More LIVE Blogging from Texas LP Convention: Morning Sessions, Lunch Speaker, Senate election about to occur

Texas Delegates voting for Senate Candidate

Dallas Texas, Photo shows balloting for the nomination of the US Senate Candidate from the Libertarian Party of Texas.  Prior motion to use Approval Voting passed without objection.

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  1. Joe Buchman Post author

    Morning session included speeches by LNC Chair Geoff Neale; a panel on “Government Medicine; Deadly Prescription” with Michael Hansen, Dr. Mary Ruwart, Dr. Roxanne Sweney, Bill Collins and Robert Berry; and presentation by Sean Dunagan of LEAP.

    Thomas E. Woods, Jr., a senior fellow at the Mises Institute fired up the delegates with a rousing speech explicating Libertarian positions related to “Rollback: Repealing Big Government Before the Coming Fiscal Collapse” (also the title of his latest book).

    Secretary reports a total of 130 delegates have been awarded credentials (applause, an apparent record number).

  2. Joe Buchman Post author

    Secretary reports: John Jay Myers — 123 ballots cast:

    Wayne Huffman 2
    Dr. Raju 3
    Robert Butler 19
    John Roland 27
    Scott Jameson 28
    John Jay Myers 97

    Myers Elected.

  3. Joe Buchman Post author

    Myers acceptance speech. Hadn’t prepared one. Thanks competitors. Introduces one of campaign staff. Takes opportunity to read his: “Open Letter to Democrats” first posted on IPR in April 2011 and available here.

    So you are feeling a little let down? You probably voted for Democrats because you were tired of the endless wars, Gitmo, torture, the Patriot Act and the bad name the Republicans were giving the United States. We are disappointed too.

    But come to find out the Democrats have now escalated our current wars, and started new ones. They didn?t close Gitmo and have just approved the Patriot Act yet again.

    You may have voted Democrat because you believe that corporations control our country. Well you are right, but they also control the Democrats. Unfortunately the only way to keep from having the government give out larger and larger favors to their corporate sponsors is to limit size and scope of what government can do. Libertarians believe the government should not be giving out favors to corporations. Do you want to see the lobbyists flee Washington? Limit government.

    It could be you voted for Democrats because you believe that health care should be a right to all Americans. Libertarians believe health care should be much more affordable, and thus available to a much higher percentage of people. But the Democrats didn?t vote to give everyone free health care, they voted to force everyone to buy a product from their corporate sponsors. Great, the new boss is the same as the old boss.

    You may have voted Democrat because you believe that some people don?t get a fair shake in life. Libertarians believe that everyone should get exactly that, a fair shake. Ayn Rand said, ?The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.? When we try to game the system for anyone we end up adversely effecting others, usually of the same group.

    I have a saying that ?Democrats are simply one economics lesson away from being Libertarians.? That one economics lesson can be found in the book ?Economics in One Lesson? by Henry Hazlitt, in that book Hazlitt talks about the hidden costs of government intervention into the markets, and spells out why there is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Libertarians are among the most charitable people on the planet. They just understand that if government can?t balance a budget, why would you want them in charge of your charity?

    Especially the Federal government. Let?s take education for example. We know that competition creates better products. So why do we have the Department of Education, an agency 1000?s of miles away from Texas telling us how to run our schools? Why would we take our money, send it to Washington, and then ask them, ?Please send us some money?? We are right here. We can spend our own money on our own schools. If we heard Missouri had a program that worked we might be quick to adopt it, but if we hear California is going bankrupt we might be quick to avoid it. The Federal government is destroying education, and competition. Libertarians think that is unfair.

    The Libertarian Party is a great blend of sound economics and the idea that you should be free to make your own decisions about your life. You should give us a try. We think you will like us. Lord knows we are light years ahead of the Republicans.

  4. Joe Buchman Post author


    Nominations for State officers occurring now.

    Tom Glass nominated for State Chair.

  5. Joe Buchman Post author

    Multiple, relatively long seconding speeches for Tom and then Pat . . .

  6. Joe Buchman Post author

    Nominations complete.

    Motion to recess in order to hold a 25 minute debate between the two candidates for chair passes.

    Debate about to occur.

  7. Joe Buchman Post author

    Pat Dixon: You’ve heard about the past, about 2004, about ballot access. We should thank those people who worked on that, but also thank the new people here because this is growth. This is the biggest convention Pat has seen. The future is growth. Competition within the party for everything.

    The job of this office is not to make all of the decisions. It’s who can keep the team together. There are political experts in the world. But this job is not for the experts, it’s for the team builder.

    Tom Glass: To start with — why are we here? I’m here because I love the Constitution and our Country. They are in danger — the police state, the economic collapse, coming in the next two years. The Federal government will never limit itself, only strong states can take it back. The LP Texas is the only hope for our country. The two other parties are bought and sold. Pat and I have different visions. I agree that no chair does it by themselves. Which of these two candidates will have save our country from the federal government?

