Results Compiled For All Constitution Party Candidates in the 2012 Elections

Below are the results for every single known Constitution Party candidate who ran in the November 2012 general election for any office, be it local, legislative, statewide, or federal.


8 thoughts on “Results Compiled For All Constitution Party Candidates in the 2012 Elections

  1. Richard Winger

    Here are some 2012 Constitution Party candidates who are not on the list so far: Michigan state house, district 16, Harold Dunn; district 73, Ted Gerrard; also the 8 candidates on the ballot for statewide partisan educational posts.

    In Mississippi, Jim Bourland for US House, district one.

    In Pennsylvania, James W. Barr for state house, district 20.

    The list has Kevin Hayes for North Carolina legislature, but he was on the ballot as a Libertarian Party nominee. I know he is loyal in his heart to the Constitution Party, but if the list shows candidates who ran under another party label, that diminishes the usefulness of the list.

    The list has some West Virginia candidates but omits their vote totals. The total for Rick Bartlett for Delegate 52nd district is 965. The write-in total for Jeff Becker for US Senate is 52. For Lou Manley for US House #1, 35 votes. For Jerry Franklin for US House #2, 36 votes.

  2. Freddy Mack

    I noticed your other two records articles you included LP and Greens, I would be interested how these results compared with those two parties.

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