Statement from Lt. Gov. Candidate Cynthia Davis (CP-MO)

Mrs. Davis posted this on the Constitution Party Facebook page:

63,391 people in Missouri want us to have a Constitutional Lt. Gov. This is the highest number of votes I have ever received (and three times the number of votes Randy Constitutional Evangelist Stufflebeam received when he ran statewide in Illinois.) (lol) I was not able to personally speak to all 63, 391, so I know some voted for me just on my reputation, website or the word of a friend on which candidates are worthy of support.

Just to give you a reference point, Sarah Palin only received 51,443 votes when she won the governor’s office in Alaska, so you can say we have exceeded her in the number of people who support me! During her 2008 bid for vice president, many people in Missouri compared me to her, but my husband said I was much better.

Thank you so much for all your help, en

couragement, donations, prayers and emotional sustenance you offered over the 15 month campaign. All of you are a tremendous blessing to me and I am proud to be part of your team. The Republicans are recoiling this morning and studying their losses. They sustained more casualties, spent more money and lost more soldiers than we did. Our culture is in deep trouble. All of those who criticized us for mentioning anything “religious” in are platform are the ones who need to confront what it will be like to live in a godless society.I’m proud of our platform, our people and our presence. Thank you for helping me have a great campaign!

12 thoughts on “Statement from Lt. Gov. Candidate Cynthia Davis (CP-MO)

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak

    It must be pretty disappointing to only get 2.4% of the vote considering she was a state rep for 8 years. And, she came in last place behind the libertarian, who didn’t even bother to put up a website.

    Interestingly, the CP touted Cynthia Davis’ as one of 3 viable ones that had a good shot a winning. Looks like they were off. I wonder if any of their candidates got elected, that would be an interesting thing to find out. Also, the CP should post its best showings, like the Greens and Libs have done.

  2. Trent Hill

    CPers being elected, even locally, is rare. Most office holders I’ve heard them claim is like..15?

  3. Glenn

    The Missouri LP had candidates in 7 statewide races. Six of them received more votes than Cynthia Davis (CP), including the LP member running for Lt. Gov. in her race. The only statewide candidate who didn’t was the LP Presidential ticket. But Gary Johnson did much better getting four times the votes Barr got in 2008.

    This really was a very poor showing for a well known state rep running statewide for the CP.

  4. paulie

    Another reason it was silly for them to claim to be the third largest party, even when they had control of the AIP in California with its large number of (mostly confused) registered voters. I would say it is clearly LP, GP and CP, in that order, when you examine all the different measures of support together.

  5. NewFederalist

    She did try to put a positive spin on her results. I just wonder what a loss like this will do to the CPMO. I know they are a hard working group and perhaps the best organized of any CP state affiliates. Time will tell.

  6. Cody Quirk

    Trent, you do know that the Nevada IAP elected a non-partisan candidate out in Baker during our State Primary, right?

    I believe Red did a IPR article on it months ago.

  7. Steven Wilson

    I would add to this line that she is more nutball than Todd Massengill For US Senate here in Missouri. She is the one who believes in starvation as motivation to help people to work. She is a real charmer. Puke!!

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