Paul’s supporters tend to hold strong opinions and can’t be herded in any one direction.

  17. NewFederalist

    If the Goode/Clymer ticket does not appear on the ballot in CA, TX, IN, IL, GA or NY I would think that ticket will lose much of its luster. I would think some Paulians who tend more constitutional conservative than libertarian would switch to Johnson/Gray ticket to make their dissatisfaction with the status quo known.

  18. Tom Blanton

    Virgil Goode is an embarrassment to Virginia. He is an ignorant cracker, or pretends to be, and unfit to be a dog catcher.

    I imagine the percentage of Ron Paul supporters who would vote for Goode is in the low single digits.

    Goode’s demagoguery may appeal to a handful of angry rednecks, but those folks aren’t big Ron Paul supporters. Goode has been wiping his cracker ass with the constitution for years. His nomination to the CP is a reflection of how absurd the political landscape of America has become.

    I’ll be surprised if Goode manages to get 100,000 votes.

  19. Mike Jones

    I disagree. I think Virgil Goode is completely qualified to work in animal control.

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