Conservative Party to Nominate Presidential Ticket Soon, Virgil Goode A Possibility

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However, there is apparently a group of Virgil Goode supporters in New York who are looking to put his name into the nomination process. It is considered a very long-shot chance that Goode would actually win the presidential nomination of the Conservative Party of New York.

10 thoughts on “Conservative Party to Nominate Presidential Ticket Soon, Virgil Goode A Possibility

  1. Gene Berkman

    In 1972 there was an attempt to capture the New York Conservative Party nomination for Congresman John Schmitz, candidate of the American Independent Party.

    The state committee of the Conservative Party voted to nominate Richard Nixon, with 156 votes for Nixon to 38 votes for Schmitz. That was the best showing for a third party challenger seeking the NY Conservative nomination.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I expect that’s better than Goode will do. The activists in charge of this have admitted it’s a long-shot.

  3. Karen Shea

    Does the last line have a mistake? “It is considered a very long-shot chance that Goode would actually win the presidential nomination of the Constitution Party of New York.”

    Should not it say the Conservative Party?

  4. Brian

    What is the source of the information on the movement within the Conservative Party to nominate Goode? Also, isn’t the Good campaign petitioning to get on the ballot in NY?

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    Brian–the sources, both of them, remain anonymous for now.

    However, yes, the Constitution Party is petitioning in NY.

  6. Brian

    Ok Trent. Thanks for the information. Any word on how much support the movement has or whether the activists involved would be willing to help in the petitioning effort?

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    Brian–I don’t know, I can inquire. As for support, I think it’s a VERY longshot.

  8. Gene Berkman

    Another piece of political trivia. When Howard Philips started The US Taxpayers Party in 1992, he did not go after the Conservative Party nomination in New York. Instead he sought the nomination of the Right-to-Life Party, which instead joined with the Conservatives in backing President Bush for re-election.

    Then in 1996, Philips did secure the Right-to-Life nomination in New York, the only time a candidate of his party was able to get on the ballot in New York.

    In 2000 Philips again sought the ballot line of the Right-to-Life Party, but the party instead nominated Pat Buchanan, who was running as the Reform Party candidate. Buchanan also qualified for a line as the “Buchanan Reform” candidate.

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