Constitution Party Candidate for Alaska

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J.R. Myers files his Letter of Intent with APOC to run for Governor of Alaska in 2014.

J.R. Myers is the founder and Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party since 2010. Prior to that he served two years as Vice Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party. J.R. has also served on local government boards in both the Kenai Peninsula and Haines Boroughs. J.R. is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and was recently elected President of the Alaska Counseling Association.

J.R. says, “My campaign will be based on the principles embodied in the Alaska Constitution and its’ Preamble. Accordingly, I will acknowledge our Creator in the public forum, and uphold the social compact of our Constitution which forms the essential foundation of our government. Alaskans can no longer tolerate the familiar corruption and disregard for the rule of law destroying our government from within and robbing our future generations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The people of Alaska are looking for a real alternative to business as usual in Juneau. Alaska needs genuine leaders with a sustainable vision of hope. I intend to provide them that choice by working together in good faith to Honor Our Heritage and Pioneer Our Future!”

J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014, P.O.Box 1365, Haines, AK 99827, 907-766-2859

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  1. J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014

    We are also continuing to add to our registered voters. We gained 5 more in the past month, for a total of 136. The ACP has grown steadily since it began. I anticipate that as the campaign(s) gain more exposure, the voter registration numbers will show a marked increase. For those who have never founded and built a political party from the grassroots, it is difficult to understand everything involved.

  2. J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014

    Thanks for the question Paulie. The AIP was approached and we came very close to working something out, but Bob Bird said thst the ACP needed to stand on its own, and he wouldn’t go for it. So we are. He is now titular head of the AIP, which as you know, for the first time in its history didn’t run any candidates in 2012, has not held any meetings to my knowledge, and has no other officers. It is truly a rudderless ghost ship, with a disinterested captain, and no crew.

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