Free & Equal Fighting Against Top Two Primary System

Top Two: The Biggest Threat to the Electoral System: Benn Swan Interviews Christina Tobin

You’d think the political controllers would be happy and content with the advantages they’ve built into the electoral system they’ve crafted for themselves.

They have made the rules, they control a large part of the media and you’d think (or at least hope) that they’d sit back and relax for a bit.

The truth is the big money overlords of the two-party system are never satisfied and in 2012 nothing was more evident of their tenacious drive to lock up power then the “Top Two” initiative in Arizona.

Top Two is a system where you only get to vote for the top two primary vote getters. It’s a system where incumbents never (or rarely) lose. For example, in Louisiana where To Two is the law, after 30 years of only one incumbent has ever lost.

The good news is Top Two crashed and burned in Arizona in 2012. It went up in flames thanks to your efforts and the efforts of honest journalists like Ben Swann who helped us get the word out and expose Top Two for what it really was! A charade!

I appeared on Ben’s show before the election and had the opportunity to talk about Top Two and expose the threat it was to the electoral system on a national stage.

Today Ben shared the video from that show with me and as I watched, it became obvious that Top Two was more then a bad idea, it was evidence of the insatiable gluttony the elite have for control and the fact that they’ll never give up. They’ll never stop!

What they don’t know is that we’ll never stop either.

So take a moment now to watch the very brief but powerful video interview with Ben Swannand know that if Top Two pops its head up in 2014 we’ll be there.


Christina Tobin

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4 thoughts on “Free & Equal Fighting Against Top Two Primary System

  1. Be Rational

    It is the intent and the reality of “top-two” that it will lead to a one-party state just as in the old USSR.

    And in a one-party state, where the “Top-two” party is the only party allowed to have a primary, the only party allowed to place candidates on the ballot, and the only party to appear on the General Election ballot in November, it is only a small step to eliminating as many of those pesky second place candidates as possible. Thus, in California, bills have already been introduced to eliminate many of the second-place finishers, so that the voters in November will only have one name on the ballot, with no write-ins allowed.

    “Just vote for the choice we give you, Comrade. Who needs free elections when you can all be members of the “Top-two” party.”

    “Top-two” or top one, it’s all the same for the power elite behind this evil power grab.

    All hail the one-party system called “top-two.”

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