    Mr. Glass: Pat, in all five aspects of my vision we do differ. mentions goals of running 100 candidates and policy manual as only goals he’s aware of of Pat’s . . .

    Mr. Dixon: I do not tell state committee members, “here’s what we’re going to do.” We are a team. About getting people elected, if we were on a big pile of money, I’m okay with that. Now I’m hearing candidates say we’re not doing enough to help their races. We need to make sure that support is there. So we get more competition within the party. More strong candidates. I’m not going to micro manage them.

  8. Joe Buchman Post author

    Mr. Dixon: Tom, these are your words. This is your letter. Am I corrupt?

    Mr. Glass: I think you changed your principle as a result of a major donor. There are several things when you are a chair . . . when someone gives money for a message that is different than the party platform. You can say no, or tell others, or take the money and tell no one. I consider that corrupt.

    The reason the R&Ds cannot save our country is the parties have been bought. We do not have our antennae up enough for that danger. Our main asset is our uncorruptability.

  9. Joe Buchman Post author

    Question: What will you do to grow the number of libertarians in Texas?

    Mr. Glass: We don’t have growth, we’ve had turnover. We need to take ourselves seriously, then they will take us seriously. The TEA Party and Ron Paul people will flock to us. We need to keep the people we recruit.

    Mr. Dixon: The number you stated is donors. The number who affiliate with us is over 10,000. Every January that number resets. That number will be much bigger in November

  10. Joe Buchman Post author

    Question: Will each of you pledge to remain active regardless on who wins, and how you plan to cooperate?

    Mr. Dixon: I am a candidate for county commissioner. I may not raise a lot of money, but I am serious about running. I’m also on the board of the country party that I’m not going to drop.

    Mr. Glass: The LPTexas is the most important organization to save our country. If I lose I will work with Pat and run for another state office. This past year has been toxic. This has been for me just business. I’ve had differences with Pat and there’s been a lot of negativity back. The question is who started the fight. I don’t think I started it, but we have been fighting. I’ve always lived in harmony. I have friends who can tell you that. I will work with Pat. If I am chair the infighting will stop.

    Chair asks delegates not to boo.

    Question: Do you have a plan for recruiting country chairs? If so, how?

    Mr. Glass: I think focus on candidates is important. I read a book on the history of the RP from being nothing to dominate as it is here in Texas. It took the RP from the 1950s to 1996 for the RP to organize in every county in Texas. We need to start with regional support groups. Each area of Texas has its own issues. It’s harder to break through in the rural counties. Look at the county chairs who are supporting me here. Some that I recruited.

    Mr. Dixon: Bobby Tyler stated before about how we got activated in his county. We need better connection with the county leaders. Some are only there to make sure candidates get nominated. The best way to do that is to grow the party. Not everyone who calls gets appointed a country chair. Finding those with skills and passion, we’ve done it.

  11. Joe Buchman Post author

    Question: What’s your response to the question you asked Tom about corruption?

    Mr. Dixon: (explains issues too fast for me to catch here, $100,000 donation with $150,000 matching.) No strings attached, contrary to the accusations. Did not affect platform or candidate. I reject the accusation that Tom is making.

    Mr. Glass: This issue is only important because it impacts how you’ll interact with big donors going forward. There’s an email that contradicts the facts just stated. There were strings == about open borders. When he withdrew the money, he was upset about a lack of results. The appeal to Hispanics was botched. “Government should not be a bad word” — was a failed strategy. We pandered to a big-buck donor. It was different than our statement of principles.

    Moderator: Last Question: Assume you are elected, and there’s a miracle in Tampa, Ron Paul is the RP nominee. Who and how would you support?

    Mr. Glass: I would support Gary Johnson. It doesn’t matter who is President. Washington is broken. We need to push back on the feds from here — from Texas. Nothing that happens in DC will save our nation.

    Pat Dixon: Ron Paul endorsed my races, but my selection for POTUS is Gary Johnson. Over 60 people from Texas were in Vegas. Lee Wrights was with us. He made Texas better, he made the LP better, he made Gary better.

    Closing Statements:

    Mr. Dixon: (holds up letter) — these are my words, I focus on the past, present and future. (holds up letter) these are Tom’s words, he says I’m corrupt. The job of this office is NOT doing this.

    Mr. Glass: We have our liberty, our Constitution and our Country to save. I believe I have the vision to do this. The Republicans have stolen our message, but I’m not giving it up. We need to get from the 2 percent we get now to the 15 or 20 percent that will take us over the top. We need to sell the message and be alert to the buying and selling our candidates. We can go further under me than under Pat.

    Moderator thanks both gentlemen. “They both make me proud to be a Libertarian.”

  12. Joe Buchman Post author

    Voting for chair has begun. (also this hotel has just filled the back of the room with REALLY GOOD brownies!!!! WOW).

  13. Joe Buchman Post author

    Looks like the blondie brownies have won out over the darker chocolate chocolate brownies — only the latter are left on the plates . . .

