Jill Stein: Why a big win in Madison is a big win for us all

Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party presidential nominee. The following is from Green Party Watch.

When Cheri and I ran for office last year, one of our main goals was to build the Green Party and to inspire new leaders to run for office as Greens. Great news! We are succeeding.

With at least eight candidates for office, Greens can gain a significant hold in Wisconsin’s capital city in elections these next two months. Two Greens are running for the Madison school board, at least six are competing for seats on the Madison city council, and the ranks of these endorsed Green Party candidates may soon be joined by several others.

What does this mean for Greens across the United States? Victories in Madison’s elections will show others what can be done. Your support right now can help make Madison an inspiration for Greens everywhere.

One of the leading candidates is Sarah Manski, a teacher and businesswoman running for school board. She has already won the endorsements of elected officials ranging from school board members to Madison’s mayor, county officials, and progressives in the state legislature.

Sarah’s campaign is coordinating activities with other Greens and progressives running for office, and is raising money to hire a campaign manager for this effort.

I urge you to donate right now to Sarah’s campaign. Raising just $5,000 will put a skilled organizer on the ground in Madison from now through the April election.

Sarah’s Green running mate in this election is anti-poverty activist Dean Loumos.

Our Green candidates for the city council include neighborhood leader Ledell Zellers (District 2), environmental advocate Barbara Davis (District 3), student activist Christian Hansen (District 8), community activist Leslie Peterson(District 12), student leader Damon Terrell (District 13), and progressive business owner Hawk Sullivan (District 15). The local Green Party expects to make additional endorsements in the coming weeks.

These candidates need support and coordination. Your donation right now will make the difference. Help Sarah Manski raise the $5,000 she needs to hire staff. Let’s win in Madison so that we can build our momentum and repair this country.

  ~ Dr. Jill Stein

p.s. – Scott Walker and his corporate backers are again on the attack against Wisconsin’s schools and cities. Imagine the impact of electing strong Greens to local office in Madison, where they can push back. We all need Wisconsin to win this struggle, and of course, Greens will be right in the middle of it. Please donate now.

One thought on “Jill Stein: Why a big win in Madison is a big win for us all

  1. Nick

    I wish the Greens luck. Minor Parties hold a lot of local seats. My party, Reform, currently holds three. I know the Greens and Libertarians together hold close to 200.

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