Third Party Records for U.S. Senate, Governor and U.S. House Compiled

The following is  a document showing the best showings percentage wise by the Libertarian Party, Green Party and Constitution Party for U.S. Senate races, gubernatorial races and U.S. House races. For U.S. Senate and gubernatorial elections, the top 3 candidates for each respective party are listed, while for U.S. House only the top percentage scorer for each party is listed. The document is below:

The Third-Party-Records-for-Senate-Governor-and-House

8 thoughts on “Third Party Records for U.S. Senate, Governor and U.S. House Compiled

  1. Gene Berkman

    In the listings of record vote totals for Constitution Party candidates for Governor, Peg Luksik received 12.84 % – 460,269 votes in 1994, not 1998.

    The other listing of votes for Peg Luksik in 1998 is correct – 10.44% – 315,761 votes.

  2. Richard Winger

    Krzysztof, your Libertarian gubernatorial list has a candidate who got 4.88% in New Hampshire, but it doesn’t list Ed Clark who got 5.46% for Governor of California in 1978, and it doesn’t have Sam Steiger, who got 5.05% for Governor of Arizona in 1982. You should work with me. I don’t have any contact information for you, but I hope you will phone me at 415-922-9779, or e-mail me at

  3. Green Party Voter

    The Independent Green Party had a series of candidates, who performed exceptionally well.

    Brad Blanton in Virginia’s 7th congressional district received about 25 per cent in 2004.

    Col Albert Burckhard in the 4th District received almost 26% in the same year for the Independent Green Party.

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