Constitution Party of Pennsylvania Withdraws Pennsylvania Petition

The Constitution Party of Pennsylvania submitted approximately 35,000 petition signatures in an effort to make the ballot in their state, where the requirement is 20,601 valid petitions. Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania there is a very discriminatory procedure for challenging petitions. The challenge costs nothing to those alleging invalid or insufficient signatures, while it can cost the party attempting to get ballot status tens of thousands of additional extra dollars. Pennsylvania awards attorney costs to the challengers of the petition if they are successful and it seemed like they were likely to. So on August 21st, the Constitution Party’s attorneys withdrew the petition in a deal with the challengers that would ensure they didn’t pay court costs.

Apparently one particular petitioner in Philadelphia had a very low validity rate and very few were passing muster. This has had an effect on the Libertarian Party’s petitions too, as the same petitioner turned in a large number of signatures for that party.

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    see below:

    From: Roy.Minet
    To: roy.minet
    Sent: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 1:14 am
    Subject: Latest PA Ballot Access News


    There was an all-day court hearing today during which the rotten Republicans attempted to invalidate LARGE chunks of our petition signatures by attacking the circulators. They put the circulators, their notary and a handwriting expert on the stand and grilled them. THEY LOST BIG TIME. We lost a tiny number of petitions for technicalities, but the judge ruled that the vast majority were valid. The RRs were shellacked and rocked back on their heels!

    The examination and validation of signatures will continue. We are a little light for Friday, but will be OK. However, we have just begun to schedule for next week and will need to have at least twenty volunteers every day. I am going to schedule the whole week to be safe, but we think we may be able to wrap it up about Wednesday.

    The RRs expected us to cave by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. We were able to build a truly amazing team, starting with an expert, dedicated legal team; but the heart and soul has been you fantastic volunteers that have assembled from far and wide to fight this battle. Because of YOU, we have been able to gain the upper hand. But we need to show up with a full complement on Monday and conduct “business as usual.” I am guessing the RRs may be caught a bit flat-footed at having to continue next week. Clearly, they are draining their piggy bank (however, they do have a fairly big piggy bank).

    You have done so much; and yet I have to ask you to do more. Please email me and let me know if/when I can put you on the schedule for next week. Please talk to anyone interested in ballot access for candidates other than those of the old parties who have colluded to rig the system to exclude their competition and eliminate desperately needed voter choice. Ask them to contact me and volunteer to help next week.

    We must defeat this blatant attempt to bully us off the ballot or they will do it again and again. If we beat them, they will not be so quick to try this the next election. We may even be able to achieve a legal ruling that will change Pennsylvania law and make ballot access easier for everybody in the future.

    Please help. Please volunteer.


  2. JD

    Democracy my foot! I believe Alec Guinness when he said, in his portrayal of Charles the First for the film Cromwell, of democracy: “Democracy sir, was a failed experiment that supposed there are extraordinary capabilities in very ordinary people.”

    This is what happens when republics allow too much democracy. The system becomes corrupted by politicians and parties that care only for power, money and prestige who promise all but deliver nothing. Those entities then use whatever mechanisms available to fully control the system. The build up to WW2 in Europe should have taught us this but we ignored everything that happened, while the corporations and their lackys were taking careful notes. Representative government is dead, the republic is dead. How can any thinking human being of any political persuasian vote for either major party?

  3. NewFederalist

    This is a terrible shame but if the CPPA is not willing to pay the true cost of getting high quality signatures in sufficient quantity to withstand this sort of challenge then I guess they will have to live with the fact that whatever was spent was a total waste. The true test will be how the national party survives the embarrassment of no ballot access in Texas, California, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina and now Pennsylvania. Many other smaller states are also lost but now the question is… will the CP national ticket be on the ballot in enough states to have a theoretical chance of winning in the Electoral College? It might be close.

  4. Deran

    And BAN is reporting that the CP of Oregon has nominated someone entirely different than either the AIP or CP. The far right and the far left in the US have a heck of a time maintinaing party unity! lol.

  5. Trent Hill

    “Texas, California, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina and now Pennsylvania.”

    In 2008 they missed all of those except CA and then broke the vote total record. I suspect they might do so again.

    I suspect they’ll make it in NY, which is electorally rich.

  6. NewFederalist

    Trent… I gain no satisfaction from the lack of success of the CP with regard to ballot drives. The way I count it based on the states where the ticket definitely will NOT appear there are currently 210 electoral votes theoretically off the table. There are another 12 to 15 states where deadlines have yet to pass but the CP has to get most of those to have any chance to win. By the way, the CP national ticket missed California in 2008. The AIP nominated Keyes not Baldwin.

  7. Wimbledon Tennis Fan,_2012#Ballot_access_to_270_or_more_electoral_votes

    Constitution Party

    Virgil Goode, former U.S. congressman, from Virginia;[94] vice-presidential nominee: Jim Clymer from Pennsylvania[95]

    Candidate Ballot Access:[96][88][89][97] Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming – (232 Electoral)

    Write-In Candidate Access: California, Connecticut, DC, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia

    Remaining states where CP is not on and is still petitioning:

    Alabama, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Nebraska

    Any others?

    “On election day, Baldwin was on ballot in 37 states.[33] He was a write-in candidate in eleven additional states including Montana where Ron Paul was listed as the party’s nominee. Baldwin was completely absent from ballots in Oklahoma, North Carolina and the District of Columbia.[1]”

  8. just American

    @9 Constutional literacy can be rather low around these parts, but you are correct that placing in the Top Three in the electoral college could lead to the Presidency.

  9. Don Grundmann

    Deran #4 and New Federalist #6 – ” Party unity ” and ” missing the ticket ” in 2008 were due to an attack by the Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), via their moles, upon the AIP. The current state recognized faction of the AIP is a subsidiary of the SPLC as its controllers, Mark Seidenberg specifically but also Mark Robinson by agreement, are SPLC agents. They filed fake documents with the SOS office, also known as the crime of fraud and documented at, to achieve their takeover of the party. The new Chairman, fake pastor Wiley Drake, is an agent of these same powers which also include the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ) and the ” Establishment ” wing of the Republican Party, also known as ” moderates ” and the current force behind Romney. There is a ton of Republican money behind the attack upon the CP and their agents are well paid for their crimes and criminality. As the website describes Tom Hoefling is also a member of this criminal organization.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

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