Green Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings



Statement on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

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[The following statement on the Boston Marathon tragedy was issued on behalf of the Green Party’s Massachusetts affiliate by the state co-chairs, Jill Stein and John Andrews.]

April 20, 2013

John Andrews, Tel. 781-862-6498

The terrible events that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon and in the following days have deeply impacted us all, and on behalf of the Green-Rainbow Party we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the hundreds of innocent people whose lives have been scarred by these events.

The spirit of the Boston Marathon is that it welcomes visitors from all lands to Massachusetts, to celebrate not just athletic achievement, but to honor all those who tackle the 26-mile course, whether old or young, male or female, able-bodied or handicapped, gay or straight, Christian or Muslim or other religion, whether from the United States, or Kenya, or Ethiopia, or Germany, or Russia, or any other nation in the world. It is this celebration of the worth of all people that truly makes the Boston Marathon special. We join with the people of Boston and Massachusetts in affirming that while despicable acts may shatter the peace momentarily, we will not let such acts destroy the global community spirit that the Boston Marathon embodies.

Even as we strive to attend to the injured and to prosecute those responsible for criminal acts, we affirm our commitment to breaking the cycle of violence and retribution that feeds upon such tragedies. What we experienced in Boston is sadly familiar in many places in the world where innocent people continue to fall victim to explosive devices, drone strikes, artillery barrages, and other forms of brutality . We must as a people stand united in the cause of peace and respect for human life, knowing that the best possible answer to the purveyors of violence is not more violence, but our determination to stand firm in honor of our common humanity.

– Jill Stein and John Andrews, Co-chairs
Green-Rainbow Party

10 thoughts on “Green Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. Dave Terry

    ” We join with the people of Boston and Massachusetts in affirming that while despicable acts may shatter the peace momentarily, we will not let such acts destroy the global community spirit that the Boston Marathon embodies.”

    Yes, we all agree! BUT aren’t we going to try to prevent a recurrence of this by banning the possession of electrical wiring, electrical timers, ball bearings and black powder explosives?

  2. Deran

    We’ll,. you have to give the GPMA credit for making a reasoined statement and not going all crazyland like the LP PA who called for everyone to be armed and that if everyone was armed at all times they could have “arrested” any and all people who looked suspicious.

    And unlike our bozo comrade Dave Terry, the GP MA did not try to politicize the Boston crimes for their own ends.

  3. Alan Pyeatt

    Kudos to Ms. Stein and Mr. Andrews for their statement. I wish my colleagues in the LP would do more of this.

    As for the LP PA, there have been several disruptive events and elements within the LP in recent years. My own belief is that we have been the target of infiltrators who want to prevent us from achieving our goals. That would be a perfectly rational response by those entities who would stand to lose billions of dollars in government contracts, corporate welfare, and regulatory capture.

    Anyone who knows the history of the Black Panthers or the American Indian Movement will recognize this as a standard procedure which the FBI has used in countless COINTELPRO operations. In fact, Saul Alinsky tried to warn us that ANY group that tries to achieve social or political change will be subject to infiltration by agent provocateurs to cause internal dissent and ruin the group’s reputation.

    Unfortunately, it appears that such an attack may have occurred in PA. NV also appears to be involved in something similar.

    The good news is that those who want to derail us from our mission are finding it harder to do than they expected, and they have been rebuffed in several instances.

  4. Rod Stern

    Well done Greens! You hit the nail on the head with this one.

    David Terry is off track; Greens are split on the gun “control” issue, many are in favor of individual gun ownership rights.

    The “LP PA” reference is to an article by Steve Scheetz, a candidate for PA chair, not the LPPA official organization at present. He does not strike me as any kind of “infiltrator” …although we can never know who is or isn’t one.

  5. Steve Scheetz

    “going all crazyland like the LP PA who called for everyone to be armed and that if everyone was armed at all times they could have “arrested” any and all people who looked suspicious.”

    First of all, it was not the LPPA who issued the statement, it was me. Secondly, in my essay, I described why it was that this would not have happened in Switzerland.

    What we have had in the United States was freedom, which had been taken for granted for so long that people forgot what it takes to keep a land free. Free from invaders, free from tyranny, etc.

    The problem is that freedom requires work. It requires people willing to take ownership of their own security, and the security of their neighbors. Imagine if only half a dozen well trained citizens were on that street watching the two bombers place their backpacks and leave them in a hurry…

    It is obvious that we did not have enough police. In fact, in a nation at peace, when all that is required is to solve the issues within the free state, a police force might be able to stand a chance at functioning, it if it is run properly.

    However, those of you who are shocked at the very idea of training citizens to be civil defenders seem to have a lack of understanding regarding world politics in the current era. There are people who wish to harm the United States based on actions taken by the United States government, and a variety of other issues too numerous to bother listing..

    You can sit, pray, and worry about what will be happening next, you can sit and listen to people like Mayor Bloomberg as he suggests that we need to give more power to the government, give up more of our rights, and then we will all be safe.

    I offer the DMV. The same organization that has given us the Department of Motor Vehicles is telling us to entrust the safety of our children, our homes, our lives to them.

    I believe in self-ownership. A Moral People can handle their own safety and their own security much better, much more efficiently, and with a great deal more motivation than can a government employee.

    So before you continue to pass judgement on the LPPA, remember, it was MY essay. Also, please be sure to actually read what I wrote before inserting things that were never there in the first place. It helps your credibility when you can accurately quote something.


    Steve Scheetz

  6. Steve Scheetz

    Thank you. I agree that the Green Party message has good points. Speaking of drone strikes, I will be joining members of the Green Party, this Saturday in Horsham Pennsylvania, where our government is placing a drone command center…. joining in the protest will be people from all over the political spectrum, with a wide variety of political philosophies. anyone in the south east corner of Pennsylvania who is unsure of the details, feel free to message me off list.


    Steve Scheetz

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    SS @ 7: That sounds like an excellent event! I’m convinced that joining non- partisan events for common issues such as drones is the best way to recruit more Libertarians. Many of the people there are libertarians, but just haven’t realized it yet. I hope local media shows up.

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