Green Shadow Cabinet resists drones in Empire State

RELEASE: Green Shadow Cabinet resists drones in Empire State 
Thursday, April 25, 2013


(SYRAC– USE) Members of the newly formed Green Shadow Cabinet, an independent voice in U.S. politics representing the views of super majorities of the American people that are ignored by the corporate duopoly, will be participating in this weekend’s anti-drones convergence in Syracuse NY called “Resisting Drones, Global War and Empire,” April 26th – 28th. This event has also been endorsed by the Green Party of New York State, and many local Green Party members will be in attendance.

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the 2012 Green Party presidential and vice-presidential nominees, marked Earth Day by announcing a new Green Shadow Cabinet that will serve as an independent voice in U.S. politics, putting the needs of people and protection of the planet ahead of profits for big corporations. The Cabinet will operate in the tradition of shadow cabinets in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Mexico, responding to actions of the government in office and demonstrating that another government is possible.

“Communities of low income people and people of color know that whatever use local law enforcement may have in mind for drones, we’ll know first,” said Leesa George Friday, Chair of the Commission on Community Power in the Green Shadow Cabinet. “Concerns are high; not because of the surveillance – our communities know unwarranted scrutiny and aggressive policing – but now those same communities may have to contend with drones that need not be limited to surveillance only. They could be equipped with rubber bullets or ‘non-lethal; weapons. It’s bad enough that many low income children have to live under regular surveillance, random frisks, and searches.” Ms. Friday is a leading national campaigner for community control over drones.

At least six Green Shadow Cabinet members will be in Syracuse this coming weekend for three days of anti-war activites. Two Green Shadow Cabinet members are from Syracuse, Howie Hawkins (Vice Chair, Full Employment Council) and Suren Moodliar (Director, Global Democracy Programs).

The following Green Shadow Cabinet members will be in Syracuse this weekend:

Margaret Flowers, Secretary of Health

Bruce Gagnon, Secretary of Space

Howie Hawkins, Vice Chair, Full Employment Council

David Swanson, Secretary of Peace

Ann Wright, Secretary of State

Kevin Zeese, Attorney General

Resisting Drones, Global War and Empire – April 26-28 Syracuse NY

Syracuse, NY is the home of Hancock Field and the 174th attack wing, an Airforce base from which drones are piloted over Afghanistan and Pakistan. Activists with the Upstate Drone Action have been educating and agitating to expose the presence of the Reaper Drone in Syracuse since 2009. The anti-drones convergence in Syracuse this weekend will feature three days of networking, movement building, and protest. Friday and Saturday there will be workshops and the weekend culminates on Sunday with a rally and march to protest the drones at Hancock Field coordinated by the Syracuse Peace Council (

For the full schedule of events:

Registration for the convergence:

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, “Anti-Drone Movement Grows: Ethics, Legality and Effectiveness of Drone Killings Doubted,” April 24, 2013,…

For website and complete member list and profiles of the GREEN SHADOW CABINET:

16 thoughts on “Green Shadow Cabinet resists drones in Empire State

  1. Stewart Flood

    Wow…what egos! Shadow Cabinets…Shadow Governments…anyone who thinks this serves any purpose other than to make the general public think you’re nuts is…nuts!

  2. Dennis

    This is silly. It’s like playing Dungeons and Dragons—you may be the Dungeon Master in-game but that doesn’t translate to influence in life.

  3. Sam Kress

    It’s actually a great idea, and part of a long standing tradition around the world. The LP used to do this and I think should again. Gives lots of go-to people for press releases, events, speeches, media appearances, etc., all coordinated. Would be good to tie it in with a professional scheduler/publicist.

  4. Deran

    Indeed, “shadow cabinets” etc as a means of getting the party’s ideas in to the media are a long tradition in the USA.

  5. Stewart Flood

    But the media ignores “third parties”, so why do we keep doing things that the general public will view as silly?

    I understand that it is a long standing tradition, but our long standing traditions haven’t been working.

  6. Sam Kress

    Working defined as what? Can it single handedly overcome the massive media bias against non-establishment viewpoints – of course not. Does it help make inroads? Yes. A list of go to experts to quote in press releases and position papers, line up speaking engagements and media appearances for, etc., helps. That’s exactly what alt parties should be doing.

    If you oppose doing anything that won’t change the game overnight, you should oppose pretty much anything we do or try. It’s all incremental; frustrating as it is that’s what we have to deal with.

  7. Scott West

    Having on-point specialists discussing topics the government actually engages in seems to be a smart idea. If you’re going to comment on national goings on at all, then getting organized makes sense. Calling it a “shadow cabinet” is over-egging it, but only if you’re familiar with the parliamentary usage. The term can be re-purposed over here.

  8. Stewart Flood

    No, I’m saying that any benefit from exposure to the media is offset by public opinion.

    And to @9…you are correct: the name is the problem. It looks like they have huge egos. I’m not sure what you’d call it, but it seems like there would be a name that would work and not sound egotistical.

  9. Mark Axinn

    If calling it “shadow government” sounds like a publicity stunt, then I say “Great! I hope the GP gets lots and lots of publicity from this.”

    We used lots of guerrilla warfare tactics in Manhattan LP over the last decade, including protesting the Republican Convention in Central Park when the cops said we couldn’t, and playing penny poker on the steps of One Police Plaza when they busted gambling rings in Brooklyn.

    We need more of this kind of activism. Kudos to my colleagues in the Green Party for thinking it up.

  10. Mark Axinn

    Incidentally, the article mentions Howie Hawkins as being from Syracuse. Howie is the man who secured the GP ballot status in New York; he got almost 60,000 votes for Governor in 2010, coming in sixth place just ahead of Warren in seventh.

    The only other person who got that many votes for the GP (and secured them ballot access for four years) was Grandpa Al Lewis in 1998.

  11. Green Party Voter

    Look. Each one of these Green Party people are extraordinary citizens. They have worked years, man for decades, to advocate for positive solutions. Life is finite. They have spent their life advocating for Green Party alternative positive solutions. Bless them for their courage. Thank them for their Green Party example.

  12. Mike McDonald

    “The problem is not in the name, but in your perception.”

    Agreed. Mark Axinn and GPVoter also make good points here.

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