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Libertarian Party of Ohio Appoints Ballot Access Committee Chair

LPO Appoints Ballot Access Committee Chair

Friday, 05 July 2013 12:47 |

COLUMBUS—Political Director Robert Bridges has appointed Michael Johnston chair of the ballot access committee for the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Johnston has been active with the party since 2007, holding numerous roles including treasurer, executive committee vice chair, central committee vice chair, Franklin County executive committee chair, political pirector, IT Director, and LSLA chair.

The LPO political division is responsible for securing ballot access in Ohio for the Libertarian Party, as well as recruiting, promoting, providing guidance, and motivating Libertarian candidates in Ohio.

Johnston was political director in 2010 when the LPO fielded the largest collection of candidates to date, including the first full statewide slate of any non-major political party in Ohio in more than 70 years.

“Michael brings a depth of experience with the Libertarian Party of Ohio that is difficult to match,” said Bridges. “His attention to detail in pursuit of both short-term and long-term goals will be an invaluable asset in our activities leading into the 2014 election cycle.  Michael has been party on two lawsuits for ballot access and run for office multiple times.  His understanding of both Ohio politics and the operations of the LPO are second to none.”

Johnston has hit the ground running, said Bridges, networking with confirmed and potential Libertarian candidates across the state.

“Ohio will once again be THE battleground state in the Union in 2014, and the Libertarian Party must be well-represented,” said Johnston. “I am excited at both the caliber and number of qualified citizens stepping up to run for office at every level across Ohio.  I look forward to once again offering Ohioans no fewer than three choices for every statewide executive race, and expanding our legislative campaigns.”

In addition to more than six very active years with the LPO, Johnston has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, a Masters in Project Management, and a Masters in Public Administration.  Michael has worked for both small and large businesses and recently launched his own small business.

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Robert Bridges
Political Division Director


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