    LNC Chair Neale reports he, “preferred both of the above” and has had two of the dark chocolate but only one of the blondie brownies because, “the lighter chocolate blondie brownie was twice as big as the dark chocolate chocolate brownie.”

    IPR predicts Chair Neale will be wishing he had chosen “none of the above” or perhaps only one of the above, before bedtime.

    Ballot tabulation for State Chair of Texas (and blondie brownie v dark chocolate brownie brownie preference polling) continues . . .

  14. Joe Buchman Post author

    Treasurer reports — 132 votes cast

    1 write in for Divine Providence
    60 Tom Glass
    69 Pat Dixon
    2 NOTA

    Pat Dixon: Tom, you’ve made me better; you’ve made us better. I make a recommendation, people wearing Pat Dixon badges, take them off. I hardly ever agree with President Obama, but let’s not spike the football. If you take those off, it will help bring us together.

    Motion to limit the nominations for remaining officers in (various ways) passes without objection.

    Tom Glass nominated for vice-chair, accepts.

    Roger Gary nominated for vice-chair.

    Seconding speeches occurring now.

  15. Joe Buchman Post author

    Balloting . . .

    Chair Dixon: “If you don’t know about it, there’re some ‘KICKASS’ brownies back there. I love this hotel.”

    Once again IPR proves prescient. . . .

    Further research indicates a strong dark-chocolate preference by Texas Chair Dixon in the blondie-brownie v. dark-chocolate-brownie battle.

  16. Joe Buchman Post author

    Vice Chair

    Gary 38
    Glass 85
    NOTA 2

    Mr. Glass: We’re going to put the past behind us and work for the future because we’ve got a country to save.

  17. Joe Buchman Post author

    Texas’s Gary Johnson nominated and elected secretary without opposition by unanimous voice vote.


    Mike Burris nominated.

    Ken Stanford nominated.

    Voting . . .

  18. Joe Buchman Post author

    Treasurer totals

    Ken Stanford 41
    Mike Burris 66
    2 NOTA

    State Senate District caucus(s) begin.

    End of LIVE BLOGGING. More reporting from Texas to come later — including an interview with WES BENEDICT (and coverage of his dinner keynote address), Governor Johnson’s meet and greet (and lunch speech tomorrow) and, of course, any other BREAKING NEWS deserving LIVE coverage.

    No Brownies For You

    (Yes. I have had waaaay too many brownies, blondies and despite repeated enthusiastic trials have yet to be able to discern a clear preference. Although I hesitate to say this . . . I’m wishing now I’d chosen none of the above.)

  19. Jill Pyeatt

    Gee, thanks, Joe. I’m on a big diet, but now I can’t stop thinking of brownies.

  20. Starchild

    Joe @18 – “IPR predicts Chair Neale will be wishing he had chosen “none of the above” or perhaps only one of the above, before bedtime.”

    LOL! And from your photo @24, it looks like the choice of the delegates was “all of the above”. 🙂

  21. Roger Gary

    @22 Poor Roger Gary. All the work he has done and he gets squat!

    Thank you for the comment. But I believe just the opposite.

    I have met a great many people, became closer friends with most

    I now have the freedom to fight for freedom in any manner that I chose. I have always prefered behind the scenes work and I can pick and chose those areas.

    Most of my efforts will be building my county organization. We want to become an example that all of Texas and the other states can use as an example of what a small number of people can accomplish. Stay tuned.

    I will have to “put up” or “shut up”. And I strongly prefer the Putting UP.

  22. Charles Lupton

    @Roger Gary,

    Thank you Mr. Gary for all your hard work in the past and for that yet to come. It’s long past time for the various factions in the LP to set their differences aside and work for the betterment and future of the LP.

    Charles Lupton
    Texas Fiance Director
    Gov. Gary Johnson for President 2012

  23. Joe Buchman

    @27 — not sure the delegates could have achieved brownie and blondie brownie victory without my help.


  24. Joe Buchman

    Video of the second phase (with two candidates) of the US Senate debate for the Libertarian Party of Texas nomination is available at:

  25. Mark Axinn

    Has anyone forwarded this material to the Ohio LP to make sure the brownie/blondie issue can be re-visited in Columbus 2014?

  26. Kleptocracy And You

    Congrats to all winners. If more people had Mr. Gary’s attitude and EFFORT the LP would soon be a true PLAYA !!!

    JJM you now have the largest platform you may ever have in your life to promote your LP message. I wish you well. Make yourself available to ALL local media to be heard and you CAN help grow this Party ! Teach TX what the LP is about! All John Jay friends need to send him a Benjamin or two, (at least a Jackson) to help him some on his expenses. I think he will make a good U S Senate LP candidate in TX and campaigns need CASH to succeed !! Give until it feels GOOD !!!


  27. Joe Buchman

    @ 34 — I’m working on typing up interviews with Chair Neale and former Executive Director Wes Benedict. Have photos and notes and not enough time . . . Look for them soon (along with more endorsements from the campaign), probably all to be posted sometime this weekend.

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