Libertarian Party of Illinois 2013 State Convention Agenda Released

On July 2nd, the Libertarian Party’s Facebook page announced the the event details for the Libertarian Party of Illinois’ state convention were released. They are below:

Join us for this year’s Libertarian Party of Illinois Convention! Friday September 20th to Sunday the 22nd at the Bolingbrook Holiday Inn. Located at 205 Remington Blvd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

The convention schedule is listed below the ticket sales.


Weekend Packages

All weekend event packages!

  • Basic Package: All Speakers, No Meals. $100 before Aug 21st, $120 After
  • Gold Package: All Speakers, All Meals. $190 before Aug 21st, $210 After
  • Platinum Package: All Speakers, All Meals, VIP seating with Speakers. $220 before Aug 21st, $240 After

Gold Package $190.00 USD
Platinum Package $220.00 USD


Specialty Tickets

Specialty tickets are for individual events.

  • Saturday Luncheon includes Saturday lunch and lunch speakers only, $40
  • Saturday Night Banquet includes speakers and events after dinner only, $75
  • Sunday brunch only, before annual business meeting, $40
  • Speaker Tom Woods only, $35
  • Any other single speaker only, $25

Saturday Night Banquet $75.00 USD
Sunday Brunch $40.00 USD
Speaker: Tom Woods $35.00 USD
Other Speaker $25.00 USD


Convention Schedule

Friday Night, September 20th

7:00PM – LATE! Open to the public, cash bar, free hors d’oeuvres, Liberty Karaoke hosted by Robert Murphy


Saturday, September 21st

(Saturday morning is scheduled with 15 minute breaks between speakers)

9:00AM Mary Ruwart, Keynote address: “Why Liberty Is the Only Solution to the Health Care Crisis”

10:15AM Dianna Visek “Dealing with Drones”

11:30AM Saturday luncheon, Radley Balko “Police -State America”

1:00PM Robert Murphy, “Teaching Keynesians Real Economics”

2:15PM Thomas Hill and R. Lee Wrights, “Nullification!”

3:30-5:00PM Debate: “Resolved, non-intervention is the most effective and moral policy for the defense of America” Ken Prazak, Lee Wrights, Bruno Behrend, David Applegate

6:00PM Cocktails

7:00PM Dinner

7:45PM Tom Woods, “Radical and Effective Libertarian Politics”

9:00PM Awards

9:30PM Live Auction


Sunday, September 22nd

8:30AM Registration

9:00AM Annual Meeting

11:00AM Sunday brunch speaker: Steve Horwitz, “Engaging Progressives with Libertarian Solutions”

12:30 Annual Meeting Continues

Convention website here.

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