Missouri Constitution Party’s Lt. Gov Candidate Cynthia Davis Receives Right to Life Endorsement

Cynthia Davis is a former Republican state legislator from Missouri, but this year she is a Constitution Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Yesterday she received the endorsement of the Missouri Right to Life Committee, which is the first endorsement from the state’s Right to Life committee of a Constitution Party candidate. The endorsement can be read here.

The Missouri Right to Life Committee had previously endorsed Cynthia Davis in her bid to win a State Senate seat, running as a Republican, in 2010.


In an historic step, the Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed Cynthia Davis, the Constitution Party candidate for Lt. Governor. This marks the first time that Missouri Right to Life has endorsed any candidate for statewide office outside the Democrat or Republican Parties.

This is a game-changer in Missouri,” said Randy Stufflebeam, the recently elected Constitution Party National Vice-Chairman.  “Cynthia Davis has a very real chance of winning this race.  I believe this endorsement is just the first of many major dominos to fall.  More and more Americans are rejecting the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils.”

2 thoughts on “Missouri Constitution Party’s Lt. Gov Candidate Cynthia Davis Receives Right to Life Endorsement

  1. NewFederalist

    Is this really a big deal? I don’t mean to sound dismissive but does anyone have any idea as to how many votes or contributions this might translate into? It sounds really good but…

  2. Steve

    NF – I’d think of this as a test case to see how much Right to Life’s endorsement is worth. In my time as a Republican In Name Only, I’ve only seen RTL endorse the people their followers were going to vote for anyway – the R nominees. It will be interesting to see how many follow RTL to the CP candidate.

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