Pennsylvania Libertarians Claim Enough Valid Signatures

From Dr. Tom Stevens on LP State Chairs List and IPR comments:

20,606 We Win!

Although Judge Colins has not made a final ruling and there are still some motions outstanding and another full day of petition signature reviews scheduled at the Philadelphia Board of Elections for Tuesday, October 9, 2012, at the end of the day on Saturday, October 6, 2012, the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party obtained 20,606 valid signatures (5 more than the 20,601 needed), to place Gary Johnson, Judge Gray and the other statewide candidates endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania on the General Election ballot this November.

Paul A. Rossi, Esq., attorney for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, wrote the following in a private update to key LPPA activists:

“At the close of business today (this evening) the total number of stipulated valid signatures on the Pennsylvania nomination papers for the Libertarian Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates was 20,606 (4 more than needed to place all of your candidates on the Pennsylvania General Election Ballot).”

Dr. Tom Stevens, LPPA State Chair, commented:

“We thought the whole idea of holding an election was to give voters a meaningful choice on Election Day. If the only option people have is to vote for the Democrat or the Republican, I say that is no choice at all! Both major political parties are responsible for our current multi-trillion dollar debt and the out-of-control spending. Even though the Libertarian Party submitted more than enough valid signatures, the Republican Party tried to make us cave by threatening us with potential sanctions, court costs and with paying the fees of the battery of GOP lawyers called in to try to short-circuit the democratic process. With little money and an army of dedicated volunteers, we stood up to the challenge, never once considering capitulation. Now, the voters of Pennsylvania will have a real choice and can vote for candidates who support the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and who will defend our Civil Liberties and every person’s individual right to life, liberty and property – without exception.”

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Libertarians Claim Enough Valid Signatures

  1. NewFederalist

    This is truly outstanding news! Now I can return my absentee ballot knowing that my vote WILL count.

  2. Andy

    “the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party obtained 20,606 valid signatures (5 more than the 20,601 needed)”

    5 signatures over is cutting it pretty damn close. Way too close for comfort in my opinion.

  3. paulie Post author

    They stopped counting (for this purpose, not in general) when they hit the number, but nevertheless Andy is still correct in a general sense.

  4. Dr. Tom Stevens

    They have not stopped counting. On Tuesday, we will have four stations operating to check the remaining 1,000 contested signatures. We need 105 of those to be clear and to survive a GOP motion to claw back 105 stipulated valid signatures they claim their volunteers made a mistake on. Then if we win the date and NRA issues in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, we will have a margin of thousands of valid signatures that will count in our total.

  5. paulie Post author

    That’s what I meant by
    “for this purpose, not in general”

    IE for the purpose of arriving at this figure.

    Sorry if that was not clear.

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