RJ Harris: Why I hate political parties

This editorial was posted on RJ Harris’s official facebook page. He is currently running for Congress in Oklahoma.

Why I hate political parties: Leave the OKGOP to promote the heck out of the OKLP and its candidates. Run for LP Presidential nomination and do very well in the process. Endorse the LP nominee after losing to him, as promised, and then continue to do everything in my power to get him elected including contacting the local media to interview him. Run a campaign to sell the LP to voters as a viable option for local and national races. Put all my political credibility on the line to fight for OK ballot access and even appear in court as a plaintiff in the lawsuit…which is still pending…to win that ballot access. But this is still not enough for the OKLP chairman who recently told LP national not to include me as an LP candidate listing on the main LP website and national’s response to this was the decision is the OKLP chair’s to make.

So I guess I am TRULY an INDEPENDENT candidate now or I can pick one of the other major parties and go with one of them and any of you who want to say I am betraying the LP can keep those comments to yourselves because I am not the one doing the betraying here.

NOTE: I stand by my endorsement of Gary Johnson as the LP nominee but I will not continue to endorse a party which refuses to recognize my campaign. Endorsements will be on a candidate by candidate basis regardless of party and based solely on the candidates’ positions on the key liberty issues (Gigi Bowman:). Party affiliation is meaningless. Pick one with ballot access and then fight for your platform till you win or die trying. And do not EVER base an endorsement or a vote only upon a candidate’s party affiliation. This is the information age so we do not need party affiliation to tell us the character and fitness of a candidate. If we want to know those things we can simply read up on the candidate through social media or his/her website.

So what is your vote? Stay Independent? Return to the GOP and try (probably in vain) to get it to live up to its small government constitutional conservative claims? Or move on to the OK Democrat Party which is desperate for candidates to step up in the wake of the devastation caused them by President Obama’s tenure? (course they won’t admit it but he, and the socialism of the national DNC platform, is why there will not be a single OK democrat in the house or senate, Governor’s ,Lt Governor’s or Attorney General’s office come 2013) Might actually be easier to take over the Democrat party with the massive losses it is about to face in 2012.

I truly am at a loss here. I don’t have all the answers. The major parties have so hijacked our democratic process that it seems the only thing left for us to do is just pick one with ballot access and then fight for freedom when you get elected. Positive ideas please, smart ass comments will just be deleted.


RJ Harris is a career Army National Guard Officer having served on three combat tours and one peacekeeping tour. Harris is a former Libertarian Presidential candidate and is currently running for Congress in Oklahoma’s  4th district. His website can be found at http://www.rjharris2012.com/

22 thoughts on “RJ Harris: Why I hate political parties

  1. Dale Sheldon-Hess

    Replace first past the post voting with a consensus-seeking method like approval voting or score voting.

    We have a two-party political system because we have a two-party voting system.

  2. NewFederalist

    “…smart ass comments will just be deleted.”

    Well, I guess that’s it then!

  3. JT

    Harris: “But this is still not enough for the OKLP chairman who recently told LP national not to include me as an LP candidate listing on the main LP website and national’s response to this was the decision is the OKLP chair’s to make.”

    I’d like to know why Chairman doesn’t want Harris listed on the site. I doubt he just did it on a whim, but there’s no stated reason in this post.

  4. Austin Battenberg Post author

    RJ is pro-life, but aside from that he is very libertarian. Granted he ran for Congress in 2010 as a Republican and lost in the primary, (probably because he was in Afghanistan at the time), but he is just as credible as a Libertarian as Gary Johnson. I want to hear OKLP their side of the story.

  5. wolfefan

    I tried to look at the LP Oklahoma website to see if there’s anything there about it, but no luck. FWIW, that website is virtually unreadable. Who puts black type on a navy blue background?

  6. Joe Buchman

    RJ — Our endorsement of your campaign stands. The OKLP’s stance nothwithstanding.


  7. Paulie

    Who is the current LP OK chair? contact info? there have been several changes in leadership lately.

  8. Oranje Mike

    I was just browsing the OKLP site. Not very affective and, for the life of me, I could not even find contact information for the state party.

  9. Mary Lund

    Has that site even been updated? The only list of candidates I see is a list of candidates for the presidential nomination, which was almost two months ago.

    There is a list of officers but no contact info and no way to tell whether it is current.

    There are two candidates listed on the national LP website but they are not on the OKLP site either as far as I can tell.

    Most of the site is dominated by the news that they are not on the ballot. The rest is very cursory and uninformative.

  10. Jill Pyeatt

    I was there yesterday and didn’t get anywhere. I also didn’t get anywhere on the Louisiana site, although that seemed to be a work in progress.

    BTW, is this what the expensive Saratoga program was supposed to address?

  11. Andy

    This really sucks. I hope that RJ doesn’t leave the Libertarian Party permanently just becuase this guy in Oklahoma is being a butthead. I really see no legitimate reason why RJ Harris should not be listed as a Libertarian Party candidate on both the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma website and the Libertarian Party national website.

  12. Andy

    “Austin Battenberg // Jun 27, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    RJ is pro-life, but aside from that he is very libertarian.”

    That position isn’t necessarily an “aside” as many libertarians take the view that life begins at conception, and therefore rights begin at conception, and therefore abortion is the initiation of force and a violation of libertarian principles.

    I know that not every libertarian takes this view, but neither side can really prove its case, so my point here is that this issue should not determine whether or not one is a libertarian.

  13. Austin Battenberg Post author

    So can we get the national website to list him?

    Should we contact him and just tell him that the OKLP is defunct because obviously no one is updating their website?

    I agree that he shouldn’t quit our party. We need more people like him representing us, not less.

    I also agree with what you said about abortion. I think that some people are so passionate about it that they want to shut out anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs. Maybe that isn’t true of libertarians, but it was just a thought I had. Maybe its because of the fact that he ran as a Republican in 2010, but that shouldn’t matter either because Johnson ran as a Republican in 2011.

  14. paulie

    LP National is deferring to the state, which is in my region yet I can’t get a hold of anyone. I will ask Carla for contact info for who she is talking to over there.

  15. Andy

    I’m really disgusted by the way that RJ Harris is being treated here. This guy has busted his butt for the Libertarian Party over the past year or two. The only reason that he’s running as an independent in this election instead of as a Libertarian Party candidate is because the Libertarian Party does not have ballot access in Oklahoma. I’ve spoken to RJ a couple of times and he seems like a great guy. This is truly an injustice.

    Those of us who are outraged over this should do something about it. Perhaps we should call the LP of Oklahoma and LP national and complain. I may get in touch with RJ and let him know that I do not agree with the way he’s being treated here. I encourage others to do the same.

  16. Jill Pyeatt

    Andy, I tried to find some way to contact the OK LP to offer a recommendation for Paulie yesterday, and it doesn’t seem to be an active website. Will the LNC provide contact information on Monday?

  17. Austin Battenberg Post author

    so the national LP defers to the OKLP, but the OKLP doesn’t update their website and wasn’t a part of the nominating process that got Paulie elected as an alternate.

    Maybe this is why we have so much trouble in OK getting ballot access. I understand that the rules are tough in that state, but the LP in the state doesn’t seem to even exist.

  18. Austin Battenberg Post author

    If there was anyway to get in touch with the Johnson campaign so he could step in and say something. As a fellow LP candidate, perhaps he could use some of his influence. Not to mention since Johnson is going around claiming he is going to be in all 50 states he needs to make sure he kicks OKLP in the butt and get them active.

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