Adrian Wyllie Announces Run for Florida Governor as LP candidate: One of the First to Do So

On January 10, 2013, Florida Libertarian Party chairman Adrian Wyllie officially filed as a candidate for the office of Florida Governor in 2014. He became one of the first Libertarian candidates who have announced they are running for public office in next year’s November elections.

According to the entry on, Wyllie discovered he was a libertarian when someone handed him the famous “World’s Smallest Political Quiz” when he was 21 years old. He joined the LP soon thereafter. He previously has made one run for city commisioner. Recently, he had served as the media director for Alex Snitker, the first Libertarian to appear on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Florida history. Snitker received 24,850 votes, or 0.46%. Since May of 2011, Wyllie has served as the Florida LP chairman.

Wyllie had a few words to say about his campaign:

“One of my highest priorities is going to be upholding the 10th Amendment, and rejecting any unconstitutional federal mandates or laws on the state level. I think one of our biggest problems is the assault on our economic freedom and our individual liberty coming from the federal government right now…

“One of the major issues I’m going to be promoting is an intrastate commerce act in Florida. It would mean that any good manufactured and sold within the state of Florida — and that applies to everything from food to firearms to marijuana — would be exempt from any federal oversight whatsoever. I also plan to introduce a competing currencies act that would help protect against reckless Federal Reserve policy.”

Wyllie has also stated that his goal is to raise $30,000 by May of this year, in order to do  “true statewide mailing to libertarians and independents throughout Florida” and to “compete as closely to a level playing field with the Republican and Democrat as possible.”

Two other Libertarian candidates that have announced they are running in 2014 are Matthew Hess and Gigi Bowman. Hess is running for Colorado governor, while Bowman, the founder of, is running for New York State Senate in District 5.

To read the full article about the race, please go to the link below:

Wyllie’s campaign website:

UPDATE FEBRUARY 9TH: Apparently political operative, Gary Johnson consultant and former self-described “GOP hitman” Roger Stone is also considering entry into the Floridan gubernatorial race as an LP candidate. If he decides to do so, this will warrant a primary for the LP, a likely first in the state party’s history.

10 thoughts on “Adrian Wyllie Announces Run for Florida Governor as LP candidate: One of the First to Do So

  1. Rob

    This blog came out the same day that National Review did a piece on Roger Stone thinking about jumping in the contest as a Libertarian. Since Mr. Wyllie entered the race A MONTH AGO, perhaps this could have been mentioned. As such, it comes off as a desperate “I’m running too!” article. That’s too bad. Adrian Wyllie has been working hard for the LP in Florida.

  2. Q2Q

    John Wayne Smith has already filed the paperwork to run for the LP gubernatorial nomination in Florida and the infamous Roger Stone is also mulling an LP run for Governor. We have a LP primary in FL, FINALLY!!!

  3. Richard Winger

    There are three other statewide partisan races in Florida in 2014. Is anyone in the Libertarian Party recruiting someone to run for one of them? The offices are Chief Financial Officer, Attorney General, and Agriculture Commissioner. Also someone has to run for Lieutenant Governor.

  4. give-me-liberty

    This is old news, he announced about a month ago. This article also fails to mention Roger Stone having recently expressed interest.

  5. give-me-liberty

    I agree with Mr. Winger. Wyllie, Stone et al should get together and decide who will run for what, it would be nice to have a full statewide ticket.

  6. Mark Axinn

    Adrian forfeited his driver’s license a couple of years ago, then made a great youtube driving and telling the cops he did not have a license. They refused to arrest him.

    Best line: “What do you have to do to get busted in this state?”

    Go Adrian!

    BTW, we will have several potential candidates in New York 2014. Chris Edes has already declared for Governor and at least two others are thinking about it.

  7. LPF continues to fail

    Just want to say this wouldn’t be the first LPF primary. Franklin Perez won a primary in 2010 in his bid to run for State House. However the LPF would rather bury Franklin every chance they get

  8. Q2Q

    Well, this will be the LPF’s first statewide primary, which will be a good thing for the party.

    Adrian Wyllie is an idiot and should not be nominated. He removed a state Treasurer that was a qualified CPA, replaced him with a crony. That Treasurer has been fined by the state for failing to file Quarterly reports (he filed them with the FEC, not the state). Seriously, Adrian lacks the judgement to be the gubernatorial nominee.

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