Steve Scheetz, Candidate for LPPA Chair, Provides Update on Pennsylvania Situation

Email from Steve Scheetz:

So Tom has a convention committee in name only.  Of the young men involved, one, Nicholas Hillman (former Bucks County Chair) told me that Tom did his thing, and never bothered to listen to the committee, or any suggestions made by any members therein.

Recently he told Betsy Summers, Eastern Vice Chair, after her notice of an emergency board meeting independent of Tom Stevens that he would drop all of his responsibilities regarding the convention and leave it for Betsy to clean up.

Given that the hotel is looking for a place to fall down, it looks more like tom is looking for a way to bail out of his responsibilities.  Shortly before this exchange, he renamed all of the facebook LPPA pages he controlled, or he took them down.  He has been working feverishly to stop posts to the LPPA e-mail list particularly if he does not like what the posts happen to say.

Currently, Past LPPA Chair, David Jahn (who is chair of Delaware County) is being refused access to the membership data for his county.  Tom has repeatedly lied about this, and changed his stories from one e-mail to the next, he also has Marc Connuck lying and covering for him…  (he is doing a terrible job of it)  On a side note, Marc is Toms pick for Secretary in 2013.

Erik Viker, Chair of his county has requested his member data, and was given his member data.  I of course, was not despite the fact that I have been chair for 4 years.  According to Tom, he is not holding up any membership requests, yet he very vocally demeaned me, and demeaned david jahn for even asking.  (More of the story changes)

Roy Minet, and the rest of the board has been silent other than Roy, occasionally posting something to the effect “can’t we all just get along?”  Well, I guess it is hard for Roy being Tom’s hand-picked successor who Tom has been campaigning for over the past couple months.

There are many levels of irony here…  First being that if Tom had not been on his little power trip in the first place, he would have sailed to a landslide re-election.  Roy, back in the beginning of this mess, was someone I was actually interested in helping to elect to the position of Chairman of the LPPA.  HOWEVER, since the board has done absolutely NOTHING regarding their jobs, i.e. facilitating discussions, helping counties find each other in order to work with each other, etc..  (I won’t bother to go into the disaster that is the “convention”)

Anyway, Delco and Montco got together on Saturday Night along with members of “Truth Freedom Prosperity” a non-Libertarian/partisan group that focusses on promoting Liberty in general…  Anyway, I am working on a project to bring awareness to the drone command center sitting at the Horsham Naval Air Station…  After that meeting, we started talking about the convention and what we can do to make it something other than what it is…  (a disaster)  During this conversation, we came up with some action items, but we also had Betsy on Speaker, and talked with her about the issues in PA for 45 minutes.

At the end of this, we had Betsy on record as getting a board meeting together without Tom Stevens in order to fix many of the communications issues,  like figuring out what county committees are in existence, who the officers are, what the membership consists of, etc.

I will be going to a candidate forum on the 4th, and I will make sure that Betsy is holding the board’s feet to the fire..  My guess, they will drag their feet till the convention on the 27th.




Steve Scheetz

20 thoughts on “Steve Scheetz, Candidate for LPPA Chair, Provides Update on Pennsylvania Situation

  1. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    Like I said before, I am strongly supporting Steve. Fresh blood is needed, sorely, in the LPPA. Everything I’ve read online about him points to him being a phenomenal candidate.

    Good luck on April 27th, Steve. I, along with I’m sure great deal of people here on IPR, will be crossing our fingers for your victory.

  2. paulie

    Posted by Erik Viker on another thread:

    I sent this email today to the Board members and regularly participating LPPA members:

    “I have little respect for rules fetishists, but some rules are necessary for a functioning organization. One critical example is adequate notice for the most important event of the political party, the annual business meeting in convention. It has become obvious that as conference coordinator Tom Stevens failed to provide the 50-days advance notice to all members in good standing by email, telephone or U.S. mail as required by the bylaws. Members who were banned by Tom from the Yahoo email group did not get notice as required, and not every member in good standing was subscribed. As disappointing as it may be to some, the proceedings of an April 27 business meeting will have no validity and members will have no obligation to recognize any officers elected then. Any platform or bylaws changes will be meaningless. The painful but necessary solution is this:

    1. The LPPA Board meets to demand the immediate resignation of those responsible for this failing, or the removal from office of those persons. This may result in a vice-chair becoming temporary state chair, but will go a long way toward restoring confidence in the Board.

    2. The Board should set a date for the 2013 business meeting that allows for 50 days notice and enough time to make arrangements for a meeting room. The bylaws grant this responsibility to the Board, which has no obligation to check all sorts of people’s calendars first. Anyone who cares enough to be a delegate or run for state office will rearrange their calendars to attend. That is what 50-days notice is for.

    3. The Board should designate a person to secure a meeting space for the date selected, preferably in a central location. The borough of State College is very close to the geographic center of Pennsylvania and would have many options for a meeting of this size. Do not try to plan speakers or workshops. Secure a meeting space and refreshments for a four-hour event. Any decent hotel will suffice.

    4. Use the most current list of members in good standing to determine who must get notification of the annual business meeting.

    5. Designate a trustworthy person (we seem to lack a functioning secretary) to send a notice by U.S. Mail to all members in good standing, as this notification method will to avoid people missing a phone message or having an email go into a spam filter.

    6. Set an agenda as described in LPPA byways and convention rules, publish that agenda, and run that meeting. Let the healing begin.”

  3. Erik Viker

    I did eventually get a current list of paid-up members as a county chair, but was surprised that I could not get county membership data from the person identified as the LPPA membership coordinator until he had first checked with Tom Stevens.

  4. Shave the Whales!

    There’s supposed to be an emergency board meeting April 13 to determine if the convention needs to be rescheduled due to lack of adequate notice.

    If they don’t reschedule it any results of the convention are likely to be challenged.

  5. Jill Pyeatt

    If the convention is postponed, Dr. Stevens gets to be chair a little longer. Might this have been intentional?

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  7. Jill Pyeatt

    I had no idea of the explosion that was about to occur when I posted that first article about Pennsylvania. How did we not know what was going on there??? I’ll blame Oregon for distracting us, but hey, I agree that Oregon’s tame next to this. Plus, I have a feeling the Pennsylvania LP story is nowhere near the end–

  8. paulie

    I had no idea of the explosion that was about to occur when I posted that first article about Pennsylvania. How did we not know what was going on there?

    I was aware of it well before then.

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