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Susquehanna Polling and Research: Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in PA by 2 points (47%-45%), with 3% voting for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson

Real Clear Politics:

To: All Media and Interested Parties
FROM: Jim Lee, President
RE: PA Presidential Statewide Poll Results
DATE: October 8, 2012
Following is a brief overview of our latest statewide poll in the Keystone State conducted October 4
October 6
with 725 likely voters. The poll was taken over the course of three days immediately following the
first televised presidential debate held October 3
. Top line results are included following this overview.
General Overview
 Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in the Keystone State by 2 points (47%-45%), with 3% voting for
Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. This close margin means the race continues to be a virtual dead
heat within the survey’s +/-3.7% margin of error, particularly when compared with our last two surveys
(Obama +2, on behalf of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review released 9/23, and Obama +1, on behalf of the
Republican State Committee, released 9/18). Four percent of voters say they are still undecided in the
current poll. When the undecided voters leaning towards a candidate are factored in (breaking 3:1 for
Romney), the race narrows to a 1-point Obama lead (47-46). Plus, among those who say they have an
“excellent” chance of voting (639 respondents out of 725 likely voters), Romney leads 47-46. These
“excellent” voters combined with 86 respondents who say they have a “good” chance of voting make
up the 725 likely voters sampled, while voters who said their chances of voting were “fair” or “poor”
were disqualified from participation in the interview.

More details here.

Previous polls I saw had PA as solidly Democratic.

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Libertarian Party HQ: Republicans Running Boiler Rooms to Kill Libertarian Vote

Today, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Senior Judge James Gardner Colins is expected to rule on the Republican Party’s final attempt to nullify the Libertarian Party’s hard-won ballot status for 2012.

How did the Republicans try to nullify LP ballot status? They falsely claimed that we falsified thousands of petition signatures.

The truth? According to legal testimony and documents filed with Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, Pennsylvania Republicans hired Reynold Selvaggio, “a private investigator to pose as an FBI officer and visit people who had gathered signatures for the Libertarian Party, offering them $2,000 in exchange for saying in court that the petitions they had gathered were falsified.”

Bribery? Suborning perjury to knock the Libertarian Party off the ballot?

That’s what we’ve been up against. That’s what we have to overcome.

My personal sources in the petitioning community tell me the amounts offered by the fake FBI agent to lie on the stand about petition fraud were actually up to $5,000 or more.

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H/T Steve M at Ballot Access News comments.

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