Independent and Third Party News And Views (ITPNV) Closes Doors

Dear readers and visitors,

Because of the heavy demand of having to constantly cover and report on third party and politically independent topics and events, and also because of political activities that even I myself am involved in, which take a lot of my time away from reporting the news, and coupling with the inactivity from a few of the contributors of this site- Independent Third Party News & Views will no longer be actively posting news items and editorials for the time being, and may be taken down completely at a later date, since again, there are too many matters which take up my time, and the pressure to keep up with the constant posting is simply too much for me, at the moment.

Thank you for your views, comments, and for the ‘likes’ on our facebook page too, please look for me as a contributing writer on Hammer of Truth -which will from now on be my source of reporting on particular items and sharing my thoughts and opinions online. 


Cody Quirk,
Editor & Owner,
Independent Third Party News & Views

4 thoughts on “Independent and Third Party News And Views (ITPNV) Closes Doors

  1. Cody Quirk

    Yes, with the CCTUC and other matters I must attend to currently, I simply can’t keep up 🙁

    Besides, with people like Krzysztof and paulie around- third party news will never be in danger of going unreported. Plus I’ll still be able to piss off my critics and enemies on Hammer of Truth and on many blogs and comments sections, including here.

  2. Rod Stern

    It’s good to have some other sites out there. Too bad they all seem to fall by the wayside.

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