Colorado Libertarian Party experiences 24% growth rate

LP Colorado via Tracker at Hammer of Truth:

Happy Thanksgiving, Libertarians!  


Here’s something to be thankful for: we’ve broken 26,000 registered Libertarians in Colorado!  That’s an increase of 24% since January 1st, an incredible accomplishment for an off-year for legislative and gubernatorial elections. And how exactly did we do on the propositions in this year’s election?


Modo vincis, modo vinceris :-/


Amendment 66 failed by 2 to 1, and that’s a very, very good thing.  It’s kinda hard not to notice a billion-dollar juggernaut rumbling down towards you, so it’s hard to miss when it crumbles to dust just short of impact. $10 Million was spent by special interests out-of-state on this tax hike. That’s $33.00 per vote. This is money that could have been donated to the very schools they claim to be helping.


But we know they’ll be back again in another couple of years, and Referendum AA – the municipal version of the Tax-the-Hell-Out-of Demon-Weed proposition – did pass 2 to 1 in many cities. So the question we all have to ponder is: Has the “Great Recession” made enough of a lasting impression that this generation will resist not just this wave of money grabs, but the next one as well?  Or do we need to give some serious thought to what we ought to be saying to our friends and family to fully educate them about the hollow promises of government shell games?


We may have put a partial end to the drug war in exchange for some degree of regulation, but with taxes approaching 50% – the lion’s share of which is going into more bureaucracy, not education – the cities that passed this law have effectively killed their markets for marijuana retailers by pushing the business both underground and out of town.  It’s one big shell game on every level, and we need to keep pointing that out.


This election also occurred towards the end of an oddly turbulent political year, especially for LPCO. The new laws regarding election operations have changed things for Colorado voters, which have been viewed by our organization as well as many others as neither sensible nor legally sound. While our more recent lawsuit against Secretary Gessler found the Secretary to be in “substantial compliance,” we know this is false. Moreover, the facts regarding mail-ballot-only elections are on our side: studies have shown that participation drops when the election is by-mail only. So while our previous lawsuit may have secured legal protection for all future third party candidates seeking the signature-gathering time to which they are entitled, with 26,000 registered Libertarians in Colorado, there is no reason we cannot continue this amazing trend of expanding liberty. You cared enough to register as a Libertarian, so you helped make this happen.  


We will also be ready, with your help, to take things to the next level. Evan McMahon, the Executive Director of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee, spent ten days in four of our counties giving in-depth training and development to put us on the road to having real serious political machinery. Now we can run real serious candidates and raise real serious money and achieve real serious victories. Each county now has a strategy book and a schedule of weekly calls, and Evan says that if we follow the plan and do the work, we can

expect to be seeing significant progress within just a few months.


Again, I will exhort you, we have the manpower to do this — if we all set some time aside and commit ourselves to climbing the learning curve.  We are not career politicians. It is not in our nature to jump through hoops and “play the game”.  But it is in our nature to forge ahead and overcome challenges.  


It’s not easy being an individualist in a culture of conformity and consumerism, so we already know a little bit about swimming against the current.  Let’s step outside of our comfort zones in the short term so that we can secure the greater comforts of liberty in the long term. This Thanksgiving, be thankful there are still plenty of people in this great state that are willing to choose Liberty. And we are thankful for you, too.


Until next month,


Live Free!!!

Jeff Orrok

State Chair
Libertarian Party of Colorado

4 thoughts on “Colorado Libertarian Party experiences 24% growth rate

  1. George Whitfield

    Congratulations to Colorado Libertarians. Colorado: the birthplace of the Libertarian Party.

  2. Steven Wilson

    Great Job. The people of Colorado are experiencing evolution at incredible speed. Cheers to the LP of Colorado

  3. paulie Post author

    This is also happening in many other states as well. We need to find more and better ways to translate this into more dues paying and active members.

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