Videos of Pennsylvania Libertarian Workshop

Here is video of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Workshop, which went on despite the original venue catching fire just before the event began.

There was quite a bit of discussion here on IPR re: the planning of this event.

What’s Going On with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania?

4 thoughts on “Videos of Pennsylvania Libertarian Workshop

  1. James Babb

    Thanks for sharing this “controversial” content. Disclaimer: some of the accusations are true. I voted for nobody last year. Also, Steve has a Campaign for Liberty t-shirt. However, aleged connections with the Amish mafia hit men are somewhat exaggerated.

  2. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    LOL, James. I’m glad the event went well.

    I didn’t realize until just now when I went to post the first LP article, that it hit 500 comments. Wow!
    I don’t think that has happened since Root left the LP.

  3. Mark Axinn

    Yes, but how many were Ed and me trading suggestions for places to eat on 80? -:)

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