Gary Johnson at 17 Percent in West Virginia Poll; 6 and 9 Percent in Two Ohio Local Newspaper Web Polls

The My Daily Register (Point Pleasant, West Virginia) Poll is  HERE  (Gary Johnson at 17  percent at the time this post was written).

Also the My Daily Sentinel (Pomeroy, Ohio) Poll is HERE  (Gary Johnson at 6  percent at the time this post was written).

And the My Daily Tribune (Gallipolis, Ohio) Poll is HERE (Gary Johnson at 9 percent at the time this post was written).



16 thoughts on “Gary Johnson at 17 Percent in West Virginia Poll; 6 and 9 Percent in Two Ohio Local Newspaper Web Polls

  1. Joe Buchman

    “That’s a very good showing, considering the poll was conducted before a single ad buy has been placed,” Johnson spokesman Joe Hunter told Capitol Report New Mexico on Friday (Sept. 14) of a CNN/ORC national poll showing Johnson receiving 4 percent among registered voters. President Obama received 50 percent, Republican nominee Mitt Romney 41 percent and Green Party candidate Jill Stein 2 percent.
    The survey marks the first time that CNN/ORC has included the Libertarian Party candidate in its 2012 presidential national polls. “

  2. Austin Battenberg

    They might be internet polls, but unlike most polls that featured Ron Paul during the primary, you don’t have a website dedicated to a candidate sending out people to go and skew the results.

  3. JT

    Those newspaper Internet polls are worthless because of the self-selecting nature of the polls & the small sample sizes.

    The polling company surveys seem to be more methodically solid, but the margin of error is more than 3%, so it’s possible that Johnson’s support could be significantly lower.

    Regardless, he’s not showing anywhere near the 15% nationally that he needs to get into the TV debates. Those figures have to climb dramatically & very quickly if his plan is going to be realized.

    But measured against my expectation, it’s not bad at all.

  4. Tim in Ohio

    This is my home town and the surrounding area. I can assure you, support for a libertarian candidate is not at 17, 9, or 6%.

  5. Nick Kruse

    Online polls are extremely unreliable. I wouldn’t even call them polls. You got me all excited when I read the article’s headline, only to find out that the worthless “poll” was done on a website where you simply have to click a button for your candidate. I voted in all three of those, and I am not from any of those areas.

  6. George Whitfield

    I voted in them, too. I am from far West Virginia (Seoul, Korea!). Thanks for posting the links.

  7. Trent Hill

    The title needs to be changed. In the future, don’t post about Internet polls. They aren’t news.

  8. Joe Buchman

    Trent — my bad. When I saw they were sponsored by local newspapers, and not partisan-leaning organizations, I gave them more credibility than they (obviously) deserved.

  9. paulie

    Newspapers frequently do these kinds of polls on their websites, as do TV stations etc. It draws traffic and especially repeat traffic, and thus makes them money.

  10. Steven R Linnabary

    I should point out that Pomeroy and Gallipolis are along the Ohio River. All the counties a.25long the river give the LPO 0.25%-.50% of the total vote, whereas the rest of the state is significantly higher.

    Last time I checked the abstracts was in ’06 after our gubernatorial race that year. The river counties were exceptionally low, central Ohio was in the 2%-3% range and the northwest part of the state was around 7%-8%.

    Of course, that was before the LPO had ballot access and our candidate was listed without party affiliation. That same year the Greens (also without party identification) had a candidate in the same race, and his vote total was almost precisely 50% of the LP’s…in EVERY county.


  11. Wes Benedict

    Ton Thacker, WV, in November 2010 election received 10.66% for state Senator. This was the fourth highest for a Libertarian for state legislature, running against both a Republican and Democrat. See page 5 of January of 2011 LP News. Yes, online polls are usually off, but there is a stronger than average Libertarian sentiment at least in one part of WV.

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