Missouri LP Choses Bill Slantz to be Nominee for U.S. Congress in 8th District Special Election

Missouri is holding a special election to fill a vacant U.S. House seat in the 8th district on June 4th. On February 9th, the Libertarian Party held a nominating convention at a courthouse in Benton to choose its nominee. The LP unanimously chose Bill Slantz. On the same day, the Republican Party nominated Jason Smith while the Democrats have not yet picked a candidate. At this point it is not known if the Constitution Party of Missouri, a strong state affiliate, will nominate anyone for the seat.

Bill Slantz was unopposed because another candidate, Jason Williams, dropped out of the nomination contest two days prior to the meeting. ┬áRick Vandevan, the Missouri LP 8th district committee chairman, a congressional candidate in the same district in 2012, said the following about Slantz’s nomination:

“The district’s huge, it covers 30 counties. So we have to find people willing to help us and help Bill [Slantz].”

Vandevan received 3.5% of the vote in 2012. However, he believes that Slantz is gaining momentum for his campaign, especially among young voters, and that he will achieve a better result than he did.

Slantz is an entrepreneur who runs a company that provides consulting services to radio and television broadcasters nationwide. He is considered a foremost export on music performance rights in the U.S. In 2012, he was the LP candidate in Missouri’s second congressional district, a four-way race in which he came in 3rd, receiving 2.3% of the vote. Slantz said that he incorporates “the best” of both the Democratic and Republican parties. He further elaborated on this key campaign tenet of his:

“It is our [the government’s] responsibility to find a common ground. Think of it like a relationship with a friend; you don’t agree on everything, but you find ways to get along and work together.”

Bill Slantz’s campaign website is below:


4 thoughts on “Missouri LP Choses Bill Slantz to be Nominee for U.S. Congress in 8th District Special Election

  1. Glenn

    Minor correction.

    Dr. Cisse Spragins is the Missouri LP Chairman.

    Rick Vandeven was the Chairman of the 8th Congressional District LP Committee which nominated Bill Slantz as the candidate for the special election to fill the vacant seat.


    With a mostly rural district including 30 counties, there are surely multiple smaller media outlets throughout the district (radio and newspapers). A great amount of FREE media for Bill Slantz ! Hopefully Slantz will take advantage of each of them. Run to WIN.

    The LP has the fairest most just and sane SOLUTIONS to the problems that face us and the world. All LP candidates MUST share these solutions with the masses each and every chance they have. Attempt to overcome less funds with more free media. Time matters, the world needs the LP Solution now !

    TANSTAAFL ! No one owes you a living! You are RESPONSIBLE for yourself, your spouse and all offsprings you bring into this world. First and foremost, then your extended family next and then, if you freely choose, help society ! No free lunches, someone payes and it’s time each and everyone learns the TRUTH.

    Get the LP message out. Cheap road/yard signs are one of the best ways to get name id for alternative candidates at low cost. Well placed road signs will be seen by hundreds of thousands of voters! The problem is keeping the signs UP until election day. Place the signs higher than anyone can normally reach. I.E. take along a step ladder when placing signs and place them high !! Get the LP message and Bill Slantz’ name out !!!

    Carpe Diem – and always RUN to WIN……

    Any word on who will be the LPNY Gov. candidate for ’14 ? That is a ballot access race and should be a major TARGET for all LP lovers and activists. (A penny saved is a penny earned – Ben Franklin)

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