Chair and Ex-Chair of LPPA Discuss Moderating Facebook Pages

Found on the Pennsylvania You Are Libertarian Live Free Facebook page, this comment is by the immediate past chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Dr.Tom Stevens:

Restore Moderation To LPPA Discussion Lists:

When I took office, I started enforcing the Communications Policy and began moderating posts so LPPA members and new people would not be chased away by those who could not restrain themselves, such as Dave Moser calling a fellow County Chair a “dick-hugging bitch”.

You may recall that when I was appointed “moderator” during Lou Jasikoff’s term in office, I took the job to maximize free speech and promised minimal moderation as opposed to Ken Krawchuk, who wanted the job because he found offense in every opinion.

During my term in office, I continued this policy and the party grew.

As some observed, 70% of the complaints made against me were by those who thought any moderation was unlibertarian. Roy disagreed but he lost.

I call on Steve Scheetz to abandon his unrealistic principles and to restore moderation to some LPPA lists. Unrestricted free speech has no place in a private organization. The animals must not be permitted to wander around the zoo frightening the visitors. They can be amusing at times but only if properly locked in their cages.

The time to restore moderation is now!

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Former LPPA State Chair

This response was found on the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania~LPPA Facebook page by the current chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, Steve Scheetz:


Dr Tom Stevens has posted a call for me to re-initiate moderation to the LPPA sites due to negative posting.

I am not going to bother hunting down all of the places he has posted his call, so I will post my response here, and anyone who wishes to copy it and paste it in places where he has posted his statement does not need my permission to use my response or respond him/herself!
With that said… Given that Dr Tom Stevens has gone out of his way to make himself a nuisance to the LPPA process, and given that he has gone out of his way to provoke negative responses, I posted instructions on how to block members who offer only negative comments, and no ideas regarding how to help the LPPA in any way.

Absolutely there are abuses, and yet, there are simple ways people can silence the ignorant comments. (the delete button comes to mind….) I will NOT moderate the discussion list, for ANY REASON. The chairman should not have this ability, I will not use this ability, but I will work to help put in place a by-law stating that the Chairman shall not institute any Authoritarian powers! (Language will be formulated correctly 30 days before the next convention)

Finally, I stand behind my e-mail post instructing people to use their own judgment in moderating those people they feel are not contributing. We are LIBERTARIANS, not children. We have the means, the technology, and the abilities to handle these things without censorship. Obviously, the board business list will be specifically for board business, and for board votes should a board vote become necessary. Any discussion by non-voting members can be handled on the discussion list. Ladies and Gentlemen, the price of freedom is vigilance, and I challenge everyone to take up this duty. Tom, can continue to make calls for this or that, but I will NOT offer any solutions that are not Libertarian. I work for Libertarians, but I am governed by Libertarian philosophy ESPECIALLY the NIF pledge.


Steve Scheetz

22 thoughts on “Chair and Ex-Chair of LPPA Discuss Moderating Facebook Pages

  1. Steve M

    We can’t have private sites removing postings that the authorities disagree with…. what does Tom think the LPPA Facebook account is, the Independent Political Report?

  2. paulie

    LPPA page is an official page of the party, not a “private site.”

    And IPR, which actually is a private site, does not remove “posting the authorities don’t like” – we remove comments that violate a small number of rules, usually after several warnings. There are lots of comments that I don’t like which I wouldn’t even think of removing.

  3. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Hmmm, IIRC, Steve M is one of the few people who supported Dr. Tom Stevens when all the news came out about him in February–

    I also very rarely delete comments anymore, usually only obvious spam.

  4. paulie

    Steve M is one of the few people who supported Dr. Tom Stevens when all the news came out about him in February

    And he still does.

  5. Steve M

    Slander by insinuation is never pretty Mr Reagan. Is there any chance you will ever grow up?

  6. Steve M

    It seems that Mr Reagan attended the same school of politics as Senator Joe McCarthy late of Wisconsin.

  7. Ed Reagan

    Steve M is their any chance you will focus on the LP in you own state? Tom Stevens is a carpetbagger from NY State, who did not represent the views of the vast majority of the LPPA members. He is no longer state chair, and his days as the chair of th Northampton County LP in Pennsylvania are numbered. This man does not represent the views of the Northampton County LP members either.

  8. Steve M


    Are you speaking for the LPPA and suggesting I not make additional monetary donations?

  9. paulie

    well other then when IPR is being restrictive about what can be writ.

    That was already addressed above. Got anything else?

  10. Steve M

    Paulie, @17…. try reading his short message @7 again and see if there is anything else besides a link to Steven’s own article…. Perhaps an attempt to attach another person to that article… Otherwise why bring it up and why attach my moniker to it?

    If you are ignoring this obvious McCarthiest attack perhaps it is because you support it?

  11. paulie

    “I wonder is Steve M also support Dr. Tom’s views on this topic?” isn’t slander, and the context was your nonsensical @3. You seem to go out of your way to defend Stevens and disparage IPR at every turn. So why are you here rather than on his little playground?

  12. Steve M

    It isn’t IPR that I disparage it is a couple of the authorities of IPR that I disparage. Yes Paulie you are one of them…

    How about putting your position forth on Dr Steven’s dialog… I am curious… from the perspective of a non-human animal….. which do you think is worse…. being killed, skinned and eaten or being sexually assaulted?

  13. paulie

    Dunno. Skinned and eaten seems irrelevant, since the animal is dead at that point. So the question is whether it is better to be killed or to be raped and live on with the trauma. Not really a question I can answer. Some rape victims have committed suicide, others are glad to have survived. Not an appealing choice.

    Laws against animal cruelty do exist, and there is also a public health aspect to bestiality laws, but even if we were to hold that bestiality laws are unjust, making that a political issue is suicidal.

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that you’ll stick with Stevens even on that.

    But, hey, at least you can be happy now, I am no longer an IPR “authority,” whatever that is.

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