LPNY: 25,000 New Yorkers Demand Libertarians on the Ballot

From a media release sent to IPR:

Media Contact: Janet Hopf

Albany, NY—The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 25,000 signatures Tuesday to give New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the major parties.

State Chair Mark Axinn commented, “Once again, the Libertarian Party has amassed enough signatures so that voters can choose true freedom-loving candidates this November. Unlike tax-and-spend Democrats and borrow-and-spend Republicans, only the Libertarian Party candidates will actually slow the growth of government.”

Two-term New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson said, “I’m pleased at the hard work of the New York Libertarians in getting enough signatures for Jim Gray and me to be on New York’s state ballot this November.  Because of their tireless effort the Libertarian Party of New York has given the state’s citizens a third choice with the priorities to balance the budget, create jobs, and restore civil liberties.  With the help of the 80% of voters across the country who want a third choice this November, we can restore fiscal responsibility and social acceptance.”

Other Libertarian candidates on the slate in November because of these petitions include Chis Edes for US Senate, Michael McDermott, Congressional District 3 (Long Island), Autumn Wark, Congressional District 5 (Queens), Dan Halloran, Congressional District 6 (Queens) and Mark Glogowski, Assembly District 139 (Rochester).

Speaking for the 40 year-old Libertarian Party which defends constitutionally limited government, individual freedom, and non-interventionist foreign policy, national committee Chair Geoffrey Neale said, “Twenty-nine electoral votes are at stake along with the chance for 13 million New Yorkers to cast their votes for freedom, an end to our engagement in Afghanistan, an end to needless suffering caused by the inhumane drug prohibition, a balanced budget, and real growth in private sector jobs.”

The Libertarian Party stands for both personal and economic freedom and minimal government at all levels.

10 thoughts on “LPNY: 25,000 New Yorkers Demand Libertarians on the Ballot

  1. Trent Hill

    PSL’s signature total is surprising to me. The CP getting on the ballot would be a coup–and a badly needed one, as their petitioning so far is not going well at all.

  2. paulie

    Yep, CP news continues to be not so good


    LP news – so far so good, no state has definitely failed yet (Oklahoma did, but both the LP lawsuit and the possibility of getting AE line are still live)

    http://www.lp.org/blogs/bruce-majors-on-the-ballot-in-dc which would mean Johnson is on also (I think) since Johnson had more signatures than Majors


    Add Tennessee and West Virginia to the list of state ballots in which Two-Term Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James P. Gray will appear this November.

    Libertarians Johnson and Gray are now on 37 state ballots.

    Petitions were submitted in Minnesota and New York today and are due Friday in Virginia.

    Several other states already submitted and being checked.

  3. Eric Sundwall

    Kudos to Jeff Russell for the final push and compilation. Former LPNY chair Bill McMillen and I were able to help on Sunday and Monday, but Jeff put in the lion’s share at the end.

    Mike McDermott, Autumn Wark and Mark Glogowski candidacies contributed significantly to this drive. US Senate candidate Edes submitted 25 signatures.

    Best of luck all, my prediction is 35-75K for Johnson in NY. With any luck I’m wrong.

  4. Eric Sundwall

    Barr got 22K in 2008. Redlich created a greater and bigger pool of potential votes. Johnson has better range and support. Thus the prediction of 35-75K. There were 250K+ independent votes in 2010 in NY.

  5. Mark Axinn

    Let’s hope Eric is correct.

    I have a much longer list of people to thank than just the ones he mentioned @4, but it starts with Jeff Russell, Eric Sundwall and the entire Capital District (Albany NY) LP chapter for their hard work every two years processing and submitting thousands of pages of petition signatures.

  6. Mark Axinn

    No challenges were received by the State Board of Elections as of Friday afternoon (last day to file general objection), but the statute permits filing by mail so we have to wait a few more days to make sure nothing was postmarked by Friday.

    Almost all of the Constitution Party’s signatures were obtained in the final two weeks of petitioning. No idea as to validity rate, but their organization, unlike the Libertarian Party of New York, was asleep for at least the first half of the petitioning period.

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