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American Freedom Party Launches Weekly Radio Show

The American Freedom Party (formerly called the American Third Position) is a small political party founded in January 2010 that promotes white nationalism. On April 6th, the party launched its own radio show, the American Freedom Party Report. The host is David Duke protege and AFP membership coordinator Jamie Kelso. The show will air every Saturday on the Republic Broadcasting Network ( from 9 PM to 10 PM CST.

The following is a description of the show, taken from the “Programs & Hosts” page on

Host(s):James Kelso
Call In Number: 800-313-9443
Show Time: Saturday 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST

Every week host James Kelso brings you the latest news from the American Freedom Party. Mr. Kelso brings to the microphone American Freedom Party candidates including 2012 presidential candidate Merlin Miller and fellow AFP directors including Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, Dr. Virginia Abernethy, Executive Director Don Wassall, and Chairman William Johnson. The American Freedom Party is unique as the only national political party explicitly working for the preservation of European American heritage.

Also, below is a description of the show’s host, taken from the  American Freedom Party’s website:

Jamie Kelso is our membership coordinator. Kelso was born in New York City to parents from Nebraska and Missouri of Scottish and German ancestry. He is an Eagle Scout and member of MENSA. He ran for Congress as an Independent in the 5th Congressional District of Missouri in 1976.

He is a former member of the John Birch Society. He is an artist and musician, working in painting, etching, and engraving, and has sung tenor leads in opera, musicals, and lieder.

About Post Author

Krzysztof Lesiak

I've been a contributor for IPR since January 2013. I consider myself to be a paleoconservative. I'm also the founder of American Third Party Report. Email me at


  1. paulie paulie April 9, 2013

    Sieg Heil!

    Slava Rossyi!*


    (*means “Glory to Russia!”…the slogan of Russian racists, fascists and neo-nazis)

  2. Dennis Dennis April 9, 2013

    I think klorox bleach should take out ads during the show. “nothing keeps sheets white like klorox!” 😉 can’t show up to the cross burning looking dirty.

  3. paulie paulie April 9, 2013


    Is there a way to make white sheets white again? My husband and I got some white sheets after we received a duvet and duvet cover for free (air miles reward item). I’ve been washing the sheets in hot water and bleach, followed by a cold water and Tide wash. The bleach smell bothers my husband, so that’s why I wash them twice. The fitted sheet is not really white anymore. You can see where we’ve been laying on it, and there’s a tinge to the sheet. I wonder if there’s anything out there to make them completely white again besides fabric dyes? — Tisha, Canada


    You can try pretreating the tinged sections with Dawn dish liquid. Rinse, add 1 cup of lemon-scented ammonia to your washing machine, and launder as usual. Hang it outside in the sun. If it’s still not white, try Mrs. Stewart’s bluing (, and rewash and hang outside in the sun. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle (specifically the mixing of the bluing and water beforehand). It might be too late for your sheets, but in the future when you get new sheets, you’ll need to wash your sheets frequently (not that you’re not, but increase the frequency) and follow the above suggestions. I know you said you didn’t want to use fabric dyes, but in case any readers would like to try it, RIT does have a whitewash dye available that works well on whites.

  4. johnO johnO April 9, 2013

    Isn’t David Duke in Russia? Or is it Iran? Either way I hope he’s not here.

  5. Ross Ross April 9, 2013

    @paulie Sounds like a good national Russian slogan to me. Thank you!

  6. Ross Ross April 9, 2013

    @johnO Why are you mentioning David Duke? Do you like him?

  7. Ross Ross April 9, 2013

    @paulie You should try hydrogen peroxide with the bleach. You can lighten your ugly face.

  8. Krzysztof Lesiak Krzysztof Lesiak Post author | April 9, 2013

    Ross, he said he hopes Duke’s not in the US. That infers that he is not a fan of America’s most (in)famous white nationalist.

  9. Oranje Mike Oranje Mike April 10, 2013

    If I had millions, I would wager millions that David Duke will have no political success by 2020, let alone being a “serious Presidential contender”.

  10. Gotham Crimefighter Gotham Crimefighter April 10, 2013

    That’s what they said about Reagan, too.

  11. Nick Nick April 10, 2013

    With the way people’s opinions break down here in the USA, the American Freedom Party has a slim chance of gainning any legitamate offices. I’m not ruling them out entirely, because there’s a few areas scattered throughout where one or two of them might win something locally – but I doubt it.

  12. Dennis Dennis April 10, 2013

    I believe one of the stipulations of Duke’s being released from prison was he would not launch any future electoral campaigns, namely because he was caught pocketing the contributions from one of his previous endeavors.

  13. Rod Stern Rod Stern April 28, 2013

    For anyone who comes across this later @10 refers to a comment that has been removed, which also said Duke is back in Louisiana and would be a “serious contender for president” with Tea Party support. The comment included some racial slurs, which is why it got taken down.

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