Phil Hudok Running as Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. Senate from West Virginia

Phil Hudok

Since early 2013, Phil Hudok has been running as the Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senate in West Virginia for 2014. Hudok, a former public school teacher, was the Constitution Party’s write-in candidate for Governor of West Virginia in a 2011 special election (received 76 votes, or 0.03%) and again in 2012 (received 72 votes, or 0.01%). A Randolph County resident, Hudok is currently a state officer in the West Virginia CP, serving as a trustee and director of the Potomac Highlands Council.

Hudok, 62, has four daughters with his wife, Lynn. His youngest daughter, Olivia, was a senior at Pickens School, West Virginia’s smallest public school serving only 44 students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. However, she received homebound instruction due to the fact that she refused to take newly mandated vaccine shots. Public health officials claimed that allowing Olivia Hudok into the classroom without her receiving the mandatory immunizations would put other children at risk. Hudok, one of only three seniors at the school and the class valedictorian, was permitted to attend commencement ceremonies and graduate in May.

Hudok, a life-long West Virginian, holds a BA degree in Physics and General Science from West Liberty State College and a Master’s Degree in Educational Computing from the University of Charleston. Hudok operates a small photography and video business and also serves as webmaster and media producer for Call to Decision Ministries, a non-denominational Christian ministry that conducts outreach efforts across the nation and has produced over 500 hour-long Bible studies.

In August 2008, Hudok, along with 2008 CP gubernatorial candidate Butch Paugh and another individual became the fist holder of a non-biometric West Virginia driver’s license.  This was achieved after eight years of petitioning and refusing to provide biometric facial images for the state database used for identifying criminals and other purposes. However, the successive governor elected in October 2011, Earl Ray Tomblin, rescinded the agreement that allowed Hudok and the two others to posses non-biometric driver’s licenses.

The Constitution Party candidate’s platform centers on his Christian religious beliefs and his belief in adhering to the Constitution. Hudok emphasizes the importance of a “God-ordained” family as the “cornerstone upon which society is built” and restoring what he says is the nation explicitly Christian heritage. He believes that three questions must be asked before any level of government exercises authority: 1)  Is the service that the proposed authority would exercise, truly necessary? 2)  Is the governmental structure in question prohibited by either God or by constitutional statute from assuming such authority? 3) Is the family or another more localized level of government capable of successfully administering the service? 4) Is the governmental body even capable of providing the service?

Hudok has written a mission statement that he has posted to his campaign website:

I credit Jesus and the Call To Decision fellowship for the spiritual foundation, my parents for a good solid upbringing, my family for support, and the founders of this country for the opportunity, for any success I have had or will ever have in the future.

I am presently the 2014 Constitution Party candidate for U.S. Senator.  I plan to bring to the public the constitutional issues that have been ignored and trampled.  Our form of government is designed for and will only work within the realm of our Christian heritage and beliefs. That message must be made clear with no compromise. If the Lord is not the foundation, the house will fall. Duty is ours and results are the Lord’s. Both major parties have participated in the degradation of our once proud and worthy country.  It is time for everyone to make soul searched decisions.  I have made mine.  Have you made yours?

I serve God, family, and country in that order.  The New World Order is an anathema to everything I believe in.  That is what motivates me to pursue political office.

Currently, Hudok has a campaign website as well as a YouTube channel. He does not seem to posses a Facebook page or personal profile.

10 thoughts on “Phil Hudok Running as Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. Senate from West Virginia

  1. johnO

    He lost 4 votes. Maybe run for West Virginia House of Reps 1st? He might get better results.

  2. Krzysztof Lesiak Post author

    @1 Richard

    I’m not sure. Since none of the CP WV statewide candidates made the ballot in 2012 I’m assuming it will be the same case in 2014. I don’t know what the signature requirement for the state is, but I doubt the state party has the resources needed to collect them.

  3. Waldemar Testarossa Fiumente

    I think they have made it on the ballot there before, so they may.

  4. Richard Winger

    #3, for 2014 for US Senate, 6,516 signatures are needed. It’s in the petitioning chart in the July 1 2013 Ballot Access News, which you have.

  5. paulie

    They have some dedicated volunteers, so it’s possible. WV petitioning is hard though – lots of counties, and you have to get a separate petitioner license from each one, which no other state does. No big cities either, the biggest town is well under 100k. And until recently, you couldn’t sign if you voted in another party’s primary, so some people still think you can’t sign if you did that.

  6. paulie

    Hmm. Thought it was more recent. Some people were still bringing that up when I was getting signatures there in 2009 and even some last year (but fewer, since it had been longer, and also I wasn’t there very long last year, just a few days).

  7. Jeff Becker

    The CPWVa is currently petitioning for both 2014 and 2016 ballot access. If Ms. Capito wins the heavily contested GOP primary next May, this race will be somewhat of a rematch since (unfortunately no mention in this article) Phil Hudok was the Constitution Party’s nominee for U.S. Congress in 2010 where HE WAS ON THE BALLOT and received 1.85% of the vote in the second Congressional District. Capito refused to debate him then – this first and only time she has refused to debate since campaigning for office five other times since 2000.

    Also, Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin was on the ballot in 2008 via 22,000+ petition signatures when the signature requirement was double.

    Phil Hudok is presently actively campaigning and collecting petition signatures at various events around the state.

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