Tona Monroe: Don’t Yield an Inch

The following article was published on the Libertarian Party of Tennessee website on June 19, 2013:

Don’t Yield an Inch

By Tona Monroe

I considered posting about former FBI agent Tim Clemente’s “Welcome to America” comment some time ago, and I believe that Greenwald’s writing has since possibly opened the door for other people captive in the federal government to find a place they could vent to. This attempt to use the FBI-handled Tsarnaev brothers, who for some reason the FBI produced photos and needed our “help” in identifying despite that they had investigated at least the older brother two years ago, to push for even more unconstitutional invasion of privacy has backfired. Even in their press releases, the FBI admits that on request of a yet unidentified “foreign government”, they “checked U.S. government databases and other information to look for such things as derogatory telephone communications, possible use of online sites associated with the promotion of radical activity, associations with other persons of interest, travel history and plans, and education history.” of the older brother in 2011 (and then for some reason completely forgot who he was and needed your help for I.D.). I guess there must be a warrant out there somewhere signed by a federal judge allowing them to inspect all these things on hearsay from a yet unidentified “foreign government”, right (see video testimony of NSA director Keith Alexander below)?

When the most recent NSA/IRS/FBI/DHS/etc. alphabet soup scandals were breaking, I thought we might get some interesting tap dancing by both Republicans and Democrats who have in fact voted repeatedly to violate their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution and are the conspirators against the American people that instigated these actions. The fact is that every one of them that voted for the “Patriot” Act, any of its extensions, FISA or any of its extensions MADE IT ALL POSSIBLE AND “LEGAL”.

Take a look here for voting records on your favorite Democrats and Republicans on at least the “Patriot” Act, its renewals and the FISA extensions. They made it possible for the federal spooks to say “I’m just doing my job”. Note that unfortunately every single sitting Tennessee Representative and Senator except for Steve Cohen share the blame.

Bailout Bob Corker is first out of the gate with this:

Really? MOST of us had no idea Bob? MOST of us don’t get to vote. That is why you were elected. Most of us understand the language of the 4th Amendment. I don’t suppose we will be getting the “In Case You Missed It – Bailout Bob forgot his voting record (again)” email, so here, let me provide it for you. The president doesn’t pass legislation – you do. He signs illegal and unconstitutional executive orders and you fund them. I guess you can blame Obama for that.

What I am looking for is something more like this:

But then there are very few in Congress that can make these statements with a clear conscience. The vast majority are guilty of conspiring against current and future innocent Americans. And of course, the government spooks enabled by the elected representatives are liars too. Check out this exchange with Rep. Hank Johnson and Director of NSA Keith Alexander from last year:

You might dismiss Rep. Johnson because you are probably familiar with his stupid questions regarding the island of Guam “tipping over”. So what is this? Some kind of game – get Johnson on there, he won’t ask hard stuff? Or is it the Bill Clinton School on Public Speaking, where somehow the NSA isn’t lying to you, they are giving you the “least untruthful answer”? Which is it? The NSA does not and cannot do this and the FBI is the lead spook on American soil, or that the NSA can do it with a warrant? Remember the NSA is part of the defense department. Federal troops policing the citizens is prohibited by Posse Comitatus. Our Congress hasn’t declared war since 1942. This isn’t “emergency war power” time.

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