LP Governor Candidate Matthew Hess: If I wanted Colorado to succeed

Matthew Hess is a Libertarian candidate for governor of Colorado in 2014. The following was posted on his campaign website on July 2, 2013:

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

To lead, not follow; to prosper, not suffer; to dream, not despair;

I would open up Colorado’s supply of cheap, abundant energy.

I would fire those unelected bureaucrats who have attempted to all-but-outlaw our most abundant sources of energy.

I would prevent the utilization of tax dollars by private companies so that they could not gamble with the money of others for their benefit.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I would teach children that the free market is the only force in human history to uplift the poor, establish the middle class, and create lasting prosperity.

I would make it easier and more desirable to be successful so that more people worked to meet those desires.

I would celebrate success, not demonize it and I would embrace the ability of others to elevate themselves through their efforts.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I would eliminate countless regulations and seldom create new ones. They would be straight forward so that we wouldn’t need bureaucrats, lawyers or lobbyists to understand them.

I would make a business environment stable and open enough to ensure that small businesses with big ideas would stand a chance against large corporations.

I would celebrate the success of those who increase our supplies and when the evangelists of theft, avarice, and power try to remind people about how politicians can improve their lives, I’d point them to a history book covering the last century of American politics.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I would decommission our unaccountable bureaucracies seated in distant lands to protect the dreams and property rights of Americans.

I’d make it simple for farmers to farm, miners to mine, loggers to log, and builders to build.

Because I believe in free markets, I’d show people that they, not government, can create jobs and energize the economy.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I’d make it easier to start commerce than stop it – easier to create jobs than kill them – more fashionable to pursue success than to condemn it.

When industries seek to create jobs, I’d do nothing to stop them. And then I’d talk about the benefits these industries bring to our state.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I would demonstrate how the social agendas of politicians amount to nothing more than an economic suicide pact. I would fight to preserve entire industries from our economic rivals by disposing of regulations that cost trillions of dollars and do nothing but create more government.

I’d convince Colorado that Austrian economics has it right, and Keynesian economics has it wrong.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed…

I would trust in the goodness and decency of ordinary Americans.

I wouldn’t need to convince Colorado that a specific idea was good, the greatness of the idea alone would do that.

If I wanted Colorado to succeed, there is a lot I would want to change.

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