Wayne Root: Why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will win big on Tuesday

The article below was published prior to the election.


Unions will lose big and Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker will win big this Tuesday in Wisconsin. Here’s why.

Government employee unions are a real threat to national security, far worse than the unproven fraud called global warming. Government employee pensions threaten our children’s future. They will destroy the American Dream and wipe away our quality of life. America is doomed to follow Europe off the cliff, if we don’t dramatically reform public pensions…today.

Here in my hometown of Las Vegas, we have some of the most clueless, delusional union members in the country. A recent Letter to the Editor to the Las Vegas Review Journal sums up the reason why unions will lose big on Tuesday in Wisconsin. The letter writer decided to comment on all the letters attacking unions in recent days — including complaints about their bloated salaries and obscene pensions.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/05/why-wisconsin-governor-scott-walker-will-win-big-on-tuesday/#ixzz1y7mVezgm

10 thoughts on “Wayne Root: Why Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will win big on Tuesday

  1. Darcy G Richardson

    Was Wayne Allyn Root speaking here for the Libertarian Party or on behalf of the rabidly right-wing, union-loathing Bradley Foundation?

  2. George Phillies

    Walker won small.

    Exit polling speaks:

    He won because many Democrats felt this was an inappropriate use of recall, or do not believe in recall.

    A sixth of Walker voters will support Obama in the fall. Others will support Johnson.

  3. mark hilgenberg

    Why was global warming mentioned? Was he trying to just toss in any right wing talking points he could think of?

    Why not add some golden oldies like “hannoi Jane” or blaming Clinton?

  4. Austin Battenberg

    George, he DID win with a bigger number of votes then he did in 2010. Which means that more people defended him then all the loud activists who wanted his defeat.

    Considering how powerful the unions are, and how vocal their supporters are, I’m pretty surprised. So I would call that a big win.

  5. zapper

    Agreed with @4.

    Walker did win big. Wisconsin endorsed his attempt to curtail wildly overpaid government unionized workers and government workers in general.

    The support for the recall was never as big as it seemed. Wisconsin did not verify the signatures on the recall petitions. It’s likely that a high percentage were ineligible, duplicates and forgeries.

  6. Darcy G. Richardson

    Wayne Allyn Root is a clown, probably glued all day long to the ill-informed austerity peddlers on Fox News — those who’ve never bothered to read a history book — when he isn’t parroting their asinine lines on one of their make-believe talk shows.

  7. Darcy G. Richardson

    @ #5 — Maybe I don’t watch enough Fox News, but most of the mainstream media reported that Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board was granted additional time to verify each and every signature on the recall petitions, eventually clearing the way for a recall election against Gov. Walker.

    The Walker administration accepted the results.

    In all, some 900,939 recall petition signatures against Walker were deemed valid.

  8. Mark Hilgenberg

    @ Darcy #7

    “Maybe I don’t watch enough Fox News”

    LOL, yes, I am in the same boat, not sitting and being fed talking points. It helps to keep the mind clear.

  9. Mike Jones

    I prefer more objective, hard hitting news sources, such as Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the Onion.

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